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  1. Thanks alot, that really solved my problem. Regards
  2. Hello hello from Finland, I have created a database that has few hundred of records and more coming. My issue is that when I use IWP, there can be shown 25 records/page at the same time. What is the script for a button to get 25 next records to be shown at one click ( in browse mode) for my client who is viewing database via internet? And then again next 25 records at the same time etc. Regards AndiM
  3. Thanks Reed, that was the information that I needed.
  4. Thanks again Soren, now I figured out what you meant. I hope I can make it to solve my problem. Regards
  5. Thanks for your answer Soren, a template example would be great! The amount of records I am talking about per page is approximately from 20 to 40 only, no more. What about that table form question I had, anybody knows ? Regards
  6. Thanks Soren, but well... after your answer... I am just a beginner...I have to just scratch my hair...any simplier answers...? Ps...If I use table layout( to get the full page of records shown in IWP), the problem is that when hiding a Status area from other users(via IWP), how can I get them get back from table view, because in table view I have not figured out how to put for instance a button in it to get back to other views/layouts?
  7. Hi, I have one problem, I use Web Publishing with one of my data bases, and when I create a layout as a LIST, in web browser it shows only 5 records at time ( per page), why is that? I would like it to show the whole page. In table layout it shows all records, but that is not what I want.(table layout I mean)
  8. Hello hello again, anybody knows::? When I have the following record ( the numbers/values change in every new record created, but the order and other marks(letters etc) stays the same)... SN:3222 E:015 19.4.2005 17:40 R:13,208 mm/s @ 23,2 Hz V:14,224 mm/s @ 22,2 Hz T:25,400 mm/s @ 17,6 Hz VS:26,924 mm/s A: 0 dB Is there any function to get some particular line of data filtered automatically from that record even the values change, so I could make a filtering by choosing the line ?What calculation would do? Thanks much more than a lot for anyone who can help.
  9. Now I got it, just tried and tried.Thanks anyway
  10. Could you give me an example of putting values in to case. I tried but did not get it work. Let`s say I have values as following. field 1,value 20, field 2, matching value 35, then field 1, value 40, field 2 matching value 60. There is no mathematical correllation between field 1 and 2 values, how do I present those values in "case"?
  11. Hello, here screams a novice in FM for help. My problem is simple( not for me) In database I have two fields, and when I enter one value (number) to the first, the second should show one particulal value(number)The second value is not by some calculation (*, + etc.)but with both fields, I have earlier decided what the second would show when enterin some value to the first.Confused? So, for example if I enter "30" in the firs field, I want the other to show "50", IF i enter in the first field "40" I want the second show "60", etc. I figure it is Logigal Function "case" I should used? Is it?
  12. Hello, I have one maybe simple but to me very annoying problem. When I import a folder of files(txt) in to some field they appear there in the order of their file names ( in my files they are automatically generated serial and datenumbers). How the heck can I import folder of files the same order they appear in my folder???I mean the oldest first and the newest last for example... FM 7 seems to like to allways import them in "numerical " order. Pleeaase help the novice!!!
  13. Hello again, I understand how to insert PDF`s into container, greating a path to that file in "insert file" and open it with FM, but is there any way to insert a whole folder of PDF`s there so that I could open the PDF files in it one after another in FM without allways greating the path to every single files? Any particular script? Help help!!
  14. Hello, I am a beginner indeed and just joined in. My problem is, I am developing a FM database where one programm I use, converts it`s files automatically to PDF ( via Acrobat Reader Print option) and saves those in one folder. That folder updates many times a day(new PDF files comes in it).How on earth can I import those PDF files to my FM database ( I use commercial script automation software to import in periods of times), I can only figure out to INSERT PDF into the container one at the time. Did anybody understand? Heelp!!
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