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  1. Søren, I'm wanting the numbering to take place on each found set. In other words, I want the flutes to be numbered on their sub-summary report (say, 1-15), clarinets (1-26), saxes (1-45), etc. I have used the @@ to get a count, but right now, it's giving me the ENTIRE count (461) instead of as I outlined above. Any ideas? George
  2. Søren, So, I would need the plug-in, and then replace all my fields with containers? Right now, I have the entry of text for the fields as pull-down menus (I have many names). Is this still possible? George
  3. I would dearly love the ability to freely-rotate an object, specifically a field, to any orientation I choose. I appreciate that FMP can rotate items in 1/4 increments, but wish I could rotate items at variable intervals to match differing layouts. George
  4. LaRetta, Thanks SO MUCH for your reply. Yes, this is a report with sub-summaries. I had used the "@@" feature to auto-number the layout, but wasn't able to get it to re-start at 1 with each new found sort. This is what I want it to be able to do, if possible. Any thoughts? George
  5. Thanks, ender. I was afraid of this. Seems to me a free rotation would not be beyond FMP's capabilities, if it can do ANY rotation, but I guess they have just not seen a need to make this happen. I DO appreciate your response. Thanks again. George
  6. Is there a way to create a numbering system when a layout is sorted by sub-summary? I would like to have 1-whatever appear in my layout, but need the # to restart with each newly-found item (by which the layout is sorted). For example, I want to number INSTRUMENTS (this is the sorted layout). I want to see 1-25 (or how many) flutes, 1-15 clarinets, 1-56 saxes, etc. Thanks! George
  7. Is there a way to "freely rotate" text fields? I have a layout that follows an arced path (seating assignments) and want to rotate name fields to follow the varying degrees of the arc. I can only get the fields to rotate by 1/4 turns. Does anyone know a solution? Thanks, George
  8. Michael, Thanks for your solution. I appreciate the time it took to put that together. A few questions: 1) Can the male/female field (GENDER) be a radio button or check box instead of entering a 0 or 1? I ask this because different people will be entering data, and the easier I can make this (ie, check boxes/radio buttons) the better. 2) You have the calculations being done in a footer on the main entry page. I would like this to be done on another page (an ADMINISTRATION layout). Can this be accomplished anywhere in the file? Also, as you can see in my sample file, each "page" would be one student (this is a LOT of data on one student) and not a columnar report format. That's why I'm asking about an "ADMINISTRATION" page somewhere else in the file. 3) Would it be easier if the MAJOR field, for example, were not a value list, but a simple text box? My assumption is it would not be (since text can change so easily) but wanted to ask. Thanks again! George
  9. The file has specific references to the institution, so I made up a sample file illustrating what I would like to do. THANKS for looking at this! Test.zip
  10. Michael, Where can I email the solution? I don't want to post it here.
  11. I working on a database to automate our scholarship notification to students. I have it just about done, and want to be able to create a button that looks at the information I've given, and takes me to the CORRECT individualized letter I've created (with data for that need). Let me explain: We have student who are going receive an academic scholarship and a housing scholarship. Some can just receive a housing scholarship, and others will just receive an academic scholarship. I have individualized letters with this data already entered. What I want to do is make this an automated process, so a secretary, etc. can click a button once the award information is entered, and FM will look at two fields (radio buttons of a Value List) and print the correct layout/letter. The two fields both have 2 Value List entries: A B Yes NO I know FMP will need to evaluate both fields. What I don't konw how to do is to tell it how to look at them an decide where to do. I know how to create/assign a button. But do I use an "IF" statement? It's the scripting of the A/B, Yes/No fields that is baffling me. I can't get it to make a decision to proceed to one of my layouts. I'd appreciate any help! George
  12. Michael, Thanks so much for your help. I'm sorry I didn't explain my needs as well as I should. Re-reading my post, I see that it is confusing. Basically, I want to have an administrative page -- one that tells me various data on the students. For example, I want to count all of the males and females in the class (I have a GENDER field with MALE and FEMALE radio buttons). I want to have keep a running tally of the number of the gender of these students (I have to report this at times). So, I want a page that says I have (for example) 25 males and 150 females (I assume I would have separate fields to count each value list entry?) Once I can do this, I can also use the same formula to tally other value lists (or example: MAJOR has various majors in the list (Business, Arts, Music, etc., etc.) -- ultimately telling me I have 5 Business Majors, 10 Arts Majors, 75 Music Majors, etc.) Thanks for your solution, too. Very neat! George
  13. Can someone tell me how to count the items in a value list? For example, I want to be able to count the number of males and females in a group (Male and Female are in a value list). This would also apply to other fields (for example, Major (Chemistry, English, Education, Music, Art), etc. Thanks! George
  14. Daniele, THANKS for your reply. This makes sense, but I'm not sure how to make it work. I don't see a means of referencing my field (you said create a new calculation field with result text using of of those solutions). If I create that caluculation field, what is it looking for? I want it to take the result of my first field ($5,000) and then do the calculation (for example, $5000.00 * 4 (number of semeters) to arrive at a FINALCALC. This is the field (FINALCALC) that needs to be merged in the letter. Does that make sense? George
  15. I am working on a database to generate scholarship award letters. I have the caluculations working correctly (i.e., award amount, number of semesters awarded, housing scholarship, etc.) and have the figures (via the numbers format) adding "$", "," and "." decimals. This all works beautifully until I try to merge the resulting calculations into my award letter. Intead of getting "$16,000.00", I'm getting "16000". I notice when I click on the field, I see "16000" as well, but I cannot find a way to have FMP take the formatted number and merge it into the letter. If I try to place fields in the letter, the resulting appearance is not aligned, and would not be feasible to use. I would greatly appreciate any help! George
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