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  1. It seems that way, yes, unfortunately. Thanks for the input!
  2. I don't really know what I'm missing here. I have two windows next to each other. I want to activate a Script Trigger on Record Load (I have tried On Layout Enter as well) , and it does that fine as long as I'm only having one window open. But not when I'm switching between the windows. Ie, I want the script to run when I enter the Window. Isn't this supposed to work?
  3. Solved! I updated the privileges on the Filemaker server > Web Publishing folder, and now it works. *phew*
  4. Today I updated FM Server from 17.02 to 17.05. After this update WebDirect refuses to start. When I click on the slider, it says "Enabled", but when I go back again it's Disabled. I have looked for Java updates, but I already have the latest update applied. I'm on macOS 10.13.6 with all security patches applied. I haven't installed SSL yet, but it worked before this update so.... Where should I look more? Please help! 😩
  5. Are you sure? Because when I enter "2030" gives the output "2030:00:00"... 🤔 If two fields are needed, then I have to use two fields. I would of course rather only have one field, but I have also thought that this maybe would be necessary... Still, these are time pickers. I would rather just use a simple input field with four numbers, that is converted to a correct time.
  6. 1215am should be seen as 00:15 (because we use 24h format in Sweden where I am). Yes, the user will enter 0015 as the input data. No more, no less.
  7. I would like my users to input the time in the format HHMM (ie, just numbers, without any delimeter), and it should automatically convert it to correct time format. I have experimented a bit with this, but can't get it to work 100%. Eg; with the below calculation it works for all times after noon. Ie, "1215" converts it correctly to 12:15, but "0830" will not (it will be converted to "83:00"). Let ( $Timein = GetAsText ( indata ) ; Time ( Left ( $Timein ; 2 ) ; Middle ( $Timein ; 3; 2 ) ; "00" ) ) Is there anyone that already have done this satisfactory?
  8. After some struggle with this I found out what's wrong: You have to define the field name as well. Eg; BE_FTP_Upload ( "theftpserver.com:2222/" & System::xContainer ; System::xContainer ; "FtpUserName" ; "ThePassword" )
  9. Well, since I can’t get the BE plugin to work I’ll probably try this out. Thanks.
  10. I need to connect to an SFTP server and upload a file from Filemaker. Apparently Filemaker 17 don't do SFTP natively, but I have used Base Elements quite a lot and like it. However, I am not able to get the BE_FTP_Upload command to work. I have the PDF file in a a global container called System::xContainer. I am doing Set Variable $$ftpresult with the following info: BE_FTP_Upload ( "theftpserver.com:2222/" ; System::xContainer ; "FtpUserName" ; "ThePassword" ) The only result I get is a questionmark. I am able to upload the same file with an FTP client. Any ideas? Tia, /andreas
  11. Thanks MBS! Didn't realize that FM didn't do SFTP natively. However, I have invested in the plugin from Base Element and will try that out first.
  12. I have exported a PDF that I want to upload to a SFTP Server, but I cannot get it to work. The SFTP server is located at port 2222. File: $filepath FTP Server: ftp.theserver.com User: ftp_user Login: password I was trying with the Insert from URL script step, and specified it as follows: URL: sftp://ftp.tehserver.com:2222 cURL: --upload-file $filepath --user ftp_user:password I get error "Command is unavailable" Have I misunderstood the Insert from URL function or am I doing something else wrong? Thanks, Andreas
  13. Windows Server 2012 R2 Filemaker Server 15 Filemaker Pro Advanced 15.02 We got a corrupt record in one of our solutions, so I decided to do a recover on that file. It turns out that you can't do that on a FM installation on a Windows server. You get the following dialogue: "This command cannot be used by this installation of Filemaker." Douh? So I had to download the file to my computer and make the recovery locally, and then upload it again. Tedious. Does anyone know why this strange limitation is set?
  14. I don't get it; How do you import the icons to your own solution? Do I really need to edit them all one by one?
  15. Thanks for the example Ian, I will look into this soon. I agree about doing it on the server side, it feels better as well. That's why I'm struggling with it... 😝 Wim; I got some different errors. 3 and 113 if I remember correctly. Now I only get a "?" as a result from the BE command. However, doing it from the client side (on the same server) gives no such error. And the plugin IS installed.
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