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  1. Thanks Laretta Btw I'm not the person who posted about the date problem. I'm trying to validate a SalesID field so that a user cant get past that field without entering a valid Sales Id. I just tried a validation calculation IsEmpty ( SalesId ); that doesnt work either. The Sales Id must be a member of a value list derived from the Staff table I want the validation to fire after the user leaves the field. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Im still confused on exactly how I fire a validation upon exiting a field rather than validating when a record is committed. Can this be clarified?
  3. Hej again Soren Accept what youre saying about the normalisation process. So I'll rethink my relationships and see if that helps. Im still curious though if you can create records via a script. So onto more problems; its a frustrating and rewarding experience. Thanks again Soren for taking the time to reply. Oh, and could you say hello for me to our Mary next time you see her.
  4. Ive used a thermal docket printer with other applications, but not with Filemaker. A thermal printer is no different from any other printer in terms of platform or application. Just treat it as a normal type printer and adjust the report size to suit the paper width and you shouldnt have any problems (famous last words lol). Like all printers, the drivers determine how you can control the printing.
  5. Goopie


    Is it possible to have a checkbox with a tick for 'yes' and no tick for 'no'?
  6. Has anyone come up with a sentence case function ie formatting sentences for say a notes field?
  7. Soren Hej from Australia and hvorden har du det? Lol; afraid thats all the Dansk I know. It's not the extra portal row that bothers me. I intend to revisit that issue in due course. What Im trying to do is insert a record into the LayBy table when the radio box is checked for yes. In my Access solution I do this via code after the print button is clicked (insert a record etc). That way I can track and display subsequent LayBy payments. So, in Filemaker Im attempting to provide the same solution and was wondering if this was possible. Im about to read the FM development Conventions also and tak for that. If you would like to suggest an alternative way of implementing what Im trying to achieve I would appreciate that as well. Tak again
  8. Im porting a POS program from Access to FM 7 Developer. I want to create a new record in a LayBy table when that is the chosen method of sale on an invoice. In Access I can do that via code when a button is clicked. Can I create a new record in Filemaker in a related table with field information derived from the invoice form without the user having to provide any input? In other words can I create and populate a new record via a script? File attached. Any help is appreciated. POS.zip
  9. Goopie

    Portal problems

    Well, after much experimentation, have fixed the problem. Portals are a touch precious to format! So big thanks to Mr Comment for your help and to Ender for responding :)
  10. Goopie

    Portal problems

    Ok that seems to work now. Any replies gratefully accepted
  11. Goopie

    Portal problems

    Ill try a zip file and see if that will download POS.zip
  12. Goopie

    Portal problems

    Having 3 problems with a portal in an invoice situation. It wont show the related records when I tab out of the product ID field unless I click into the window, or the record has been committed by hitting the enter key. Despite enabling the vertical scroll bar checkbox, no scroll bar appears. Despite setting the number of rows at 5, only 1 row appears, so I can only enter 1 product record. I'm obviously missing something here. If anyone can help Id be very grateful. File attached. Go to sales from the main menu
  13. Ooops found it. Enter find mode. Why is it as soon as you post something you find an answer? lol
  14. Is there a script step which duplicates a find request using Control + F? In other words a find request clear of any criteria. Thanks
  15. I come from an Access background and i can think of numerous advantages of splitting a database. Just a few: 1 Why always back up a constant such as the GUI. Why not just back up the data file. 2 By splitting the database you can have different front ends address the same data. One front end is (eg) for data entry and the other for analysis; thus obviating the need for security privileges within the database. 3 Changing the interface for a client without having to import the data. Perhaps it just comes down to what youre used to? Now if only i can get my portal to act as a subform a la Access I would be very happy lol.
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