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  1. Doughemi Thanks again worked perfect Mike B
  2. doughemi thank you very much for your help, I will start a new data base and from there Mike B
  3. doughemi again thanks for your help I have attached a file Mike B Beaumonts Copy.fp7.zip
  4. doughemi thanks for your help, but this does not seem to do anything about being able to change the text color, I have compared the 2 data bases and they both seem to have the same settings. Mike B
  5. I have two data bases both are set to have black the standard color of any text, in one the text in selected cells, can be colored, black to red act, in that data base I can highlight the cell and change the color of any of the text and it remains that color when I click out of that cell In the second data base if I highlight a cell and change the color when I leave the cell the color changes back to black when I go back to the cell the color changes back to the chosen color. I have tried to compare the preference settings, tried changing Text under the Format Some suggestions please Mike B
  6. Thank you for your information, I finally got the a file in the document section, and by trial and error (lots of those) found that double clicking on the icon, opened the file in preview, which is what I was hoping to do Thanks everyone for you help and suggestions Mike
  7. Thank you for your help, I have managed to make a document file that I can now put in a picture. It shows as a very small icon or jpeg file. If possible I would like to look at the picture with out saving it to another place so I can see what it is related to that file. Is something like that possible? Having it open in Safari or in preview would also work if that is possible Mike
  8. I am new to this- but I have created a DB with a container field, gone to>insert>file>iPhoto and selected a photo, it shows in the container field 1001.jpeg, but clicking on it nothing happens. I see the it in the field, I am expecting it to open when clicked on, Any help would be appreciated Mike
  9. I have a data base (genealogy name, date, father, mother comments) that I would like to link individual entries to a photo, but I do not want the photo in the data base. I have tried to click on a particular field (comments) but when I look at insert, none of the options are available, have tried this in several view. I am new to this and would appreciate any help Mike
  10. Daniele This was not an auto entry just one of the names for the Column head, the database looks like this, these are just normal text cells Name-Date-Event-Father-Mother-Where-Notes I am sorry I dont know about auto entries
  11. The problem has been solved I went to modify changed one box to a red color, saved it then went back and changed the color to black, and now all the color boxes I had are correct thank for you help Mike
  12. Lee thank you for your help, I made some screen shots of the file, but dont see how to make an attachment here. I have posted them on my .mac account, here http://gallery.me.com/margrave1#100138 I have several others FM databases that I can change the color in table view and the color works just fine. I have tried to compare what the difference might be in the FM databases, but have not figured it out. All of these were made in FP-7-8-9 Mike
  13. I have upgraded from FM 9 to FM Pro 10, in a file I have 7 columns, one of which is notes, I would like to color the text in notes to red, in some of the files but not all, when I highlight the text to change the color in the formatting bar box, as long as that box is highlighted the color text shows red, if I click in another field the text shows up as black. The back ground is white. Can someone offer some help
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