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  1. Lee, That was it. It's perfect. Thank you , thank you. Is there any books you can recommend to teach me both Calculations & Scripting? I have been usin FMpro for about 8-10 months. I would be lost on alot of things if it were not for this Forum. TIA. Mike
  2. Lee, i have attched the file you sent me with one modification (Radio Buttons instead of drop down). Take a look if you don't mind. What i would like to do as well is sort not only by the first letter, but also have an "ALL" Radio Button choice to display all customers in the portal. TIA. Mike A_Z_Relate_CO_Names.zip
  3. Lee, Once again...your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Mike
  4. Still lost! I did the first part of what you said,(calc field for customer), but you lost me after that. You are very helpful, but i definitely need it spelled out for me. Please help if u can. Thanks so much.
  5. I have a portal with many customers. On the same layout i would like to have 26 Radio Buttons (A-Z) and be able to view only the selected letter in the Customer portal. Is there a way to do this. It's gotta be some sort of Sort, but i cannot figure it out. Please Help. TIA Mike
  6. I know that i could set it up that way for my own personal use because i would know where i would want my employees to go, or not to go. I am trying to create this so that if i gave it to another Company, they would be able to set it up however they wanted to. Each company might want different employees to have access to different database files. It needs to be customizable for different companies. I'm thinking... maybe setup an employee access page that toggles different permissions on/of :)
  7. Greetings All, I will simplify this as much as possible. I have 3 separate Database files 1.Orders table 2.Customers table 3.Employee Table I have 6 employees that use the solution. A startup script locks down everything. Without using the "built-in" Accounts & Privileges, is there a way i can have each employee "log-in" (so-to-speak), and limit there access to the three different tables listed above based upon whatever i feel they need access to? (An admin layout perhaps that toggles privilages on/off?) I'm at a loss on this and need some real smarts. TIA. Mike
  8. Stan... ...You're the Man. Much thanks. (don't i feel silly)
  9. Hello friends, I have a silly request...that i cannot figure out for the life of me. I have a Radio Button field with 5 choices. When adding a New Record, i would like the Radio Button to Default to choice #1. How do i do that? Please be specific, as i am somewhat iof a beginner. Thanks guys
  10. Thanks Lee, Please do inform your friend, and in the meantime i will take a look at the other things you mentioned.
  11. What i'm trying to do is avoid double entry. I hate double entry. : Purchase Orders, Recivables, Vendors, Customers etc... It just makes more sense to have it all in one place. Since i can't modify QuickBooks...it has to be FM. Any suggestions?:
  12. Does anyone know of a decent FileMaker Accounting database solution that i could incorporate into my personal business database? Obviously, free is first choice, but i wouldn't mind if i had to drop some cash. WHY I NEED IT: I own a small (very small) screen printing business, and have quickbooks pro as my Accounting Software. It's great, but it doesn't let me build any cool workorders, keep thumbnails of my designs, plan a schedule etc.. I know FileMaker can mesh the two together, but there is no way i can put together a solution for accounting as i am pretty much a beginner in FMP. Any help is appreciated.
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