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  1. David I put a lot of picture backgrounds and such in it. I just wanted to play. Since it is so big I could remove some of that to make it smaller. Even zipped it is still large and I do not know if this forum is the place to to get it to you. I have been looking around and cannot find any size limitations. Anyone out there have an idea? Jim
  2. Dave I would be glad to let you see it but even with no data the solution is about 10meg. I dont know how I could get it to you. By the way both methods are available in the solution. You mentioned something about calculating handicaps. I have a solution for that if you are interested. Jim
  3. Another note. Make sure you will be using stableford and not the modified stableford or as it is sometimes referred to as the International. USGA defines both but the results are quite different. Jim
  4. I have a solution that does what you need. However there is a lot more than just stableford. I use it for the group I belong to. It covers most games and needs quite a bit of initial data to work properly. There is not a lot of documention since I am the only user. Jim
  5. SD Thank You I applied the changes and it worked fine. This gets me out of the hole I was in and now I can try a better way since I am not in a bind. I am still learning. Thank you again
  6. Thanks SD I have attached a sample file to show what I am doing. If script col1 is run it works fine. Spaces are entered between the three groups. the script col2 does not put the spaces in. the only difference between the two scripts is goto layout steps. This may not have a fix but I hope so jc test_repeating.zip
  7. Thank you SD I know repeaters are troublesome. I am using them in a report. It looks better overall(for me). In order to accomplish what I need I would have to have way to many fields and I just thought repeaters would work best Thanks
  8. I am trying to skip a line in a repeating field. I have a number of records that I want in a report that contains repeating fields. I have a script that sets the rep field value based on the count of the field + 1. The records are sorted by group (A B C D). A I loop through the records if the group changes from A to B and so on I would like to skip the next rep field. I have inserted a set field using " "(spaces) as a value list. Then if the value from A does not match B insert the space and enter the value of B in the next rep field. This will only work if I go to the report layout then back tp the original layout. Without changing layouts it does not work. Any Ideas? Thanks
  9. LaRetta Thank you very much. The pen width was set to none and when I changed it everything worked. I was just wondering why the setting changes from one file to another? Thanks again
  10. I am trying to add a checkbox to a layout. I have defined a value list and formatted the field as checkbox set and included the value list. When I enter the browse mode the field is there but not as a checkbox. To make sure I did it properly I created a new file and duplicated the procedure above and it worked fine. It will not work in my file. Any sugesstions?
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