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  1. Yes, the page works fine, it´s just that the javascript doesn´t execute...
  2. Putting a reference to a separate file didn´t change anything, still doesn´t execute. /Mattias
  3. Took me a while to enable the debug-menu in Safari... No, no errors is displayed in the console when loading the page. It should simply return the proper date and year, but no result at all is displayed.
  4. Well, yes, since they are part of the script. If I change or delete them the page won´t load at all. Here´s the script:
  5. My Javascripts that I have put in xslt stylesheets don´t execute. I have put them between the tags. Does anyone have an idea why this doesn´t work?
  6. At last! The problem was the hidden input which didn´t work. It should look like this: Uppdatera post Then everything works just fine. Martin - danke für deine Hilfe und deine schnelle Antworten!
  7. Sure, all fields in the database are on the web-layout.
  8. The database privileges were set correctly, but oddly enough MacOSX had changed the privileges for the file during transfer to the server. With that changed I now get the error code 102 which is "Field is missing". That is very strange since the accurate field content is displayed as it should on all pages.
  9. Tidbokningen är uppdaterad.
  10. Tidbokning för tidbokningsvar.xsl Vecka: Datum: Dag: 9.30-10.30 10.30-11.30 11.30-12.30 13.00-14.00 14.00-15.00
  11. Tidbokningen är uppdaterad.
  12. tidbokningresult.xsl Tidbokning Välj lärarsignatur: selected
  13. Hi there! I´m beginning to explore xslt stylesheets. I´ve ran into two separate problems at the moment. 1) When I enter foreign signs, e g "å" (I´m swedish) in a field in a search page no records are found in spite of the fact that there are several records that contain this value in the specific field. Something about coding? 2) When trying to edit a record via a detailed record page everything seems to work, the right confirmation page is returned. However, no edit-action is performed in the database. I have this tag on the detailed page: but obviosly no record-id is passed to the database. Some help would be appreciated!
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