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  1. Ryan, What constitutes closed? What if the database is on a server? Have you seen anybody work with a password manager and use an API to get the credentials? Thanks (Also, full disclosure. It's my solution Hannah's working on.)
  2. Within QBOE there's a function or button where the user can create a URL that provides a real time link to that specific invoice. It can be used as a way for the client to pay online. The URL starts with https://connect.intuit.com/portal/app/CommerceNetwork/.... When we first started to try to get data from QBOE, we thought this was possible. Now we're having a hard time finding it. Anybody else try this? Thanks Christopher
  3. QuickBooks Online has taken away some functionality in regards to printing statements for mailing purposes. Yes. We still need to occasionally kill the odd tree or two. Now that we've got all our QBOE data in our FM solution, is there a Statement (as opposed to Invoices) option/layout I've missed? Thanks Christopher
  4. I looked but as I'm searing for a 3 letter phrase, it didn't seem to bring up any results. AOL's instant messaging service is being discontinued as of December 2017. Will there be a new SMS option going forward? Thanks Christopher
  5. Hello The built in chart functions of FM will let us create a bubble chart - basically a scatter graph with 3 data sets. My problem is I'm going to need hundreds of data sets, which is going to result in a lot of overlap. Does anybody know of a solution to this problem? I've looked at 360 Works charts - haven't played with the demo yet - but it doesn't seem like they cover scatter graphs. Thanks in advance. Christopher
  6. I'm having a bit of a hard time finding firms that host FM databases and have only found 2 that provide WebDirect. Anybody got any favorites? I know I need to ultimately ask the vendors this question, but how many connections are allowed? Is it based on the vendor's license or mine? Thanks in advance Christopher
  7. Simon, Still happy with MoneyWorks?
  8. Not sure if we're talking about the same things and since it's 18 months later, maybe things have changed. I know we can send emails and texts from within FM. Can we tweet as well? I was thinking of giving clients the choice of how the want to receive a confirmation. The easy ones are email or text. But then I thought about the possibility of a tweet. Anything? Thanks Christopher (so, of course I manage to finally find someone else's post about this just after I posted this. any first hand experience out there?)
  9. I know that QB and FM can be integrated with at least two different 3rd party plug-ins I've found. The question is - do the plugins work as well with the online version as the desktop version? thanks Christopher
  10. I've sent an email to them and they haven't updated it yet, but said they will soon.
  11. Conditional formatting works with Merge Fields. Right click and select conditional formatting. Add a condition. Make the Condition "Formula is" and just put a 1 in the field to the right of that. Then select your fill color. The fill will be dynamic. That what you're looking for? Christopher
  12. comment That's not true. There are multiple records for multiple transactions in the table. When ever a transaction is edited new record is made. I'm not the source of the data. I use what's sent to me. I need to find out which is the most recent record for different types of fields. Without the sort order there's no way that I know of to find the most recent record(s). So, that being said, I do appreciate your responses, but is there a way to have a calculation that is layout dependent? Fields are only updated/valued/calculated/whatever when a specific layout is active? Christopher
  13. Calculated Field 1 is the client ID number if that record is the most recent active record for that client Calculated Field 2 is the record ID number if that record is active for that client So, on other layouts I may sort by phone number or state or city or county, etc. I need Calculated Fields 1 & 2 not change. This help?
  14. All I'm not sure if I've got a problem or I'm just panicking. I have a layout called "Sorted." I have a specific sort script that I only use on this layout. The table associated with the layout "Sorted" has 3 calculated fields that return values dependent upon the sort results. My problem/question is what happens when I go to other layouts? I'm never going to use the sort script I associate with the layout "Sorted" on other layouts. But, other layouts will be sorted based upon different criteria. So, is there a way to have a calculation only "work" (I'm sure that's the wrong phrase) or calculate based on the layout it is on? I want it to remember the values from the sort on Sorted when I go to a different layout and not recalculate them. I know I can do a script to set the calculated values into an additional field. I was hoping to be able to accomplish this without that. Possible? Thanks Christopher
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