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  1. Years ago, there was a telephony product called YOYO produced by Big Island software for Macs. Big Island went defunct. With YOYO, when an incoming call came in, it used the caller ID number to search a Filemaker database, find the record with the phone number and display the entire record on the screen. My question is: Is there a product currently available that can perform this function. I maintain a database of over 100,000 property records with phone #s and do extensive direct mail. When prospects call, I want to see their entire property record on screen before I answer. YOYO was a product that did this beautifully. Although I use Filemaker to maintain and update my records, I know little of any telephony capabilities of FM and am not aware of any products of this sort now. I am a PC user. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks RT
  2. It helped a lot when I finaly figured out that I wasn't seeing the serial numbers! You and Lee have solved a "tough" problem..I owe ya! Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to help me. Email me for that Java! Roger T
  3. It helped a lot when I finaly figured out that I wasn't seeing the serial numbers! You and Comment deserve Bronze Stars, at the very least. Thanks. I have it figured out. Roger T Enjoy the Java..
  4. Hi Comment.. I just can't seem to make this work. I am unable to see serial numbers when I set a field to Autonumber. Is this right? Or am I missing something? I see your solution will solve the problem, but I am simply missing something.
  5. I'm not quite there. I have set up relationship Same Parcel Same Parcel. Created fields SerialID and SameParcel. Have populated SerialID with numbers. Set SamePaecel field as calc with number. Double clicked Serial ID (Main relationship), entered = sign, switched to SameParcelSameParcel relationship and double clicked :SerialID, Result is SerialID=SameParcel::SerialID I click OK and get "-circular relationship error." Are these only fields I need to set? Thanks...
  6. Thanks..You and Lee have my thanks. A cup of Peets Java will be on the way to you if you can send me an email address :. Thanks Roger T
  7. Can't open it. However, I see the way to solution. In your file, I set up a field "SerialID" and "CComment". I populate SerialID with numbers ad sort by descending date. I set relationship "Same Parcel" to "Same Parcel". Can you take me through Field set up for SerialID and "CComment". Calc as numbers? What should calc look like? Do I need to set up any additional field? Thanks - Cup of Peets Java on the way to you..via email..
  8. Lee.. When I open the file, I see the data but the Relationship/Define menu items are greyed out.. Roger
  9. Thanks Lee..Unfortunately, I get "Need Version 7.0 to view". I have V.6 Nothing is simple, is it? Roger
  10. Hi...Thanks I have created and populated a field (SerialID) with serial numbers and set relationship. Created a field "SameParcel" and sorted the file by date descending. In calculation box I set SerialID =SameParcel::SerialID When I click OK, I get "Field Not found." I can see that this will lead to a solution.
  11. To better illustrate, this is how file appears in Excel or FM table. These entries are in separate fields, Parcel #, Name, Date. I want to identify and export only the duped records with the most recent date. Thanks for any help. Roger 001-16-01-004 GUSTAV SCHICKEDANZ TRUSTEE 4/5/2005 001-16-01-004 DANNY L GREENE & JULIE S GREENE 1/1/2003 001-16-01-002 CHASE MANHATTAN MTG CORP 9/1/2005 001-16-01-002 CLARENCE HARRIS & JOHN E GAMBRELL 12/4/1997 001-15-01-007 ANGELINA L RUTLAND & LARRY GRANT NEWMAN 9/1/2005 001-15-01-004 JENNIFER L RUVO 12/3/2003 001-15-01-004 OLIVER S BURRELL & TINA M BURRELL 6/19/2003 001-15-01-004 ALFRED C WARD 5/4/1998 001-15-01-004 MARY FAYE BUTLER & WILLIAM P BUTLER 11/30/1995
  12. From my first post: "The most recent records (underlined) are the ones I want to export to another file.. Any suggestions will be appreciated. RT" Hi Lee.. Sorry if I have difficulty explaining this problem. Identifying the dupes is no problem. I am looking for a way to select only the records with the most recent date from the records that have the same parcel numbers so I can export only those records to another file. Your help is appreciated. Roger
  13. Hi Lee., My objective is to export only the records with the most current date (of the records that have the same parcel number). There may not be a way to do this other than going through the 40000+ dupe records and manually removing the records with previous dates, leaving the ones with most current date. This is very frustrating and may not have an FM solution. Thanks, Roger
  14. Hi.. With respect to the date, I can't set a definite period as the dates are unknown in each record. The records may show several dates anywhere from this month to 10 years ago. Roger
  15. Hi again.. Another way to look at this is: Where Field 1 has duplicate numbers, "find" only the records that have the most current date based on the date in Field 3. Thanks, Roger
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