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  1. I have a field (concentration) that is a calculation based on three other fields: 1. Total volume (i.e., 25 ml) 2. Volume of chemical added (i.e., 0.00035 g) 3. Purity of chemical added (i.e., 99.8%) The field calculates a ppm value based on these three numbers, no problems there. The issue I have is that I need to be able to calculate the number of significant figures in each of the three source fields, then display the result with the proper number of significant figures. [0.00135 g (3 SF) x .99 (2 SF) ]/25.0 ml (3 SF) = 53.46 ppm, but it has to appear as 53 ppm because the result has to equal the least number of significant figures in any the source fields. [0.00135 x .998]/25.0 = 53.9 ppm [0.001350 x .9980]/25.00 = 53.89 ppm So the field display has to change based on the calculation. I have the sigfigs custom function, but I'm trying to figure out how to apply it. Do I just need to format the field as "general" and set the significant figures via a script using the custom function, or is there a way to script the field number display formatting?
  2. Haven't posted in a while, so the first thing I thought was "I wonder how many people are going to post to ask me to change my avatar? Actually, the entire script step is Perform Applescript (calculated) FTPUpload($path, $directory, $file) where $path, $directory and $file are local variables
  3. I've been trying for 3 days to figure out the syntax for an FTP Upload custom function (downloaded from briandunning.com), but I can't get it to work. It always fails with error -2740, "an unknown token can't go here," which tells me nothing. Anyone care to check out my script and offer some pointers? I'm sure there's a syntax error, but I can't find it. I want to hard-code the username and password, but the password contains special characters (parentheses), and I'm not sure how to escape them: i,e, ythr(i.K9)56 I've tried various escaping approaches: ythr(i.K9)56 , "ythr" & "(" & "i.K9" & ")" & "56", etc. FTPUpload (path, directory, file) " set thePath to quoted form of "ftp://<username>:<password>@ftp.remotehost.com/targetfolder/" do shell script "curl -T" path & "/" & directory & "/" & file thePath " Any ideas?
  4. Could you post a little more detailed description of what kind of data goes in each field? I have no clue what Mantoux is: could be a boolean value, a date, text, or a number. And is FMP 8 or 8.5 a possibility? I've found that when you're dealing with less computer savvy individuals, the opening and closing of multiple files in FMP 6 can lead to some frustrating problems. Even if all they have to do is click in a box and type, somebody will find a way to screw it up. Having multiple tables in one file is sooo much easier to work with. It's definitely doable in 6, if that's a limitation.
  5. I'd like to be able to finish setting up and testing printing scripts (switching between printers, etc.) without being on the client computer. I don't currently have a printer set up on my development machine, so all I see is the "you must have a printer set up to proceed" error. It would be fantastic if there was a way to emulate printers using the drivers pre-installed on most machines.
  6. This is driving me nuts. I have a script that goes to a layout, switches to preview mode and prints a report. Everything prints fine. Here's the weird part: Preview mode shows the wrong record but prints the correct record. After printing, it switches back to browse mode and shows the correct record. This is happening on 2 different layouts. The users keep thinking it won't print right, so they abort the printing process even though it prints correctly. What would cause this? There's no "freeze window" step. Should there be?
  7. I have an Invoice layout, which works fine in browse mode, all info correct, etc. The Invoice number and customer name appear as merge fields in the header and again in the footer (same merge fields). When I switch to preview mode, The header is correct, but the footer now shows data from a different record. What did I do wrong? This is dang frustrating.
  8. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this: I have a field (Tests Requested) that contains carriage-return separated values based on a checkbox set. I figured out how to search for a specific value and set a second field (Order Total) based on the price assigned to that value in a related table. The problem is, I can't figure out how to do it more than once in a calculation. I get an error when I try to put more than one if statement in a calculation. I tried using "&" to string if statements together, but then I get a value 10X the expected value, and if I check more than one checkbox, it multiples 10X again! How do you string together if statements? Order Total= If (PatternCount( "¶" & Tests Requested & "¶"; "¶Purity¶")=1; + Crops::Purity Price;+0) & If (PatternCount( "¶" & Tests Requested & "¶"; "¶Germination¶")=1; + Crops::Germ Price; +0) For example, when the "Purity" checkbox is checked, the expected value for a particular record is 35.00. The value displayed is 350.00. If "Germination" is selected, the expected value displays correctly. If both are checked, the total displayed is (expected Purity X 100) + expected Germination value.
  9. Yay! It worked! I had to change the field type to calculation (vs. text field w/calculation) and then set it to unstored. Thanks, LaRetta.
  10. I need to format a field to display a list of codes based on a set of checkboxes in another field. For example, field 1 is called "Tests requested." The user selects the corresponding checkboxes. A related table has tests in one field, and the test codes in another field. I want to pull the test codes from the related table and concatenate them together for printing purposes in another field (Test Code Summary). User selects Purity, Germination and Noxious Weed exam. Corresponding codes are PUR, GER and NOX. I want Test Code Summary to display the text "PUR, GER, NOX" I've tried everything I can think of, but I end up with only the field code from the first selected checkbox.
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