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  1. I tried sliding but I don't think it works with instant web publishing. The best thing would be if that text box could continue on the next page if there is more to be added. Does filemaker allow text box links like in Indesign or something?
  2. HI I want to print a page and all the text in a field but sometimes there is more text in the field than shows when you print it. Is there anyway to print the remaining text from certain fields on another page? thanks!
  3. Is there a way to reset the FileMaker Server Advanced Web Publishing Administration Console password without knowing what the original one was? If not, what other options do I have to admin it? Do I have to reinstall it? ???
  4. Hi Each item in my database has 2 play names with 1-10 points each. However, I can't get the second name to have its own point system. I am not sure how to set the relationships so each play name works separately. here's three separate database files and another file that does sort of the same thing in one file. I don't really get relationships very well. Anyways, if someone could point me in the right direction for the second play name, that would be great. You can log in as guest. TEST_dbases.zip
  5. Is there a way to refresh the server and open a database from the command line? Is the only other way to do this from within the server admin? I want certain users to be able to add their own database files. At this point they can add them but not open them. thanks!
  6. The permissions and group is correct. The user is fmserver which is different than the databases are. The databases are owned by the user logged in. I will try the upgrade tonight as I am only running 8. Thanks!
  7. I set a back up schedule but every time it hits the backup time, it disables itself. I have the enable clicked but it "unclicks" when the time comes to backup. So far it has never backed up with filemaker server advanced but it did backup with filemaker server before I upgraded. What's the scoop group? Anybody else having this issue?
  8. you are right! I didn't see that it scrolls up. doi now if only the relationships were right, this would work great
  9. Thanks, that worked but also is causing me more problems. Because in the actual database, the two tables are linked by assetID rather than ASSETname. When I try to add the relationship by name it blanks all the previously entered info in the portol. Is there any way to add another link without it creating another version of the table in the rrelationships or losing the information already entered? The portol itself is having wierd problems with the last entry. When you change the version in the last entry, it changes all the rest of the entries too. I hope this makes sense. here is my example with the portol urlconcatenation2.zip
  10. I am trying to concatenate two fields from separate tables and have them show up in a third field. but it's not working. I have an example #1 of how I want it to look and #2 is an example of how it is not working. What is wrong? Can anyone tell me why #2 is not working as well as #1 I am stumped and it's driving me crazy! Are my relationships fudged or is it something else? Thanks!!! urlconcatenation.zip
  11. LaRetta, I have been doing it the exact way you say to do it and what I have found is that it doesn't work because the ORIGINALDATE is in a different table than the USERDATE. If you could give an example of a two table structure where the ORIGINALDATE is validating against the USERDATE, I would really appreciate it. I have been banging my head up against a wall. SOREN! If you could give an example of that color change upon illegal entry, I would love that. I saw a filemaker pro scripting book somewhere on the web but I can't find it anymore and the missing manual is very little help. thanks!
  12. My fields are called testStartdate and testplaydate If ( testStartdate >= testplaydate; 1;0) in the validation field does not give any error and still lets me enter in a date that is before the testplaydate
  13. I have tried that. It doesn't work. It gives me something like 12/4/0001 AND the validation itself doesn't work because it still allows me to enter a date2 that is before date1. I am getting no error. When you go to the validation tab and then calculation It says field2datethatuserenters = Then in the box below that should I enter field2datethatuserenters > otherdate because that is not working i have also tried a case function and an if function there but those didn't work either I how and where to go and do calculations and validations but I am not getting the syntax right.
  14. yes that is what I want How Do I write that in the calculation field so that it works?
  15. I want to have a date that is chosen by the user. It needs to be validated by being greater than a date in another field. however, every time I try to do some calculation like date = date if date is not < otherdate or something, I get an error that the function wants to return a number or "(" Either that or it lets me choose a date that IS before otherdate and then changes my date to something like 12/10/0001 What is the deal with that 0001? My Filemaker book is no help. Can anyone help me with the syntax of this? Thanks
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