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  1. Nope. No problem with the TCP/IP. Infact one of the picture (OpenRemote) shows the list of databases hosted on Server 8 Advanced.
  2. I am able to run Filemaker 10 under Wine v1.1.9. I am running Fedora 10 x86_64. Compare Filemaker under previous version wine and linux, this is by far the flawless i've ever seen. Here's the screenshots http://minmin.myphotos.cc/gallery/main.php
  3. 1) your first field contains: S0128; what is the contents of that field in the next record ? (can you post two records ?) I will attach a file 2) how many separators do you see in a row ? There are about 20+ separators according from the Excel Sheet. Like I said in my earlier post. The data are separated to the right fields. The matter is the calculation. I don't have a zip program so just rename the .zip file to .fp7 Test.zip
  4. 'It is easy to understand that the "|" simbol separates fields of a record, but where is the record separator ? Can we assume that the record separator is "¶" ?' In windows format ascii separator is |. The problem is not the separator. The problem is the logic in the calculation gets deeper where the length of each field gets added into the calculation. I know there's a mathematic term for adding up these series of length.
  5. "Hi, I'd like to create a field that can show data from other fields from other records. The other records are all in the same file. But, I'd like it to be contigent on a series of matching data. So, "record 1" has "field A" and it should show data from "record 2, field X, field Y, field Z" on one line and "record 3, field X, field Y, field Z" on the next line. I've been able to achieve this using a portal and setting up a relationship with the file to itself. But, I'd like to have "record 1" only do this if "record 1, field M, and field N" matches "record 2, field M, and field N". Hope this makes sense, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! -wing " Becareful what you are trying achive here. To my understanding Portal is like records within a record. In your scenerio you may not need portal. Just a relationship to table/database. To key thing to setup relationship is that you must have a uniqe key/field to tie the table/database. You ccan all this references in your FM user manual file.
  6. (GetSummary ( Total Sales;City )/Total Sales )*100 This would give you each City Percentage ** Make sure you sorted by city and to give u a better look, goto Preview.
  7. I am trying to import Ascii or Tab files into FM and I've found a way of doing it but I need all of you guys help to simplify my calculation because the calculation eats up 100% CPU usage as it gets deeper in breaking down the tab blocks. I have a text field which i named Souce Data and I've imported a line string of Ascii/tab that looks like this. S0128|2014816830004|HOME HARDWARE - TORONTO|||||2014817930001|ROB BLAKE|Z602W05584|20060221|SA...... Then I create a series of field that contain calculation. My first field (f1)Calculation looks like this Left(Source Data;Position(Source Data;"|";1;1)-1) Second field (f2) calculation Middle(Source Data;Length(f1)+2;(Length(Left(Source Data;Position(Source Data;"|";0;2)-2))-Length(f1))) Third field (f3)Calculation Middle(Source Data;(Length(f1)+Length(f2)+3);(Length(Left(Source Data;Position(Source Data;"|";1;3)-1))-(Length(f1)+Length(f2)+2))) Fourth (f4)Field Middle(Source Data;(Length(f1)+Length(f2)+Length(f3)+4);(Length(Left(Source Data;Position(Source Data;"|";1;4)-1))-(Length(f1)+Length(f2)+Length(f3)+3))) And so on..Everything gets imported to the right field but it gets slower as the calculation gets deeper and at a point of 14 field my computer stop responding. It would be nice if someone out there can help me summarize my calculation without eating so much of the processing power. I know this kind of work can be done using excel to filter before bringing into FM, but there's got to be a easier solution to bring into to FM by it's own filtering.
  8. I have a filemaker database containing product picture with repeating field for product Item #. (one to many - 1 picture different item # ) I'm in the process of migrating the file from version 6 to 8. Instead of using the old ways to link the relationship, I wanted them in table format. So i imported my picture database into my product database table but it didn't turn out the way I wanted. The importation has made the Item # and picture a one to one relationship. How can I do it so that it doesn't separate the repeating field? I hope i am not confusing anyone.
  9. If you have a server that runs WINS or you can setup LMHOST, then you can use name instead of IP address but you still require to have fixed local IP.
  10. On a Mac, the carriage returns in the uploaded file are not recognized and the data is handled like one long record in Linux. Try write a PHP script to do the CR & LF before importing to another DB in Linux (I'm assuming you're using Mysql).
  11. Ok there's 2 ways you can do it. 1. Assign the desktop with local static IP instead of using DHCP. Install VNC server (free) on to the desktop and open port 8000-8001 and port 9000-9001. Then you can remotely connect to the desktop from outside. Another way to do it is to use Windows Remote Assistance but that requires the user on the desktop to initiate the remote assistance through email or MSN. Unless the desktop/Workstation is running Win2K or Win2k3, you'll be able to use remote desktop but with that you still have to forward port 1723 to that computer. ( local static IP is required ).
  12. There's alot of ways you can do remote support. One way is to build a VPN server and VPN to your office network . Then install VNC server on the each client desktop and you use VNC viewer to connect to the desktop. Second way ( if it's only 1 computer ) you can forward port for the VNC from your router to the desktop. There are also other few ways to do it and it depends how you want it. Btw this is a windows issue not a Filemaker issue.
  13. I've made a script to export a file every 30th seconds of the minute base upon Status field. If there's a new record added, the status will mark as "NO". If the new record/records are exported, it the status will mark as "YES". There's a trick to this inorder the script to work is that I must have a dummy record that always says "NO" because if the script found nothing it will pause and say no record found. Here is how the script goes, Loop Show All Records If[seconds(Get(CurrenTime)))=30] Perform Script ["Enter Find Mode"] {which looks for records with the "NO" status } If[Get(FoundCount) > 1] Perform Script["Export Download"] {which export the new records to a text file for other apps to use } End If Perform Script["Replace Found"] {replace the records status "NO" to "YES" } Perform Script["Dummy Record"] {set the dummy record from "Yes" status to "No" status } End If Allow User Abort[On] End Loop My question is how can i get it to check every 30 seconds instead of the seconds reaches 30 to execute the script.
  14. If your name field has spaces inbetween you can do something like what i did to split my ship date and time. Original Shipdate was 1/12/2006 11:45:00 in one field. I know what you going to say is some first name is short some is long how do you split them. Same goes with my date. Notice that Jan is showing single digit. What if it's October? It's gonna get shifted 1 to the right. My calculation goes like this. Left(Shipdate,Position(Shipdate," ",1,1)). This will only give me the date without the time. I am sure if u apply Middle and Right function, you can break them down.
  15. "My problem is I do not need all the records back in the database. I only need ones that the item has not been sold. The boss only wants those items back in the database." There's alot of ways to filter out a database. Based on the info you've given is very vague. If each record has an identifier that tells the item is sold or not, then basically what you can do is find that are not sold then export it out to a Filemaker database.
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