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  1. Thank you so much for your help. The solution worked perfectly and it was very easy to do. I also noticed your edit, and either way, your help was easy to understand. Thank you again.
  2. Wow. O.K. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the solution. I should be able to get to it tomorrow after I return from work. Thank you again.
  3. In order to fill out my IRS quarterly payroll form, the IRS wants to know how many employees were paid during the quarter. My current quarterly report has 11 records. It shows that I have written 11 checks for two employees (one employee received 10 checks, the other employee received 1 check). Every summary field I have tried so far gives me 11 rather than 2. Any help? Thank you.
  4. Thanks for that useful tip, Comment. That along with learning GTRR is at the top of my list. We work four 10-hour shifts at my shop (Thurs-Sun) so I'll be away from this for the next few days (except for mini efforts). Thanks again so much for your help. Best regards.
  5. Yes, I'm still learning about GTRR. When I get more time I'm going to immerse myself in it because it sounds like I'm doing things the hard way. I've had FMP for about a month and it's all a little staggering. I thought that my Line Items table was my Products table. The Line Items table lists all of the products that we make in the shop. I keep a master Line Items table in an external file then import them all back to the main database at which time I paste the Invoice # into each record imported...which means all of them. From there I enter values into the Quantity field where needed, then delete all line items whose Quantity field is empty. That gives me the found set from which to make the Print Invoice. Thanks so much for your interest.
  6. Attached (I think) is a clone of the file we have been talking about. I think the problem is solved, but any comments you might have about the scripting would be greatly appreciated. The Script that was in question is titled "Clean up". I since added "Perform Find" at the end of this script. Thank you all for your sincere help. JDK_Main_40_Clone.fp7.zip
  7. I'll start to work on that next. It's just amazing how much you can do with this program. Thanks.
  8. O.K., Daniele. Your suggestion worked. I simply added the "Perform find" that you suggested and it acted as if I had pressed the return key. I didn't even add any specifications to the step. Thanks for your help. I'll be happy to post the print out of the script steps, but I'm not sure how to do that.
  9. I thought I would be able to post the entire file, but that is proving to be a little risky. I've already entered lots of data like credit card numbers etc into the fields. Can you advise me as how to post the print out of the Script? Thanks.
  10. oooh, thank you, Danielle. I hadn't noticed that. I will look into it.
  11. Yes, I think I can post the file. I was just looking into how to do that and I think I have it figured out. I should have it in another couple of minutes.
  12. Thanks for your prompt suggestions. I was pulled away from the computer for a bit this afternoon. The script that I am building is for locating line items. "Go to layout" then "Go to field" then "Paste" (an Invoice# that is already on the clipboard from a previous step). It does all of this just fine, but then I must press the return key to perform the find. I tried using the "Perform find" script at the very end, but it didn't work. Thanks again for your help.
  13. I’m new to Filemaker. I use FilemakerPro 8 on an iMacG5 OSX. I have been able to build a script that takes me to Find mode and even enters data from the clipboard into the field that I have specified. But I still need to press the “return” key on the keyboard to “execute” the find. Is there a script that accomplishes the same thing as pressing the return key? Thank you.
  14. Yes thank you. I have opened it. Thanks especially for directing me to the "parts". I will spend some time learning from it.
  15. Yes, thank you, and that does work for scrolling on the screen. But I still need to put together a printable invoice to mail to my customers. The invoice would bring together things such as Customer Name, Address, etc. ... plus the list of items that they purchased from us. Thanks.
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