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  1. Hello everyone, i have seen that in the bps 1.0 instead of the menu option insert new record it said insert new contact Where can i change this? Also in the first main menu the menu bars are changed with other dropdown menu's instead of the standard filemaker menu's where can i do this? thx in advance
  2. hello all, how can i stop the scrolling of record with my mousescrolbar? And can i turn scroll of a window? thx in advance
  3. Hello everyone, does anyone know how to send an instant e-mail, without opening another e-mailprogram (like outlook) I need filemaker to send an email generated in fm with the send post scriptstep. can this be done? thx in advance
  4. hello all, i don't quite understand the search criteria, is it true that it can't contain variables or am i doing something wrong? i want to do a search, and than after that search is done, do another search where all the found are deletes from the search example: i have 65 people working in companies 20 are working at company x 35 are working at company y 10 are working at company z first i want to search all the people that are working for a company, in this case company x After that search i want to exclude the people that are working at a specific department, in this case sales deparment. so all the people are shown that work in company x AND don't work at the sales deparment how can i do this ?? -------------- i can't put variables in the search criteria. if i do this not the value is shown but the actual tekst of the criteria exapmple my variable name is $deparment. If i do the search it fills in $deparment and not the value it stands for. ------ please help, thx in advance
  5. thx a lot for this script i have it working now
  6. Hello everyone, i'm wondering if i can delete records automaticly after a period of time (let's say 48 hours) anyone knows a function for this? thx in advance
  7. Hello all, when i use IWP for fm 8 it screws up all my pictures. i have tried to put the pictures in a global container but it's still not showing normal. Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this? thx in advance
  8. thx again lee thx for the many answers you are giving me Really helps me out a lot
  9. thx for your help all, i got this working now, i just hate the screen if there are no records. I want to go to another layout if there are no records from my search criteria. Don't want to see that other window. How can i hide that?
  10. hello, this prolly is a n00b question but i really can't seem to get it worked. I already looked on this topic for answers http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/173072/ but it really doesn't work for me. this is my script: Set Variable [$test; Value:Company::Company_ID] Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Company_ID ; $test] Perform Find [] i see that in the search field not the company_ID is filled in but $test. So i thought my Varibale was wrong. But i tested my Variable with the save as pdf script and there it turns out oke, what im I missing? thx in advance
  11. hello, the background is that i want to make a webshop with fm. People have their log in code and they can view their record. I don't want them to switch between other records that concern about other ppl. Example i have invoices of all contacts in my fm db. But i only want the invoice shown that concerns the contact that log in. He must not see all the invoices of other people. Other question.. how can i link the login names to the db values? i hope you guys have ore background information now so you can help me solve my problem. thx again bb
  12. hello all, where can i turn of the switching between records feature. If i hide the status panel i can still switch between records with my mouse scrolbar. How can i turn this off? plz help thx in advance
  13. hello everyone, i have a question about filemaker and making a webshop with it. If i take the BPS example where you can manage contacts, inventories and sales orders, can i make a webshop based on this strukture? So if I give some contacts a password and log-in name, can i make a webshop for them where they can buy products defined in the inventory, and have their personal profile drawn from the contacts database (since the users of the webshop will be one of the contacts from the contact database from the BPS example) Does anyone have ANY idea how to do this cause i really don't. thx in advance
  14. thx a lot, with your help I have this working now
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