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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I did a little tweaking and it works perfect. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone! I am trying to use a custom dialog to set a radio button. The dialog says would you like to do something: default button is no and button 2 is yes. if the user hits no this will end the dialog, but if the user hits yes then this will set a radio button and then insert text into a portal and set a global price in the next field. I have looked at the radio script file that was posted, but that was not working. Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  3. I am learning as I go. What is the variable?
  4. Hello all, I have encountered a slight problem. I need to export a series of found images into a new user created folder in a specified location. I tried the troi plug-in, but with no success. However, I did get the create new folder script to function. Do I need to export the file path to a new file and then somehow reference that file to pull the specified images? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again
  5. Hello, Thanks for trying. What exactly is the calc. you provided earlier in this post do? Maybe I can go from there. Thanks
  6. Well, I imported a folder of about 5 images that are located on a local server. Everything imported perfectly. However, when I click on the "Open Image" I get Question marks "?" in both the image and file path fields. Here is a file path for one of the images. file://Mac3/zz_ImageDatabase/00002/7657759.jpg I am confused on whats going on. When a picture is imported from the server and stored only as a reference then a complete file path is needed. Should an alias of the picture be created so that when it is moved the picture will be able to relink itself? Is there another way to open an image other than "Open URL"?
  7. Thank you! I will give this a try. Sorry for not including instruction pertaining to my files-it will not happen again. Thanks
  8. Yes, I am mounted to the server. I am on a mobile account, but that should not matter. Attached is a .zip file. Thanks ImageDatabase.zip
  9. Hi, I tried using this calc., but something is going wrong. My current file path is file://Mac3/zz_ImageDatabase/00002/7323827.jpg I tried using the Open URL and inserted the calc. that is posted, but I keep getting invalid URL. Do I need 2 sep. fields-1 for the file path and 1 for the image path?
  10. Just wondering if anyone knows why when I import a folder off of a server and store the pics as a ref. that when I use the "Open URL" nothing happens.
  11. I have been messing around with a photo catalog and found that if you go under file options and then graphics tab there is an option to auto initiate a photo import when a camera is connected. Hope this helps.
  12. try "open url". You need to have a field for your file path and then in the specify portion of the open url choose the path field. I am using this to open images that I have imported as a reference in Photoshop CS2. I think it would work with any documents native app.
  13. Maybe you could assign a tenant id and a monthly dollar amount-and then auto enter with a date calculation.
  14. Hello Everyone, I am working on an image database for work-rather I was thrown into this. This is my first time using filemaker and it has been a blast until now. Here is my delima: I have been importing massive quantities of images into a container fields-they are stored as a reference. I have the container set-up to get url-so when I click on the image it open in photoshop. What I need to do is have the image open in photoshop and then save in a specified folder. Another catch-there is a field that allows the user to rename the image if desired-or I will run a script in filemaker to get the first 15 characters of the original file name if the rename field is empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Maybe if I had the same relationships in the files it would have worked the first time. THanks for everyones help. I am using the set field step. THanks
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