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  1. Oooops - forget the entire post! I fixed it! Just as a word of warning to others, it was a similar problem to another post I read - that is I had specified a relative path. I had one file which called another file - both files were in the location c:/VR_Software/Updates. So, when I ran the file manually it went to the other file in the same directory (C:/VR_Software/Updates). Bu when I ran the first file from Filemaker, it tried to call the second file from the location that the Filemaker program was saved to C:/Filemaker_Source_Files, and obviously, it wasn't there! Cheers, Dave :)
  2. Hi, I'm not sure this is the right area or forum. I have a program that, upon opening, should run a batch file that connects to a server and downloads a new file via FTP. The FTP batch file works beautifully on its own, opening in a dos window, verifying, and then downloading. But when I run the batch file from Filemaker (v7),it tries to connect to the server through a Windows-type window, an hence stops working. The batch file is @echo on cls Title "Getting News Items" ftp -s:get.txt quit which then calls upon the get file, which is binary prompt n mget *.mer quit As I say, it works a treat on its own, but I cant get it to go from Filemaker.. Any help would be appreciated Dave :)
  3. Yep, sorry - should have clarified. Firstly, if there is an unqualified email address anywhere in the list of emails to send to (eg john instead of john@smith.com.au) then the email won't make it to the outbox at all. But, the main problem is with the inconsistency of the send of one of the reports - which went once, but not the second time - whilst both appear in teh Sent Items folder - ISP prob?
  4. Hi, Has anyone had any problems with inconsistency of email sends, using the Send Mail Script Step. I've built a simple feature that sends a text file to about 3 people (including the sender as confirmation). It sends the file most times, but some times it won't. Initially, I discovered that if there was any unqualified email adress in the list of recipients(ie without the @ & .com etc), then the email would not send at all. But, now that I've eliminated that, I still have occasions where it doesn;t send. Any ideas? Dave
  5. Sorry to be ignorant, but how do I remove admin access anyway? I tried to do it via Accounts and Settings, but I got the warning: There are no active Fuilemaker Accounts that use the Fulle Access priviledge set. There must be one account like this..... I can remove the admin, when I put the file into run-time, but I can;t work it out if I'm keeping it in normal FP7 format (ie to use on 2 computers) Thanks again?? Dave
  6. Hi. I've developed an application (point of sale) in FM7. I've made it into runtime, and put it into about 10 places, and it works well. Now I have a few places about to put it onto 2-computer networks, which means it can't be a run time solution, and that they'll have to put in Filemaker 7 pro. What I'm worried about is some evil-doer, copying the file and then distributing copies etc. I've set the file to open as a guest, with the login user47, and I have a strongly passworded administrator login (which no-one could ever guess, or even knock down with Brute Force). My question is: Is this enough? Would any filemaker professional (or any computer officianado) be able to copy the file and crack it open? I'd love to hear your advice? Dave :qwery:
  7. Hi, I have a basic-ish point of sale FM7 solution, that I put into Run-time and then put into our 3 stores. Now, one of our stores has requested a second computer, so they can enter data onto either computer. Can I, and/or how do I work a run time solution onto 2 computers? Thanks for your help. Dave ???
  8. Hi, I'm trying to think how to create a calendar / scheduler like that provided in Outlook. I want to show 1 day at a time, and then have 20 or so 30 minute appointments displayed (for a Doctor Surgery). I thought of creating a 'Date' table and then a portal (Appointments table) with appointment times, but, I really want blank appointments to be listed (so we know what's free), and the only way I can think to do that would be to create millions of mostly blank records in the Appointment table before releasing the software. Is there a way to display all the blank spots where free appointments lie, without creating a record first? Buggered if I can think of it? Thanks for teh help in advance Dave :
  9. Is it possible to import only new records? That is, can FM recognise a matching record, and then ignore it completely, (only importing unrecognised records)? Currently, my belief is that if I use 'matching records' in the import, then FM will update the results (which I don't want)? Please help if you know something I don't :qwery:
  10. On one of my layouts, I need to make it impossible for the user to exit the application. So, when they click on the upper right red cross, I'd like to display a message "go to the main layout before exiting" and then stop the shutdown process (I can't simply go to the main layout because of various user based validations). Any help would be appreciated :clap:
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