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  1. Well we already send our emails out as pdf attachments, its just a process and Id like to make it easier. We already have our logo on the invoice and all other forms we send via email. I guess now i'll need guidance in creating a calc field for the data. Is there a simple "fill in the blank" type of formula used for this?
  2. OK so apparently something is wrong with the setup at my office. I am now home, installed FM and the email seems to work fine. Though I guess i wasnt specific to what I was trying to do before. I want to send a RECORD (or the entire data from a record) by email, not just a simple email, which i am guessing requires calculations of some sort. That is what im really trying to do here. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Well i looked over the thread, i downloaded the plugin but im still having the same problem, this is very frustarting! Thanks for trying to help though, its much appreciated. Any other suggestions?
  4. oh i didnt notice that, sorry. Ok i just tried the desktop trick, that did open ol express correctly. Anything to look for in filemaker to see if its finding the right email client?
  5. Im using 8.5 as stated above. I was just trying to run a test and send the email to myself, no one else, but everytime it just gave me the error Email client is Outlook Express
  6. ok I just did that and I got an error saying "filemaker pro.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" I tried that 3 times, same result each time. any suggestions?
  7. All i want to do is send an email from filemaker (8.5 advanced) out to our clientel. I dont know how to calculate fields for email puposes or anything. I have no idea where to start and ive searched but havent been able to find anything. Please help, thanks!
  8. I have FM7 and was told to purchase the smtpit pro plugin for emailing thru FM. I really don't know how to use this plugin. I am wanting to send a record through smtpit pro but I have no idea how to go about it. The documentation that comes with the plugin doesn't seem to be very helpful. Any tips and/or tricks, any leadway into the right direction would be great, thanks!
  9. yes the related field is a repeating field as well. Im not sure how to go about having a keyfield, Im not familiar with the term, so Digital Life, we are getting somewhere, but I havent solved it yet!
  10. the 6 repetitions are name, street, city, state, zip, and phone #, how is that strange??
  11. I already have it set to "Show Repetitions" 1 through 6". It seems to only be looking up one repetition instead of all 6. When I had it the other way (posts above), all 6 from the contacts showed up in the invoice field.....
  12. ok, i got it thank you for all your help! The invoice field was specified in the contacts field, sorry! One other question though, I have 6 repetitions in the contacts field for address info, and now when the lookup occurs to the invoice field, it only shows the first repetition, any chance I could get some help on how to have all 6 show up in the invoice field?
  13. "What it seems to be done, is that you have pulled a field from the related database and deployed it in the invoice layout - thats not a lookup!" I think this is my mistake then, but I will explain step by step what is happening here. In the "invoice" layout, I go to define database, then to relationships. Then I relate "client ID" in the invoice layout, to "client ID" in the contact database. After this is done, I go to "fields" in define database. I then go to "address", click on options, in storage I index "all" then I go to auto-enter and specify a Looked up value by then going to "lookup from related table" and click on "contact database", then the fields from that database show, and I choose "address", and that is it. Any ideas? Go easy on me please, im still a Newbie, thanks!
  14. I can edit the invoice field without problem, but when I type in the invoice field, it shows up on the related contacts field and I don't want that to happen. Im not sure if Im being clear enough or not. and yes, the layouts are correctly defined
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