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  1. Spot on Lee thanks, Im finding its works for duplicates but if I carry out the test John Mark Osborne done during the video (at 2:18 into the video) of deleting a character and adding it back, a duplicate massage still shows up even though Ive added the id ≠ id relationship. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening.
  2. Not sure that would work Lee. The customers table contains fields: first name, surname, house number/name, 1st line off address, 2nd line off address, town, country and postcode. So I would need to search the whole record for a duplicate. Most fields have dropdown lists on them so the date is spelt the same ie road name etc. Unless I'm missing something.
  3. Ive created a table for customers. Whilst entering a new customer record I was wondering how to automatic search to see if the customer exist before committing the new customers record. As it stands at the moment the new record is created at the start so I would have to delete the record if a duplicate exists. Any ideas on doing this and advice please would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks Steve, I understand what your saying regarding invoices, but creating another table I feel would be a waste as the fields I want are in the job table. Ive worked it another way now but thanks for your advice.
  5. I am stuck on how to move forward and feel I might be taking the wrong approach. I am creating a database for my one-man business - service engineer. I have created a customers table and a jobs table, linked the two via id and foreign_id with a one-to-many relationship and all works well, the id’s are created using the UUID method. Every time I create a new job, a new serial number is created using the auto-enter serial number in the field called ‘jod_no’ in the jobs table. This is all ok if its just one call out and the jobs fixed and dealt with on the same day. But sometimes I need to create two or more jobs (and I refer to them as ‘instances’ of the first job) ie First job would be a callout and diagnose, 2nd job would be to order parts and the 3rd job would be to fit the parts. I look at this as 1 job with 2 instances. In order to do this so far I have added to the jobs table a ‘instance’ field which I wanted to display a 1 or 2 etc. depending on the number of instances created for that particular job, and a ‘status’ field that I intended to use a check box to say when the job is closed/finished. I have created two buttons on the layout one for a ‘New job’ and one for a ‘New instance’ . What is happening is when creating a new instance, a new job number is being created (because this is the auto-entry serial number field) when really what I would like is only a job number created on a new job and then that job number copied over to the new instance when a new instance is created. Would be grateful for advice on where I am going wrong or a different approach to this. Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. I understand why its its not worth using the cloud now, but what are the problems with it working on a NAS drive.
  7. Im using FM12 on a mac and FMGo on the iPad, Im the only one using the db and wondered if its posable to copy the db to iCloud or put it on my Qnap NAS drive and use the file from there so as I can access it when I'm out and about and access the same file when I'm home avoiding the need to sync. If not what is the best way to do this please. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Thanks guys, very helpful, Ill try these suggestions over the weekend
  9. Ive have the following script to create an address block from the individual fields in a record. Sometimes there is not data in the 'line_address_2' and this script will produce a blank line. Can someone advise me on what to add so as the 'line_address_2' field is checked for data and if blank then don't create a blank line, whereas if it contains data the data will be added. Thanking you in anticipation. title & " " & firstname & " " & surname & ¶ & houseno_name & " " & line_address_1 & ¶ & line_address_2 & ¶ & town & ¶ & county & " " & postcode
  10. Is it possible to store a FM file on a cloud drive so I can access it from FM12 on my iMac and FMGo on my iPhone. It is only me that will access the file at anytime on the desktop or iPhone and never on both at the same time. Thanks in anticipation for any advise.
  11. Ive been playing around with the above script as this is something I'm trying to do. After many hours I have found out it seems to be the line "return uid of theEvent". With this line removed, FM updates. Not sure why, possibly because the 'return' ends the script, thats my guess.
  12. Thanks for that, just needed a bit of guidance, got myself totally confused, worked though your reply and its all running ok now (I had a few wires crossed). Cheers for the quick response.
  13. I have created a database containing 2 tables, 1 being 'customers' the other being 'work info'. The relationship is set too one to many. I have a layout displaying the customers info and have set it up so when I click on a customer it opens a new layout showing the work information related to that customer. Ive placed two buttons at the bottom of the 'work information' layout for up and down but I can't work out how to script these to step up and down the found record set being displayed. The 'customers' table contains a 'pk_customers' number field set to auto. The 'work info' contains a 'pk_job' number field set to auto and a 'fk_customer' number field, linked to the pk_customers field through the relationship. Any help will be appreciated
  14. I created the database on the iMac sometime ago, recently I copied it to my iPhone to view in FM Go. Because a password was set up FM Go wants a password to open the db. Ive now turned off password in the original on the iMac and copied a new version to the iPhone deleting existing copies on the iPhone, for some reason FM Go is still requesting a password to open the db and I have forgotten it. Why is this and anyone know how to correct this please.
  15. Im using FM12 and wish to export some data into iCal ver.6 which comes with Mountain Lion. Been playing around with: and managed to get it to work with a button on my layout that will run this script. Is there a way to show on the layout that the button has been clicked and also is there a way to stop multiple clicking, because every time its clicked the script runs and creates another copy in iCal. Thanks in anticipation
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