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    I manage a network that includes FileMaker Pro 12 installed on four computers and FileMaker Pro Advanced installed on a fifth computer.

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  1. I've discovered that the problem is isolated to the first record of the database. That's why doing a search would allow me to click on a checkbox in the field Events (because after the search I would be looking at a record other then the first). It also explains why the problem initially appeared isolated to one computer. I copied the first record and then attempted to click a check box in the field Events of the duplicate record. The problem again appears in the duplicate record, so I will create a new record and copy each of the fields from the corrupt record to the new record and see whether the problem persists in the new record. After copying each of the fields from the corrupt first record to a new record, I am able to check any of the checkboxes in the field Events without an error message. Furthermore, after deleting the corrupt first record, there is no problem with the record that is now the first record (previously the second record). PROBLEM SOLVED!
  2. The problem is now occurring on all of the computers except the one hosting the database.
  3. I noticed the problem only today after I added the value "Salon 3-25-17" to the value list Events. The problem was not on the other four computers but persisted on the fifth computer after I removed "Salon 3-25-17" from the value list. Here is the Inspector's info for the field Events. Here's a screen shot of the portion of the database where the field Events is displayed. From my Time Machine backup I installed the earliest backup (December 2015) I have of FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and the problem remained.
  4. Here are the windows that show the validation rules and the sharing of the database. It seems very strange that the problem happens on only one of the computers, and that it goes away after I perform a search. I trashed the preferences and the problem persists.
  5. I have FileMaker Pro 12 installed on four computers on my network, and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 stored on a fifth computer. There is a shared database stored on one of the first four computers. When using the shared database from the fifth computer and I attempt to check any of the checkboxes for the field Events, I see the message shown in the attachment and I am unable to check the checkbox (This behavior occurs only on the fifth computer). If I then do a search, after doing the search I am able to check any of the checkboxes in the previously problematic field. I've restarted the fifth computer and the problematic behavior stills occurs. Any suggestions?
  6. Do Filemaker Pro 8 and Filemaker Poro Advanced work in OS 10.7?
  7. I see that the name of this forum has been grammatically corrected. :waytogo:
  8. Thank you all for your help. I have redefined all the fields using the TextFormatRemove function so that no new formatting information will be introduced into the database, and I am now running a script that for every field in every record sets the field equal to itself, thereby removing all the irregular formatting already in the database. John Link
  9. Thank you for your suggestions. I'll experiment and see how it goes. But it seems that there ought to be a way to protect a field from a formatting change so that I would not have to run a script that corrects every field in the entire database. The previous database I used, Now Contact, has that feature. Surely there must be a way to do it in Filemaker. John Link
  10. And the product is correctly called "Filemaker Pro Advanced" rather than "Filemaker Pro Advance". Furthermore, it would be "advanced features" rather than "advance features" even if there were no Filemaker Pro Advanced. John Link
  11. Your guess was very close. The line width was 1 point but the color was grey. I changed the color to black so now I can see the X. But how silly that the border that surrounds the box is forced to be the same color as the box and the X! In a text field the text can be black and the border can be a different color. Why not the same freedom for check boxes? John Link
  12. Would you explain in detail what you mean? Is your suggestion to be used to clean up my database or to prevent the problem in the first place? John Link
  13. That seems to have the same effect as Cmd +V, which is to replace the contents of the field with the contents of the clipboard, using the format of whatever is already in the field. Did I misunderstand something? Now I understand. If I use Cmd +Option +V when pasting then the formatting of the field definition will be used. While I could make a practice of doing that, I'm afraid that there is no way I could enforce others to do the same. Secondly, my database is already cluttered with random formats that I want to correct. John Link
  14. I have noticed that, when cutting and pasting into a field, that the formatting information is copied from the source of the cut instead of from the definition of the field. I find this quite annoying as it makes my database look more and more irregular over time. I have two questions: 1) Is there a way to force the use of the field definition when cutting and pasting into a field? 2) How can I reset the formatting information to that of the field definition after it has been changed by cutting and pasting? Oviously I want to do this with a script, but I can't find any script commands that affect the format of a field. Surely there must be such commands. John Link
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