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  1. I have a solution with websites and their login credentials. I would really like to create a webviewer, or open an URL, where I automatically login to some websites. Unfortunately I have too little knowledge in Javascript or PHP to understand what I should do. Example: Site: fmforums.com/login Login: Abc Password: xyz123 How do I login to this site, with the login credentials? Should it look something like this? https://fmforums.com/login/?login="Abc",password="xyz123" I understand that this may differ from site to site, please tell me what I should look for. Even if it's not possible with normal code, is it possible with the help of plugins or other applications? I am on macOS Catalina with FM 18.
  2. Thanks Wim! Will take a look at that one (which is here btw: https://www.dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM/family/developer.php)
  3. I would like to swap object/layout/variable/etc names in a solution, except for the data itself. Ie Layout names, variable names, scripts etc. Since this isn't possible in Filemaker by itself, is there a plugin or other solution that does this? Example: I have 100 layouts containing the word Saturnus. I want the word Jupiter instead. I have a variable all over the solution called $pluto and would like to rename it to $earth. ...in all scripts, etc so nothing is broken. 🤔
  4. I am not at work anymore, but I just tried at another solution and now it works. In both 17 and 18. Really strange. Will be back with a result next week. 🤪
  5. This is it. Note that "paste" is highlighted. Can it be that the account need Apple Event privileges? Naah, then go to layout wouldn't work... However! I just tried it in FM18, and then it works! 🤪 Thank you for the help!
  6. Yep, it's something about the "Paste" that doesn't work. Everything else works as it should, and as you said; It's a one time show so it doesn't have to be fancy. Thanks again, will look into it some more.
  7. Thanks, but when pasting I get an error: "The event failed." number -10000 it works to paste manually. PS. I'm on Catalina and Filemaker 17 Advanced.
  8. Thanks for the input! I thought about that, and that's maybe also an option. But it will take me a lot more time to write that script than to ask if there's something simpler. I have written some very simple Apple Scripts, but I have never mastered. Maybe it goes something like this: Tell application "Filemaker Pro" Activate Enter Layout mode Create object "Info" of class "Text" Set fill color of "Info" to "Red" Set text color of "Info" to "Yellow" Set text of "Info" to "IS THIS LAYOUT USED? IF SO INFORM ME [DATE]" Go to Layout Next Repeat in some way End tell ...but to test this, understand all the errors and correct them, will take me a day. Copy Paste will probably do the job in a couple of hours.
  9. I'm currently optimizing a solution with approximately 1000 layouts. I know that at most 10% of these are being used, and would like to delete the others. Usually when I do this I put a text block on all layouts saying something like "IS THIS LAYOUT USED? IF SO INFORM ME [DATE]" Going throught 1000 layouts it's kinda tedious. Is there some kind of third party tool or other solution that can help me with this? Copy Paste is the only option I know of. Tia, Andreas
  10. Oh.My.God. Bloody obviuos ffs. Never knew that. Wonderful, one more thing learned today! 😂 Thanks!
  11. Is there any way to show the Drop Down list without the mouse, when "Include arrow to show and hide list" is active? Example: TheField has a Control Style set to Drop Down list with Include arrow to show and hide list. My cursor is currently in TheField. I want to activate the Drop Down menu without using the mouse. A possible solution would be to have a copy of TheField below the other one. This copy would be set to Drop Down list, but with Include arrow un-checked. Then, create a Script that goes to this copy, thus activating the Drop Down list. However, I am intending to use this field in a portal, and it would be awful lot of copies of the fields, and other probems (naming the fields as objects, for example). Any ideas?
  12. Aha, I thought it was the other way around (ie you should use "shell" script). 🤦‍♂️ I tried it out, and it worked when I got rid of the "shell". Thank you very much!! 🙏 These scripts are originally more than 15 years old, and it may be that the Shell thing was a necessity from the past... Thanks again! Actually, when looking at Apples Developer pages, they refere to "Do shell script": https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/CallCommandLineUtilities.html Is there a difference between the built in Terminal commands and the scripts?
  13. Background: I am moving files that are created and exported to another system. I create the files in FM and then manually enter the Terminal and execute a command. Now I want to automate this process. I'm on macOS 10.13 with FM 17. Problem: When I perform the Terminal command via AppleScript I get an error. I can do the exact same command manually in the Terminal, and it works, but not when Apple Script tries to do it. Details: Relevant script steps from Filemaker: Set variable [$shellScript; "tell application \"Terminal\" ¶do shell script \"./sendtonav CSSE " & $shellScriptParameter & "\"¶end tell"] Perform AppleScript [$shellScript] This results in the variable $shellScript to be populated with, for example: tell application "Terminal" do shell script "./sendtonav CSSE 20191216 0008400987" end tell (The Shell Script "sendtonav" looks for a file named "CSSE 20191216 0008400987" in a folder located in the Desktop folder on the Mac, and exports it to another system.) If I perform this in Filemaker, or in AppleScripts script editor, I get the following error: "Terminal got an error: sh: ./sendtonav: No such file or directory" number 127 ( I also get this error if I write the wrong numbers in the sendtonav script, ie the file doesn't exist). However; If I copy the text ./sendtonav CSSE 20191216 0008400987 and paste it in the Terminal, it works! I am stuck. I really don't understand why AppleScript can't execute this command, while it all works perfect if I do it manually in the Terminal...!? Please help. 😩
  14. Thanks! I realized I had "Error Capture On", which mean I din't see any errors on execution.... *dough* Filemaker actually got an error code passed from AppleScript.
  15. I have a couple of scripts that do things in macOS Terminal via an AppleScript. It may look like this: Perform AppleScript [ Native AppleScript: tell application "Terminal" do shell script "cd /Users/admin/Desktop/Exportdata; curl -T Script1.txt -u filemaker:pass123 ftp://ftp.apple.com/" end tell ] Problem: I don't get any information if this work or not. Is there any way to see the command actual taking place? I added an "Activate" after the "tell" line, but that didn't help. As it is now, I do the scripts manually, just to maintain the control of what's happening, but that seems awfully old and not so effective. I would like to automatize this, but still be able to open the terminal window and see that the scripts has been run. Does anybody know any way of doing this? Tia, Andreas
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