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  1. Hey guys, Hoping someone can pint me in the right direction as this has been driving me nuts four the last five hours! I have just migrated everything from an old eMac to a new iMac. I transferred all the user accounts but re installed the relevant software. This is all on one machine: I have an admin account that shares the database. I have two separate user accounts that access the database via a remote open script. Of the two users, one can access it fine, the other doesn't see it. I have tried re copying all the data from the old machine, no joy. I have tried a new user account and that works fine. I have tried with another machine on the same network and that too sees the shared database. What could be stopping this one account from seeing the database? Any ideas would be great. I'm trying to have to avoid building the user account up from scratch. Many Thanx
  2. Hi again Comment, The Tominator, and Bruce. Thanx all for your suggestions, I decided to go with Comments as it seemed so concise and it works beautifully. As for your concerns Comment, I have tried to make the solution as easy to operate as possible. Before starting my solution, I tried several commercial varieties that were simply to complex to use for one or two people, especially when it comes to bookings and diaries. The beauty of what I have now is that it is a doddle to use and thanx to SeedCode's calendar module that I've integrated it display everything in a very easy drag and drop style manner. The trouble with the invoicing is only that we have so many different possibilities, Single/Multiple Patient, Single/Multiple bookings, Receipt/Invoice/Insurance that trying to get this into a simple two click operation took some time. However like i say it has been working very well for a few years now, it's just that with a new operator using the solution they find new ways of doing things that you never dreamed of and I'm trying to put little warnings in to avoid these very occasional mistakes while not disturbing how easy the system is to use. Thanx again for your help, as I'm a sound engineer for a living I only get to do this when there is a problem or something needs updating so my knowledge, while growing, is fairly limited! I appreciate your patience in sorting me out a resolution.
  3. I've attached a screen shot of part of the patient screen to hopefully explain a bit better. Generally an invoice is created, by the consultant, at the end of treating a patient. Hence it is normally only 1 patient being invoiced, possibly for several previous treatments. You simply click in the "Inv" square and then on one of the buttons above, Insurance Invoice, Invoice or Receipt depending on how the patient is paying. Clicking on one of these buttons triggers a script to create an invoice with a script parameter to decide the type of invoice/Receipt. It is possible to be looking at a previous patients records and select the "Inv" for one of their bookings and then change to another patient and click on "Inv" for one of their bookings and hence end up invoicing for two different patients on one invoice. Now this is sometimes desireable but not normally. They do get presented with the information before the invoice is created but from past experience, they don't actually look at it, let alone read what is there and just click the ok button. Hence why I am trying to insert a warning for them just as an alert for them to verify that they are actually meant to be invoicing two or more patients on one invoice. I Hope that helps explain what I'm trying to do?
  4. Hi Comment, It is simply to point out to the user that they are about to invoice for two or more different patients on the same invoice and verify that that is exactly what they want to do. Generally that's not what's required, 99% of the time the invoice will be for one patient even if it is multiple bookings. I have a new member of staff working for us that is creating issues that I have never envisaged! So far the whole system is working perfectly, I'm just trying to put in a few checks to avoid me having to go back and correct the mistakes!
  5. Hi All, I have a database that is doing bookings, invoicing and payments for my wife's medical practice. When a booking is required to transfer to an invoice, it's "Invoice" field is marked with a "yes" via a checkbox. I then perform a find for all bookings with a "yes" that don't have an invoiceID_fk associated with it and the results are what is used for data on the invoice. This all works perfectly but it is possible to invoice two different patients on the same invoice, which is occasionally necessary but generally not, so I would like to add an If statement to the found set to check that the related records have a unique patientID, i.e. all i need to know is if all of the patientID's in the found set are the same or not. I'm sure it's a very easy calculation, just not sure how to do it as I've never needed to before! Can anyone help with how to approach this. I'm sure it's a a Count function but just not sure how to use it. Many Thanx in advance for any help. Mark B
  6. Right, Well we're getting somewhere! I set this and if i make another custom value list rather than the linked value list it does display as 08:00. I have also had to format the time field in the Patient database to be just HHMM rather than "leave as formatted" However, and there's always a however... If you change the time in the edit window in the calendar database, even though it is using the custom value list, it does put time in the field as HH:MM:SS. I understand that that is the way that FM deals with timing, ie from midnight but what i don't undersatnd is why both databases seem to deal with it differently. I think the Always use file's saved setting is part of the key here but i wonder if it is something to do with the SeedCode solution being written in a different version of FM. I only have FM Pro 8 but i think that SC was written in advanced and i'm wondering if it has a slightly different formatting set?
  7. Hi Comment, Thank you for instructions. I followed them to the letter and no joy! Honestly I'm seriously doubting myself now. I have tried cloning and sorting the references but it's still the same. I went back to the original two databases and checked the refernces there, and they were ok, just one reference in each file. I think i must have mistakenly added the second reference to "calendar" while stripping everything else out and trying to make it work. I have checked it all through again but still no joy. I have tried making clones of the full original files but nope. ******* i thought you had it sorted there!
  8. Hi Lee, Yes you're right, but it has been entered as HH:MM:SS because the value list is appearing in that format in that file. The trouble is I don't want it to! The value list is just formatted as HH:MM and so why does it appear as HH:MM:SS in that file only? I'm really sorry if i'm being a dullard here, it just deosn't make sense to me. In the "Patient" database that holds the original value list, and where the bookings are normally made from, it displays fine and the time formatting there is set on "Leave data formatted as entered" In The "Calendar" database, it doesn't seem to matter how you format the field it has no effect on the value list, that always appears with an extra :00 on the values, even if you put in custom values so it's not a problem with getting the wrong information from the original value list. It's weird!
  9. Hi LaRetta, I have made a clone of my database and stripped as much as i can out so i don't get any grief! I have put in only 1 booking under my name in the "Patient" database. If you click on the "time" field you will see the value list appear, values from 08:00 to 19:00 In the "Calendar" database you should see the booking, click on that booking and it brings up a small edit appointment window. If you click on the "time" field in there it brings up the same value list but with the :00's added onto all values. Most of the other things won't work on there as i've stripped it out but i think you should see my dilema. I'm all up for it being my mistake and happy to take the blame! I am concerned though that when you make a custom value list it displays it in the same way (00:00:00) As ever thanx for your time Mark B Clone.1.zip
  10. Hi everyone, Thanx for all your input. I know i should have probably tried this earlier but i just tried creating a custom value list in the database that is displaying the list incorrectly. Even though i put the data in as 08:00, 08:30, 09:00 etc, it still displays it as 08:00:00, so I'm guessing that there is some kind of file formatting that is only affecting that database!? Does something like that exist, I just can't help feeling like this is a riduclously simple problem, that's probably my fault! The database in question was supplied from Seedcode and i have tried to adapt it simply to display and edit my bookings in a large calendar form, if that's any help? Thanx again for any ideas. Mark B
  11. Hi Lee, Thanx for that info and the example but i genuinely think I've got a bug here somewhere. It's very difficult to display as the Database i'm using is full of live data and i can't send it to you to see because of data protection. I have tried to create an example of the problem but to my annoyance, my example works perfectly!! If you could have a look at this example and imagine that in the "patients" database, when you click on the appointment start time, it is displaying the values with an extra ":00" on the values within the list then that is what's happening. It is definitely the same value list, so the relationship is fine, just displays badly. Sorry if i'm not explaining or grabbing this quickly, I'm very much still on the learning stages here and little things like this are really annoying! Many Thanx Mark B Example_Value_Lists.zip
  12. Hi Al, Yes both fields have been formatted the same but in any case this only affects the display of the field AFTER you have selected a value from the value list. Yes both are formatted as time fields. I have enclosed another screen shot that shows how the second value list is created, from the original list. Like i say and as the previous shost show, it is the same values, just with :00 added on to the end of each value. There is actually just one field, but it appears in two different places in two different databases. All the relationships are good and the data moves fine in either direction, it's purely this change in value list that's causing problem.
  13. Hi Martha, Thanx for that infor and sorry for the delayed reply, it's been a very busy week and this is just a hobby for me rather than an occupation! I'm slightly confused by your answer as i figured that it was simply a formatting issue and i'm surprised that i have to perform any calculations, simply to display the same value list. I have enclosed two screen snapshots, just to illustrate the problem. Image 1 is the original value list in my first database, image 2 shows the same value list in the linked database. Just doesnt seem to make sense that the values display differently, when it's the same list. The linked database is a ready made one that i have adapted but even the originator of that can't suss out what's going on! Any ideas would be very greatfully received. Many Thanx Mark B
  14. Hi All, I have two databases, within one is a value list that provides preset timings for the start of a booking in the format 10:00 etc. This just fixes the start of the booking at half hour intervals. When i try and link to this value list from the second database, the link is good but the list has added and extra :00 ( i guess seconds indication) to the value list. ie i now get 10:00:00. I have tried all the different formatting options which only seem to affect the data after you have chosen the relevant option from the value list. How do i change the formatting when displaying the value list? It's bugging me but i'm sure it's something simple! Any ideas? note: The value list in the original database display perfectly as 10:00 etc
  15. Hi LaRetta, Sorry for the delayed response again. I've been away with work. All of what you have said above makes sense. Presumably the PIF flag can be set automatically whenever the balance reaches zero as part of the payment script? If and when you have time an example would be great but not to worry if you're too busy, I'll battle on! The original fix you did for toggling my bookings portal, still confuses me a little, can you do a very brief explanation of what's actually going on! Sorry, it just phazes me. Many Many Thanx
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