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  1. That is what is confusing. I was not aware that a file needed to reference itself. I found the problem. I had to also update the links in the other files back to the original. Oops. Thank you for time and help.
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone has seen this before. I receive this message as I open the file "WW Layouts.fmp12" I started receiving the message after I changed the file location. It occurs the first time my startup script attempts to access a database field. Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.
  3. Someone else may have already done this, but I want to share something I have written. This is a script to obtain the "Microsoft Windows Login Name". I hope this is useful to someone. It has solved a problem for me.
  4. Someone else may have already done this, but I want to share something I have written.

    This is a script to obtain the "Microsoft Windows Login Name".


    I hope this is useful to someone.  It has solved a problem for me.

  5. I am not sure if this topic belongs here or not. I have field that I'm attempting to define conditional formatting for, and I am unable to scroll down to the table occurrence with the field I need. The bottom choice of the list is ZREP_UHLP_TH_TenantHistory, and zrep_uhpd_TAH_TenantAgreementsHistory is the one I need. There are at least a dozen others after ZREP_UHLP_TH_TenantHistory. I do not know many Table Occurrences for the 36 Tables I have. I have attached a screenshot of the Table Occurrences. Have I run into a limit of displayable choices? If so, is this solved with the 64-bit version of Filemaker? Thank you for any help.
  6. Ok, thanks it does appears this solves my problem. Thanks Again, Bill
  7. I have been working with Filemaker for a while, since ver 5.5, but recently upgraded to a version with Script Triggers. I hoping that someone more familiar with them can help me understand something. I have two linked files, one with the data & one with the layouts. In the Layouts file, I have a "OnRecordLoad" script which performs as expected. The problem is when working with the Data file, it runs when changing records there as well. I guess I could just disable the script in the Layouts file, but with multiple tables it is easy to forget to re-enable it. Is this normal for Script Triggers to function this way? Thanks, Bill
  8. This does look like what I have been looking for. Does it matter what type of field I use for the self-join relationship (Global, etc.)? Thanks, Bill
  9. Ok, I see where the confusion is. By "isolated" I wasn't referring to just something like: Somefield + 5, or even Somefield1 + Somefield2. But rather: Somefield1 + Summaryfield1, from the same table. I have feeling this is where I am having the problem, with Summaryfield being always reevaluated based on the current context. Bill
  10. Actually, I was looking for a way to calculate a value based only on the table. No matter which script was running, mostly having to do with the summaries of all records. I find it useful to have these independent calculations, for now I have I written scripts which act as "functions" and return the value. But it would more efficient, I think to have this in the table design. Who knows, maybe this will be in a future version. Bill
  11. Yes, I am finding that out. But, it would still be nice to completely isolate a calculation. Oh well. Thanks for the help. Bill
  12. Thanks for replying so quickly. Currently, I am attempting to setup a self-maintaining serial number field. I am trying to use a summary field to give me the current maximum value and then add one. The problem is I rarely have access to the same table occurrence, and as a result the summary field comes back empty. If I am to able to specify the context that is always used, this would work. It would appear that I attempting to use this in a different way then it was intended be used. Bill
  13. Hi, I have what should be a easy question to answer. What does "Evaluate this calculation from the context of: TableName" mean? I would understand this to mean perform this calculation using this TableName and related tables. The only problem is if the TableName is not related to the TableName used by the current layout, the "context" is unavailable. As a result, I fail to see the point, and do not understand how to accomplish these "isolated" calculations. Thanks to anyone who might have some insight into this problem. Bill
  14. Thanks, I think that might be a solution for at least one place that I use the drop-down list, since I can partially overlap the drop-down with the text field. Bill
  15. I am posting an screen capture of the problem, in case I am the only one having this problem. Thanks, Bill
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