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  1. Thanks Steven, I'm exporting to the following path: "filemac:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & "teachers_passes.mer" so I have a legitimate path. The server side script is logged in with an account that has [Full Access], in both the file with the script has well has the TO file I'm exporting from. The odd thing is I have an identical export path and TO for: "filemac:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & "students_passes.mer" and it works swimmingly. I suspected file corruption, but the file verifies fine on the server. Any other ideas? -shawn
  2. Correction: above I stated: I also created a new separate file with TEACHERS and STUDENTS TOs, export scripts and layouts; both worked fine as scheduled scripts. As before, the TEACHERS export failed (without the error 100) but the STUDENTS export worked fine. Thanks. -shawn
  3. Hi all, I'm a bit stumped on a problem. I have a file with 2 server-side sync scripts; 1 work and 1 does not. I am using script steps as shown in the attached image. The scripting works fine when run from the client connecting to a server as well as client with a local file, but it will not create the export file when running as a scheduled script (error 100, file does not exist). The odd thing is I have an identical script for STUDENTS and it runs perfectly fine as a scheduled script. I thought I might have a corrupted file so I ran recovery on both, and no errors were reported. I also created a new separate file with TEACHERS and STUDENTS TOs, export scripts and layouts; both worked fine as scheduled scripts. Finally, I checked permissions on both files involved; all good there. Any clues? Thanks. -shawn
  4. Thanks Beverly. I ended up doing the same with an OS batch script as I got stuck with the XSLT, but I will give it a try with your method.
  5. Vince, Where you write "We just threw all the user's full names into the OD Master via Work Group Manger's short name array and all is well." does that mean that you added the user long name as a short name and FM Server then accepted the long name (acting like a short name)? Thanks. Shawn Mishler
  6. HI all, I'm now rolling up my sleeves on this and am so not getting very far, so I'm making an appeal to XSL gurus. I basically have 7 XML docs and I need to combine them into a single document (see linked zip file: the 7 docs plus ALL_COMBINED.xml). I'm attempting to do this with document() and as far as I can tell I need to define an index.xml that lists all documents (except for the final one), and then include the code necessary to combine those 6 documents with the output of the final document to get something like ALL_COMBINED.xml. I'm off to bury my head in Doug Tidwell's XSLT, but was hoping someone here could give me some guidance. I was able to produce stylesheets for the initial exports but this portion is getting very confusing. Thanks. https://files.me.com/smishler/sinbe6
  7. I changed the image permissions so hopefully you can see it now. I follow you with regard to there being no off-the-rack solutions and you are right, I may have to crack this nut with a single found set export and use XSLT to remove the duplicate data, but it I was encouraged by the possibility that it would be possible to use XSLT to combine the multiple exports into a single XML file by references that it is possible.
  8. Since posting this I may have found an example, though I can't say I understand it but I basically have the same issue that others have described here. I have 4 related tables and I need a found set of data from each table in the relationships. If I export the data as individual XML files (using separate XSLT stylesheets) the data is formatted exactly as the import application would like it. I can not give them multiple files so I concatenated it into a single file and it works fairly well. If I go to atomic table I will get lots of duplication of fields from the parent tables. I was encouraged when I found this discussion: http://attic.fmforum...php?tid/214940/ specifically the quote shown here: I have since found some examples of combining multiple XML docs into a single XML doc using XSLT such as here: http://www.abbeyworkshop.com/howto/xslt/document/index.html but I'm not sure this can be done as a scripted routine in FMP. Since I've made so much progress in getting my XML export formatted properly with individual exports, I am reluctant to "start over" and try some sort of looping through related tables and somehow ignoring all the duplicated data (and most of the examples I have found here use FMPDSORESULT as they are older posts). Here is the screen shot that did not get pasted into my reply above.
  9. I am doing XML exports from multiple tables and the resulting XML is working well when I concatenate the XML data into a single file. I have done a lot of reading here about exporting related tables from grandchild to parent and vice versa and it gets a bit over my head fairly quickly. Given where I'm at right now, it seems most efficient to use document() to combine these XML exports via XSLT but I haven't found any examples of how to do that. Could anyone share a simple example of that using FMPXMLRESULT? Thanks.
  10. Is anyone else having trouble viewing the code samples? They are mostly blank for me yet this thread is something I am very interested in. I am on OSX 10.7.1 and have tried current versions of Safari and Chrome to no avail. Thanks.
  11. This topic is only slightly related to XML/XSL but I'm coming up short asking The Google. Has anyone used Filemaker data such as a teacher, list of students and course name, exported and transformed to XML via XSL, to create a Google Group? Ideally, I could create a private group, setup up the teacher as the moderator, the students as participants and name the group according to the course name. I've been unable to find a specification for Google group creation using XML tags. I'm not interested in trying to write a Google App. Thanks.
  12. Thanks! With FMPAv10.0.3 and OSX 10.6.3, I had the same problem; deleting the web.prefs resolved the problem. Odd, all one can find through Google is to reinstall....
  13. I used the value list method and it worked like a charm, thanks!
  14. Hi all, I am looking for a calculation to clean up duplicate data in a multi-line key. For example, what I have is: D01P09 D01P10 D01P09 D01P10 D01P09 D01P10 but what I want is: D01P09 D01P10 The number of entries that are duplicated varies. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. -shawn
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