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  1. I'm not sure about MapQuest. I've never tried to use it. I assume you're actually trying to insert mileage into a field. If so, you can use GoogleMaps API to return either a JSON or XML string and parse the string for the distance. I've only ever attempted parsing XML with custom functions. The custom functions I use came from one of the starter solutions that come with FM12. The distance is returned as an element called "distance". It has two child elements called "text" and "value". The "text" comes back as "XX.X mi". The "value" comes back as an integer in meters. I would grab this and then convert it to miles (or whatever you want). This is the format for the url you would use: "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/directions/xml?origin=" & TableName::FromField & "&destination=" & TableName::ToField & "&sensor=false" Just feed your "From" field in as the "origin=" parameter and your "To" field as the "destination=" parameter. Click HERE to see an example of the results you would get back if you used San Antonio as an origin and Austin as the destination. If you have FM12, it can be done via scripting with a global field and the "Insert From URL" script step. If you're running a prior version, then you'll have to use a web viewer and parse the results out of that. It's a bit complicated, but it can be done.
  2. The only reason the key would show and not the name is if the related record with the matching id doesn't exist. Have you imported the related records as well? Do they have some medication names that you don't have? Does the foreign id exist in any of your tables?
  3. I actually said to uncheck that box. I personally wouldn't use that while importing data unless you're very sure you don't need what might be overwritten. Just for clarification, if you're using a value list to display the name (popup, I assume?), where are the lookup fields being used? Can you be a bit more specific? Table and field names would help. Or even a copy of the file with the problem in it.
  4. Do you have auto-enter calcs or lookups on these fields? If so, and you import with "auto-enter" checked, any old data would be overwritten. The solution there would be to uncheck the "Perform auto-enter options while importing" option.
  5. There are many ways to skin a cat (why anyone is skinning cats is beyond me...). The solution would depend on your tables. What tables are you using and how are you getting this "750" & "200" sub summary? Is it a summary field from child items for the package?
  6. I just tried it in FM12, and it works fine. From the wording of the message "Zoom table not found.", it sounds like they tried to use the function, and didn't replace the word "Zoom" after double-clicking your function in the function list. e.g. GoogleMap ( Address ; City ; State ; Zip ; Zoom )
  7. I think the problem you're having is due to the EXIF data on the photo. I've had the same problem with photos from my iPhone. Even though it will display correctly most places (phone, OS, various programs), the photo was never actually rotated. The EXIF data just tells programs that display it the orientation of the phone when the photo was shot. The program takes care of the rest. It's only been a problem for me a couple of times. In those instances, I just opened them up in Photoshop, re-saved it, and voila. It displayed correctly. There may be a better/faster fix than this. I just haven't looked for one.
  8. I had this exact same problem. In my case it was a file converted from an earlier version that I tried to convert to the new .fmp12 format. The closest I ever got to nailing it down was stripping everything out of a duplicate of the problem file. It seemed (again, in my case) specifically related to a button that I had that was filled with an image and changed to no fill based on conditional formatting. Everything worked just fine, but as soon as you tried to set the tab order, crash. Fortunately, I was at the beginning of rewriting this project, so I just created a new file, then copied the tables, scripts, etc. over. Never happened again. I did submit the problem to FM. Never heard anything back.
  9. No, you don't have to restart the server, but the new field does have to be on the layout you reference in whatever function you're using.
  10. ExecuteSQL is my new best friend

  11. Took me a while, but I figured out the answer to my own problem. I had the data file linked as "fmnet:/ipaddress/data.fp7". I changed it to "file:data.fp7". Seems to have fixed the problem. So don't do that. Check.
  12. I just started working on publishing data via php. I built a solution for in-house use using the separation model. I figured I'd do the same for php starting with a blank ui file. I have no problems pulling data out of the ui file, but anytime I try to pull data of of the data file, I get "Field is missing". I googled it. Found something about about using TO::field name. That didn't work. I tried accessing the data file directly via php and that seems to work just fine. But I would really like to keep my php layouts in a separate file. Anyone know what the problem is?
  13. In the portal setup, uncheck the box that says "Reset scroll bar when exiting record".
  14. In Excel, go to the line right below your last row of data. Hold down shift and ctrl and push the down arrow. Then delete those rows. They shouldn't show up in your import now.
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