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  1. Nope.. I have a .pdf (multipage) document stored in Container (global). But I would like to print this document with watermarked "name" of every entry in database. It means, each client in my database will recieve that multipage pdf docment with HIS name as an watermark... Hopefully I explained it little bit better...
  2. Hello all professionals, i have a fm database with few houndreds names. I want to distribute them .pdf file personalized with watermark (client name as watermark). Is there a way how to do this in filemaker? I tried: - Container (global) field and insert PDF as an object and create Layout where whole (mutli-page) PDF will display, than make a layer with "name" on top of it and print it. But this sollution shows only first page of PDF. The best way for me is whatever sollution where I don´t have to install anything (plugin) to client FM. I didn´t find any commercial plugin either. Can you help me somehow?
  3. Yeah, my mistake. Work perfect!!! You are genius! Thank you so much, very appriciate it.
  4. Comment, wow, that's very interesting. But I have something wrong, probably. Which field should be in a portal? I put there Name, but it doesn't work. I created that 2 calc field, and there are strange dates in: In 1st calculation there is right day and month of DoB but as year, there is 0004 In 2nd calculation there is 27.11.004 fo all field (but it's not Globel fiels...) Did I something wrong?
  5. GCYM, thank you for your tip. Good idea, but i don't know how to use your calculation for next few days. Do you think is that possible? I thought it should be easy to do something like that, but it seems to be a nightmare now...
  6. Dukes, thank you so much for your sollution. Portal is fine, BUT it is working only if the birthday is 2006!! So it will show me birthdays of employees which are not born yet. Is it possible to fix this? Because then it will be best sollution I had seen.
  7. Hi all FM fans, here is my scenario: We have a database of our employees. In each record is also birthday. What I would like to do is this: I would like to make one ?calculated? field which will show me all upcoming holidays in next 7 days. I found some solutions, where you can search for birthdays, but I prefer to have this as field which will ALLWAYS shows on right sight or our main database, so you can allways see who will have a birthdays in next 7 days. Is that possible? Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi, here is my problem. I have database with few houndreds employees with many functions. I would like to add new function now. We are distributing to our employees few printed documents, which are tip secret. So usually, we are printing their names on it also, because of security. What I would like to do: Add .pdf files to containter? field and then print it somehow with the script in fm, and maybe with some batch script in Adobe Acrobat Professional. We are doing this now: Open file in Adobe Acrobat, add watermark with employee name, print. But I would like to automate this process and also be able to check when and how we sent (gave) this document to employee. Is it possible to do it somehow? Or do you guys have better ideas for another solution?
  9. Hello, here is my problem: I am building database of our employees. Each record (person) has also checkbox field based on Value List, where I select some status (Contract signed, Can use company cars... etc.). Then I would like to be able to easy check status off all employees. So I created layout, one line = one person. What I would like to do, is to have all checkboxes for that person in one line. That's possible to do, but i don't want there the checkboxes value to be shown. I just would like to have only the checkboxes, not the text. I know, I can create some calculation, but the problem is, that value list is changing sometime by Edit displayed in Value list, and I don't want to edit all that calculated feelds every tim. Is there a solution how to do it?
  10. Thank you so much! That's good. Now, I would like to extend my question little bit. For each contacts, I have about 12 fields for cellphones, Office Phones, Emails etc. When I print list, I have ther now: tel1: 11111111 tel2; 2222222 tel3: tel4: mobile1:2323232323 mobile2: mobile3: mobile4: mail1: @@@@@@@ mail2: etc. as you can see that's not very good sollution. In this case, I preffer to have something like this: tel1: 11111111 tel2; 2222222 mobile1:2323232323 mail1: @@@@@@@ so I would like to hide all fields and field names which are empty. What is the best way for this?
  11. Hello, When I am printing list of people in my database, I have address field which I resized to show 5 lines of address. But some records are w/o address, so when i print, there is free space. Is it possible, that the "body part" and field will scale automatically, so my list should be like this?}:| Name addressline1ifNotEmpty addressline2ifNotEmpty addressline3ifNotEmpty addressline4ifNotEmpty addressline5ifNotEmpty
  12. Hello, I am trying to figure out this: I have database with lots of people. When I am printing list of those people, in each person i have two field for telephone and two for mobile, like this: Tel1: 111 111 111 Tel2: 111 222 222 Mobile 1: 123 123 123 Mobile 2: 321 321 321 what I would like to do, is to hide field name (Tel1, Tel2, Mobile 1, Mobile2) if the field with that telephone number is empty. Because now, my printed list seems like this: Tel1: 111 111 111 Tel2: 111 222 222 Mobile 1: 123 123 123 Mobile 2: 321 321 321 -------- Tel1: 111 111 111 Tel2: Mobile 1: 123 123 123 Mobile 2: Thank you for any suggestions.
  13. Fitch, thank you so much! I tried delete all 60 pictures and add 20 with Insert Image and size of the database is 256kb now. Thank you!!
  14. Hello, I am building up database, which is based on list of employees. In every record (person), there are few (20?) of fiels with text and one container with photo. When i would like to add the photo (working on Macbook with iSight), I open up Photobooth, make photo, save the file to desktop, open it with Preview, crop it, and Copy and Paste to database. (i didn't find something else how I can grab picture directly to database with crop ability). But: now I have 60 records (60 persons, 60 photos) in database. And the size of database is abou 30MB !!!! Picture on desktop (before I crop it and copy/paste it) has for ex. 84KB. When I drag and drop picture from db back to desktop, it has about 0,5MB. Why is this happening? What can I do? I should have about 500 people in this databaese, so don't want to work with 250MB file :-(
  15. Ladys

    Manual sort?

    Lee and John, thank you both for your suggestions. I will try it, and will let know if I was successful. Now, I have another important question. I know, probably I should create a new Topic, but this is just quick question: Is it possible to add somethig like attribut to the field? For ex.: I have field "Phone Number" and would like to have check box "Hidden" next to it. When I check this Hidden box, this number will not print. In one record, I have 8 fields for phone numbers, and would like to be able to hide any of these. Thank you so much for your help.
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