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  1. No password...."the password crackers strips out the hash block and replaces it with its own". Ann
  2. I am sorry, I gave you incorrect information. I don't speak English and web traslations are no good. This is the trick for your script. Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $file; Value:"filewin:" & Get ( DesktopPath )& "namefolder" & settings::globaltextnamefilewithextension ] Import Records [ Source:“$file”; Method:Update existing; Character Set:“Windows ANSI”] [ No dialog ] [color:red]target:unknown If [ Get ( LastError ) = 100 ] Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "verify"; Message: "file not exsists"; Buttons: “OK” ] End If Ann :
  3. you can use a container field and try to import the file, then capture error 100 if file not exists. Ann
  4. now, there is not a usefull way! I hope 11...12...13.. Ann
  5. Ok print in courier : Why decimal? you must evaluate only integer part. In format report layout decimal is 1 digit. Ann
  6. I know this. try to reduce "dynamically" the amount of spaces. case (number <10; ....;numer <100 ;... this is the best we can do. Ann
  7. ah! in your mind... : in my mind it's simple. Ann FormattedDynColumns_mod_2.zip
  8. Ok, my file is not fully dynamic. but you can put in 1th or 2nd or 3td rep only text and 4...5...rep only number. via filter value list in gReportFieldsR p.s. you can set dynamic alignments via script. Daniele nick:Raybaudi posted a tip here in this forum. Ann
  9. In report layout the alignments of each repetitions of cReportValuesR field. sorry for my English : Ann
  10. He made a mistake, He has left the "secret layout" available to "default account" It is not necessary, in this forum there are many developers that can crack "his" file. Ann
  11. Hi Genx jmormond's file is more simple to crack that your file. Ann
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