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  1. Shouldn't Filemaker open the scripting to the more modern methods? The links were pointed to the jpegs that were created from the raws. I noticed it being slower than when the previews were inserted directly into the database. The images also all reside on a firewire 800 drive when used by production, though for my tests I also noticed the links being slower when stored locally. Basically, this is an applescript forum, and while I am looking for workarounds, I also feel applescript support could/should be better. :o
  2. If I remember right, the only image format I can set a container to using applescript is pict. I know the internal filemaker scripts somehow support other formats, but I think they read and store as pict. (?) I will look into it again, but I think that is still how it stands. The database is for an offsite photo editor, so the needs are pretty specialized, and they often need to open the raw file to check the resolution and focus for print quality. The previews in multiple sizes work for most, then they view the raw, hence the link to the raw file.
  3. Hi Fenton! Thanks for the advice. The picts are generated by me using coreimage, source files are camera raw. Basically I want a path to the raw in the database, for opening, etc.. But want a preview as well. I did a few tests yesterday; adding references to the files, which is slightly better, but makes the database slower once the process is complete, and less standalone than I want. I added code to close the database after 500 images, then re-open. That is probably the best bet thus far.. I tried the internal script a while back, and it crashes just the same. Pretty sure its a memory leak gone bad, as after about 500 images the whole process seems to slow. You know, Filemaker is a really, really, great app/database, but it really needs some love in the way of how it deals with images. I was going to make my own cocoa app for this, but filemaker is *almost* all the way there; super handy for searching, flagging, exporting pdf contact sheets, etc.. Anyhow - its frustrating to be so close. More frustrating that Filemaker 10 continues to be broken. Apple, this is my close friend Filemaker (and your distant cousin!); You should do a power lunch together soon. :o
  4. this is silly... set openDatabaseFilePath to POSIX file (do shell script "lsof -bw | grep FileMaker | grep 'myDatabaseName.fp7' | awk '{ print $9 }'")
  5. Hmm. If you only have an open database, if there an applescript property to get the location of the database file?
  6. No. No Closing. I tried using the commit records script, and a flush cache script, but neither seem to help. The script doesn't open the file, but I suppose it could store a database file ref and close the database then re-open every x number of records... Would be super nice if I could figure out who to report this bug to so it could be fixed. :(
  7. Title pretty much so says it all. Happens to a local database or a hosted server database. Tested in Filemaker Pro 8 and Filemaker Pro 10 demo and Mac OS X 10.5.6 (PPC or Intel). Has anyone else ever hit this bug, or have ideas? Basic code: set imagePreview to read (filePath as alias) as picture from 513--get the image data tell application "FileMaker Pro" to set data cell "imagePreview" of record ID theRecordID of theDatabaseRef to (imagePreview as data) --insert the data into the filemaker record
  8. Hi Stephen, I tried making an entirely new database, and had the same result. :)
  9. I haven't tried, but upgrading to version 9 is not an option. ( Any other ideas?
  10. Has anyone else come across this bug with which involves Headers Pop-Up Menus and Table Views? It is basically a redraw issue, but the pop up menu seems to move, because when I click there it doesn't respond. ( See attached image... Mac OS X 10.4.11 / Filemaker Pro Advanced 8.0.3 // As a side note the upload of images (png and jpg) to this site doesn't seem to work properly. Only a compressed image was accepted. : / bug.png.zip
  11. Uhg. Had all fields set to have a color which overlaid the alternate color. / Is there was a way to set the transparency levels of color, so the field could be colored, but still show the alternate row colors? Thanks for the help everyone!
  12. is there anyway to synchronize 2 windows/layouts so that when the user changes a record, both views switch to show. I assume I could do this with buttons and code, but is there anyway to get this same functionality to happen when the user uses the controls in the status area?
  13. That works great in List view, but does not work in Table view.
  14. Is there anyway in Filemaker Pro 8.5 to set the row color to alternate colors when in Table view? Thanks- Nate
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