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  1. Greeting all and thank you in advance for reviewing my post. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am having a problem with a very small and simple FM database used to generate text files for a web server. Using the scriptmaker to do this, i am unable to finish dure to tthe following error: "" could not be created on the disk. Use a different name, make more room, unlock it or use a different disk. I've been playing with this script for a while now and even though i change my $path i always get eh same error. Here is my script: Loop Set Variable [ $path; Value:"/*"c:/text/categories/lvl2_" catigories::category_page ".txt"*/" ] Export Field Contents [ catigories::COMPILED_CODE; “$path” ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop Can anyone see the problem here? Please let me know if you see it i am nearly at the end of my rope. Thank you all again for taking a minute to review my request for assistance.
  2. Really do appreciate all of your guys help on this one but unfortunatly i am still unable to even open the file. Neither by the network or on a local machine. I have not recived a any Solid help from FileMaker they want me to send in the file to take a look at but they say it may be 3 weeks before they even look at it. Plus no guarantees. Does anyone else do this type of file restoration? if so please help me to get in contact with them. pryjda
  3. Has anyone had any success with Filemaker's file recovery services? I have never heard of it until recently and no one I know has ever used it.
  4. Thank you for your interest in my post. Unfortunately, all my backups were done using Filemaker Sever's backup utility and give me the same error. Then my Dbs were all backed up using Veritas Backup Exc. Going back several weeks, i still I am unable to open my Db. My last hard save to a local workstation was made back on October 1st prior to some GUI changes. This works fine however 3 months of data entry has been lost. I've tried to import records from my corrupt file with no success. There has to be a way to fix it. Thank you again for your interest. pryjda
  5. Now this is a really big problem, I am unable to open a database that crashed a few days ago after a power failure. I have tried to restore the batabase for tape up to a week prior to the crash. here is the message i'm receiveing __________________________ The access privlidges in the file have been damaged or possible tampered with. Please contact Filemker Technical Support if the Problem can not be resolved. __________________________ Any advice would be appreciated very much Thank you all in advance foryou help pryjda
  6. Thank you guys for your advice. However i am still unclear as to how to script a find records statement? i must have tried this 50 different ways. DO i need to set a variable? if so, i must not be using it correctly because i have no user named $user. All my records have the creator's account name filled in automatically, have for months now. I understand that is where to start. I wanted to avoid using privilege sets to control security and access to the records because most of my users have completely different security levels and many of them can view tasks other than their own. So far i have created an intro page that enters in find mode (even though you can't tell) there is only one field that says "please verify your account name" once the user enters in their name appropriately, the user see a button to continue once pressed they go to a new layout where they can then see all of their records and enter in to their maintenance and start working. It works but its rather redundant, i know there is an easier way to do this I am sorry if i don't completely understand as scripting in NOT my strong point. Any additional help would be very appreciated. Thanks again, -pryjda
  7. I'm sure someone has done this before but i would appreciate any guidance on this. I have created a fm database in which all users assign tasks and notes to one another. How can i create an open script that will send users to an intro layout with a summary of only their tasks. Right now everyone logs in and has to fish through all the recodes to find their own. I can set up a sort but, how do i create a "found set" based on the user account name? That would hide everyone else's records. As always, i appreciate any advice. Thanks FM Pros
  8. Thanks GenX, in fact i just figured out i needed to list my ROCPG field name twice in each line while i was waiting for a response but thanks for listening. Also thanks for the advice on the second calculation. I appreciate your help. as for the sucking up bit, ya gotta Chirstmas is just around the corner. Excuse me if i sound a little too mushy pryjda
  9. I'm always comeing here for advice. THis is by far the best FileMaker Forum anywhere. Any advice would be appreciated. I am tying to figure this problem out. First of all, It seems FM doesn't like my calculation. Case ( ROCPG3 ≥ 001 and ≤ 029 ;category ID = 40; ROCPG3 ≥ 030 and ≤ 032 ;category ID = 41; ROCPG3 ≥ 033 and ≤ 040 ;category ID = 42; ROCPG3 ≥ 041 and ≤ 044 ;category ID = 44; ROCPG3 ≥ 045 and ≤ 050 ;category ID = 45; "n/a" // default value ) Next, i was wondering if it is possible to contain in the same calculation, set a 3rd field (category ID Name) to display a value from a defined list based on the value calculated above. In other words if the value is 40 change name to "xx172", if the value is 41 change name to "xxxB", ... Is this possible or should i create a second case statement on the 3rd field? Thanks to everyone for viewing my post and any guidance is helpful. Thanks
  10. I apologize for being too brief. Thank you for your interest in my post. All if my fields are in the same table. This is a very simple application used to help organize picture for a web site. I a nut shell, every ITEM needs a MASTER to tell the system which picture to copy. If no copy is necessary, the item is then considered its own MASTER A user sets a number ( ITEM ) really its a part number for example 2300 a T-shirt, Red, Small This item is a “master number” because there is several more T-shirts, Red…. M, L, XL, XXL each with its own part number. M = ITEM 2301 L = ITEM 2302 XL = ITEM 2303 XXL = ITEM 2304 On the back end ITEM 2300 has an image named “2300.jpg”. Then though a simple VB script, this image is duplicated then named 2301,jpg, 2302.jpg etc. Resulting in 5 images all essentially the same picture each with its own part number / image name. I have already created my VB program and it works beautifully. But so far I am only able to process my images based on a manually entered Excel spread sheet. What a pain. This application is used to process thousands of images every month. Again, thank you for your interest in my dilemma. If you feel as though I have not explained my program properly please let me know. I would be happy to discuss this further. pryjda
  11. Could someone please help me? I am having trouble with writing a script and i'm at a loss to get started. What i would like to do is create a script that will do one of two things. First i have 3 fields ITEM, TRIGER and MASTER. ITEM is required, always. TRIGER needs to be Boolean MASTER is required ONLY is TRIGER is true. if TRIGER is false, copy the contents of ITEM into the MASTER field. Either way MASTER needs to be populated with something before the record is finalized. I would appreciate help with this. Thank you so much, this is a little too advanced for me. pryjda
  12. [color:brown]I would appreciate any guidance on the matter. I am trying to create a two way connection to my SQL server. So far i am able to reeteive my record from SQL but unfortunatly i have not been able upload my records to QSL form Filemaker. Can any one offer a little advice or tell me where imight be able to find related insight? I would like to get this dialed in soon and i figure it can't be that difficult. Thank you all for viewing my post. And thank you in advance, FMP Pros, for all of your help and support. pryjda
  13. Raz, Mark and forum gurus. Thank you all for your help. It WAS easier than i thought. Someday i'll get this scripting down. THANKS AGAIN!
  14. Thank you Raz!, I see where this is going. and it sems to be working for me too. But how can i modify the code to replace both sets of charicter at the same time. eithe rmy calculatin will not work or i am doubling everything. I appreciate your help
  15. I could really use some help trying to complete a script. Manh thanks to all who may help. I am trying to write a script tha honestly i'm not sure how to start. What i would like to do is first of all is copy the contents of one field (large blocks of text)into another field. After duplicating the infomation i would like to do a find and replace on all bullet points "•" and replace them with "+" then find all the hard returns "¶" adn relace them with a comma ",". If there was any way do this with a calculated field, tht would be even better. That way i would not have to run the script over and over. but how whould i know. That is why i ask the experts. Thank you everyone who might want to help. I'm sure it's a lot easier than i think.
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