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  1. What exactly are you looking for with your conditional value list?
  2. Comment:Yeah that was an accident. The Big Bear: Thanks
  3. I needed 2nd references all the way through to the color table and only show the records from the products 2 table. I attached the completed file for anyones future refernce. valuelist.zip
  4. I dont remember how I fixed this before. I have a list of products. I pick each color type for the products. SO, 1 shirt might only have 2 colors available. When entering a sales order I want to type in the product id and in the next field show a list of only the AVAILBLE colors. It seems like it would be simple but I cant seem to figure it out today...
  5. I have an ORDERSTATUS field that stores the numbers realted to the names: 1 - Open 2 - Pending 3 - Closed Is there a way to store the number and display the NAME of the status in the field instead of the value? I have overlayed a non-enterable field over it to show the related name but was hoping there is a better way.
  6. I have setup a SQL Database on my server and I have an ODBC connection to it. I can make forms and manipulate data with no problem. My issue is, when I try to make a value list from fields that are on the SQL Database, all the tables are grayed out. WTF? If I create a new table in my Filemaker Application, it shows up as ready to use for a value list. Is this one thing that Filemaker cannot do with SQL Server yet?
  7. NM, I figured it out. I related the categoryID from the meals table to the category table using a duoble occurence. Here is the fixed one if anyone wants to look at it later.
  8. Its hard to explain without a visual so I included the beginnings of my db. I am working on the LAYOUT 4 I have a food table and the items are put into categories. On the Form, I want to choose 1 item from my category drop down, then only show the food items in that category.... any suggestions or can someone show me how they would do this?
  9. I have a relation setup between my inventory table field "sku" and my supplierinventory table field "fk_sku" and it is a one to many. I have a record in the SupplierInventory table: ID: 5632 SupplierSku: 123 fk_sku: rv0365 etc... When I look in the inventory table, there is a portal that shows the item listed with the supplier for sku number rv0365 like it should BUT it ALSO lists it under the 0365 part number for some reason. Any ideas?
  10. I have a Point of Sale System that has a table of inventory items. I buy these items from different distributors. Sometimes I have 1 item manufactured by 1 company but I cannot buy it from the manufacturer, so I buy it from a distributor. Sometimes I have more than one distributor though How can I relate my Inventory Item to many distributors and the distributors to the one manufacturer item? I thought the simple one to many relationship would work but I feel like there is a better way to do it...
  11. I have a Point of Sale system that I made. I have a quantity field for the inventory items. It is a calulation of QTYsold and ShelfCount. QtySold is a summary field of all the times that item sold and count is an editable field that is the count of shelf items. It continues to get added to the more we sell an item. Example: We have 9 pcs in stock, and sell them all. Count is at 9, QTY sold is at -9, QTY on hand field now shows 0. We get in 5 pcs count is now 14, QTY SOld is at -9, QTY on hand field now shows 5. Any better ideas? This one seems crappy.
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