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  1. Perfect, thanks so much. I knew I had to be simple. But I couldn't figure it out.
  2. I feel there's got to be an easy way to do this but I can't figure it out. My layout has a simple text field which is blank. I want to to insert an "O" for "old record" into all of my "found" set text field. How do you do this? I know I can do it when I import data in, but I need to add this after the import. :hair:
  3. - Okay, I'll add in more info. - Only care about words 2 characters or more. so yes, my "fbbaorhur" is not a good example. Sorry. - Only need to flag records with any instance of a word that matches dictionary table. Don't need to extract any words or do any logic to them, just need to flag the record as containing a word. - I currently do it manually now so even if it took my Dell notebook an hour, it'll be heaven sent. Plus my dictionary table has been trimmed down to words I'm looking for. So closer to 5,000 words in it.
  4. I'm using 5.5 and couldn't open your attachment. can you save backwards to 5.5? I tried to change my profile but can't find the setting to change it.
  5. Thanks. This looks like it may be tougher than I thought. I wish there was some kind of function that could do a simple compare each record to the dictionary table and mark each record that has a match or partial match. Doing permutations on each record makes sense but i was hoping for a macro or ready made script to do it. I'll look through the section you mentioned and see if I can find something close.
  6. Thanks. It's too early in the morning for me to absorb this. Can you lay this out in easy terms of the logic of each step? I'm not following the syntax at this point. So the possibilities for a record are: 1> "word" (record is a match as is) 2> "abcword" (record has a word in it but also some random characters either before or after word) 3> "ncufubf" (record has no matching words in it) 4> "fbbaorhur" (want to skip any one character matches like "a" and "i") So I'd like to "find" all records that include 1> and 2> Thanks!
  7. I have a database of 100,000 records. the records vary from random letters to words to words with random characters. Anyone know if it is possible to compare these records to a list of words from a dictionary and "FIND" all records that have dictionary entries in them?
  8. Grazie così tanto. Funziona grande. I just did it your way and yes, perfect! I didn't know the # works for a number wildcard character. Well actually, it didn't work. I did a find on the found set already. I'll keep working on it, but I think this may be starting point.
  9. I figured out one way that is long and tedious. In find mode, I search for *"0", then new request for *"1", then new request for *"2", then ...... to *"9" This finds all records with a number anywhere in the record. Beginning, middle, or end. I wonder if there is an "or" function I can use instead of making 10 requests each time?
  10. How can I find all records with a numeral or number in it. ie - 1car or car1 or ca2r
  11. How can I enter a Y or check a checkbox in a field of all found records?
  12. How do I find all UNIQUE records and delete the rest. Essentially, I am trying to compare two tables by appending them together, and only keeping the changes. So any record that gets carried forward to the next table will get deleted. This way, I only see changes.
  13. If I have a table of 50,000 words every day, is there a function that can compare the new table to the old table and spit out the changes or differences?
  14. I hope I'm in the right section... I have a list of 50-100 thousand words. I want to strip out all words found in the dictionary. Is it possible to somehow load a dictionary into FM and compare field data to the dictionary words? Then somehow pull out all records containing a word from the dictionary?
  15. Thanks you two. It took me a little while to get the Filemaker thinking cap going again. But I got it done. THANKS!!!
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