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  1. Are you sure? Because when I enter "2030" gives the output "2030:00:00"... 🤔 If two fields are needed, then I have to use two fields. I would of course rather only have one field, but I have also thought that this maybe would be necessary... Still, these are time pickers. I would rather just use a simple input field with four numbers, that is converted to a correct time.
  2. 1215am should be seen as 00:15 (because we use 24h format in Sweden where I am). Yes, the user will enter 0015 as the input data. No more, no less.
  3. I would like my users to input the time in the format HHMM (ie, just numbers, without any delimeter), and it should automatically convert it to correct time format. I have experimented a bit with this, but can't get it to work 100%. Eg; with the below calculation it works for all times after noon. Ie, "1215" converts it correctly to 12:15, but "0830" will not (it will be converted to "83:00"). Let ( $Timein = GetAsText ( indata ) ; Time ( Left ( $Timein ; 2 ) ; Middle ( $Timein ; 3; 2 ) ; "00" ) ) Is there anyone that already have done this satisfactory?
  4. After some struggle with this I found out what's wrong: You have to define the field name as well. Eg; BE_FTP_Upload ( "theftpserver.com:2222/" & System::xContainer ; System::xContainer ; "FtpUserName" ; "ThePassword" )
  5. Well, since I can’t get the BE plugin to work I’ll probably try this out. Thanks.
  6. I need to connect to an SFTP server and upload a file from Filemaker. Apparently Filemaker 17 don't do SFTP natively, but I have used Base Elements quite a lot and like it. However, I am not able to get the BE_FTP_Upload command to work. I have the PDF file in a a global container called System::xContainer. I am doing Set Variable $$ftpresult with the following info: BE_FTP_Upload ( "theftpserver.com:2222/" ; System::xContainer ; "FtpUserName" ; "ThePassword" ) The only result I get is a questionmark. I am able to upload the same file with an FTP client. Any ideas? Tia, /andreas
  7. Thanks MBS! Didn't realize that FM didn't do SFTP natively. However, I have invested in the plugin from Base Element and will try that out first.
  8. I have exported a PDF that I want to upload to a SFTP Server, but I cannot get it to work. The SFTP server is located at port 2222. File: $filepath FTP Server: ftp.theserver.com User: ftp_user Login: password I was trying with the Insert from URL script step, and specified it as follows: URL: sftp://ftp.tehserver.com:2222 cURL: --upload-file $filepath --user ftp_user:password I get error "Command is unavailable" Have I misunderstood the Insert from URL function or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks, Andreas
  9. Windows Server 2012 R2 Filemaker Server 15 Filemaker Pro Advanced 15.02 We got a corrupt record in one of our solutions, so I decided to do a recover on that file. It turns out that you can't do that on a FM installation on a Windows server. You get the following dialogue: "This command cannot be used by this installation of Filemaker." Douh? So I had to download the file to my computer and make the recovery locally, and then upload it again. Tedious. Does anyone know why this strange limitation is set?
  10. I don't get it; How do you import the icons to your own solution? Do I really need to edit them all one by one?
  11. Thanks for the example Ian, I will look into this soon. I agree about doing it on the server side, it feels better as well. That's why I'm struggling with it... 😝 Wim; I got some different errors. 3 and 113 if I remember correctly. Now I only get a "?" as a result from the BE command. However, doing it from the client side (on the same server) gives no such error. And the plugin IS installed.
  12. Thanks for your input Wim. I think I have to take my chances though because I'm going nuts soon... (see http://fmforums.com/topic/100497-cant-get-the-be_listfilesinfolder-to-work-with-server-scheduled-script/)
  13. "This is the first time I'm setting up a script to run on a server with the help of a schedule, so I will probably make a lot of strange mistakes, but how hard can it be? Hard, obviously. :|" I have a script that check for new files in a folder, process them, export some data and move the files to a new destination. It works flawless with the Filemaker Client. On the Server I can't get it to work! I'm using the BE_ListFilesInFolder step. The folder that I want to check is the following (the FMServer User have both read and write privileges on all mentioned folders): C:\FTP\FM\In\ This is outside the server Documents folder, so just to be sure I tried to change it to: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\In\ I get the same error on both. I have tried to use a field as the path as well as hardcoded as well as variables in different combinations: BE_ListFilesInFolder ( System::FMIn Folder ) BE_ListFilesInFolder ( "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\In" ) Set variable($folderpath) and then BE_ListFilesInFolder($folderpath) Same error. I have tried a zillion different ways. With the Client it works. From the server it does not. I GET CRAZY!!! What have I missed? ...or should I just skip the Filemaker Server Schedule and do this with a client instead? Tia, /Andreas [Windows 2012 r2, FM Server v15.0.1.137]
  14. Old thread, but related; Since Filemaker Server Side Scripts have some limitations I may have to use a client computer to do the automated stuff. Do you guys see any disadvantages by using a client installation on the server itself? It certainly have all the processing power it needs, and the client and server can run simultaneously, but is there any big disadvantages? (Filemaker Server 15 and Pro Advanced 15]
  15. I am surprised how snappy and speedy Yosemite us! But - Filemaker is notably slower, especially in layout mode.
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