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  1. Hi Just tried that and your right. I create a new file, defined the field and imported. All OK. However, having spent the last 12 hours going over and over this, I'm not sure what it tells me about the original file at the moment. I will give it a rest for a bit and come back to it tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your help and input and I will post anything I discover later... one quick thought, you mention that duplicate records would be skipped. However, part of the import is to delete all the existing records first. Therefore all of the records will be new. I don't know anymore, its late here...
  2. Cheers I will do the same and see what happens. I have managed to recover the file, but unfortunately the import is still not taking in the first field. I would point out that if you import the file with the "perform auto enter and lookups" switched on, it will import, however it adds a new stock ref (which is an auto enter field on creation) and not the ref that is associated with the existing record. I tend to think that this is where the problem lays. The stock ref is designated as unique, auto enter, serial number etc. However with the import it needs to keep the existing contents and somehow I think the formating of the field is effecting it, maybe?
  3. In the FMP file under scripts there is an Import Stock Item Records, it should work but you will have to show it the .tab file. Normally it would be hardwired in. Also I have disabled a couple of steps for ease of use. I did get it not to work (?) so they don't seem to effect the overall outcome. Anyway, you may see something different. Cheers
  4. Sorry all magic words are Pat Admin (account) patadmin (pw)
  5. Here is a clone of the main stock items file. Some of the relationships are not here, but that shouldn't matter. There is also one stockitems1.tab file. The import and export file scripts should work although you will have to point it to the correct location. I have tried this and when it imports the file it doesn't import the stock ref number. However if you manually import just this field afterwards it works. There is a lot of redundant info, but the jist of the script is there. Enjoy
  6. cheers I'm just doing that at the moment as we type. Hopefully it should clear things up. Thanks for the interest
  7. i have tried to post this file, but it is to large to be posted here because of the limits. The mapping is correct as I have gone over it several times. I will experiment with a smaller file, but I will try and get a smaller file uploaded with just a few records. Hopefully (perversely ) it won't work...if you know what I mean.
  8. I have just tried with just the stockitems1.tab file and the first field isn't importing. I created a new text field called test, and tried the import again and it didn't work. PS The file size it to big to be posted, sorry
  9. No I am not importing text into a date field. If you look at the post the date field is the first field of the second file. The point being exactly that. The first import file is a text field and when imported first it doesn't import. To test that theory I swopped to importing the second file first., This field is a date field. The import tab file starts with a date field. I am importing like for like.
  10. I sure have. I have tried a new field approach, however if the files are swopped the first field of the second file is a date field. I will try it again though...
  11. Yes, no probs with exporting. All the correct info. When i come to import it whichever file I start with it won't import the first field info. Although the info is in the tab file that has been exported. However if I import just the first field from the same file straight after the first import, it pulls in the info with no problem. So the problem must be with the first import of the data. I thought it was because it was an auto enter field, but I think I have eliminated that. The import file is basically find all records, delete, import stockitems1 then stockitems2. The import order is the same field listing as the export order.
  12. I have attached a copy of the script. This is the export script. The two files are named stockitems1 and 2. The list of the fields are also shown left to right they are 1 and 2 respectively. The import script is identical except for the obvious (that is that they import the fields in this order). The first field of stockitems1 (stock ref) doesn't get imported if it is run first. Changing the import order to import file 2 first has the result that the first field (scrapped date) isn't imported. I hope this image will suffice. As I did mention this was originally one file, but was divided into two to try and work out where the import was going wrong.
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