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  1. The onlything here i can't see how to do is pick the fields i want and order them as i want. I can dop this if i mauanlly export using File>Export but how do i do this using a script..? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks RF
  2. Sorry, i am not sure what you mean by which area..
  3. Hello, We currentlyhave FM5.5 and are looking at the best way to progress. We currently don't have a in house FM developer so training is something we would be looking at anyway. What i can't find out is...can we easily create a website/ecommerce site using fm8?? We have a product database which we wish to develop and we want everything to run from one root.. which makes sense. If anyone can advise me of the abilities of FM8pro in this area that would be appreicated. Thanks RF
  4. Thanks everyone for your replies. This will just eb a one off as i need to export all the products into a file to import into Sage. If we choose to go that route from here!! If you have read my other posts you will know the probs we are having with our DB created in FM., Thanks all RF
  5. hey, sorry if this is a stupid questions but from what i have been reading the only way to specify what i want to export is by creating a specific layout for it, is there not a quicker way? as i said sorry if this is a silly question !! cheers, RF
  6. Thanks Vaughan i think that is the most useful thing i have got so far !! I think i was calling them pages because they are seperate "files" in the db directory but as i now understand it i want to pass a value between layouts !! Ok..a step closer (albeit a small one!!) As i want to carry between files (tables) i guess i can't use t-squares suggestion..so what is the alternative?? many thanks, i feel i have a mustard seed of understanding here now...just gotta make that grow !! lol RF
  7. thanks guys, as much as i would like to do that right now it is not an option ! ho hum...
  8. hi, no i am not wanting to see a record. I am wanting to take a record_id of a product and pass it to another page which has a purchase order on it and add it to that purchase order. which i presume is slightly different... thanks for your reply. RF
  9. Any chance anyone could give me a clue on where to start with this one? I have an idea that i would like to try, if only a learning experience. But i need to know how to "pass" a variable from one page to another. If anyone could help me here that would be appreciated. I think it might help me understand how this is all working. Many Thanks, RF
  10. I think we have discoverd why we are not getting much response out of the company that built the system in teh first place!! The guy who worte it is no longer with them! : and with no documentation for something that was written 3-4 years ago...no wonder they can't be bothered!! still frustrating for us tho.
  11. thanks guys, i found that if i held esc down then i could view the script! Might not be the best way but it worked! Yes i am going to have to discuss this with collegues and my boss as it doesn't look like it is a viable solution having me fix it! thanks, rf
  12. Yes that is about right! well, none of those are actually true! We could do with the assistance but they don't seem to want to help. I guess they are just too busy with other work. This is an old project of theirs and maybe they feel modifying it would take too long as they initially provided no documentation! i am working on a dummy copy of the live one so i won't break the working version !! Yes, trying to figure out what the developer did is proving to be a nightmare! But at the moment i don't see an alternative Thanks for your reply, RF
  13. Thanks for the reply Lee, I understand where you are coming from. I am getting there with FileMaker and it is only a overview of the system that i need at this time. Not to become a guru! But anyway as you feel i am asking too much i will leave it. Regards, RF
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