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  1. Hi everyone I work in a small printing company and I am looking for a simple online PDF / proof approval system. Not sure if Filemaker is the best way forwards with this but we do use it for our job production board. This is what I want: 1. Create PDF using design package 2. Send to customer as attachment, with job number and other relevant details 3. Customer goes to 'download page' where s/he can save PDF and options to click 'approved', 'amend' etc, with comments box 4. Email with tracking number / job number etc is returned to default 'signoff' email address with customer's requests We currently send emails to dozens of customers with PDF attachments and I need a way of tracking this more effectively and 'force' the customer to approve the PDF rather than a email reply that can possibly be misinterpreted or even lost Thanks Lyndon
  2. Hi everyone. I have limited experience with FM7 and am looking for a solution for the printing company I have just joined as general manager. I have built a very basic system in the past but am looking for a bit more. I would need it to provide quotes, convert them to jobs, track it through several stages of production, produce delivery notes and other supporting documentation and finally provide invoice data to send to the parent company in some shape or form. I require approximately 6 users and can hold it on a server. Some of the Filemaker own solutions seem a little over complicated for my purposes. Can anyone suggest an 'off the shelf' solution that may be suitable? Thanks, Lyndon
  3. Yeah, that's the one I've been looking at. I have tried the various options but to no avail. I can only assume, I suppose, that the FM6 files have an automatic login with the password set. Is there a workaround or do I need to get the files open in V6? thanks
  4. I have read a recent post regarding access passwords after converting from 6 to 8, but I still can't access the new files after converting; it is asking for a username and password. Any combination I have tried from the previous advice does not work. I am working from another location using FM8 and I have the FM6 data files. I don't have access to the original install cds for FM6 so that I can open the files and remove protection, although I don't think they are password protected at present. Can anyone help with this please? Alternatively I can make the files available for someone to look at if required. Thanks very much Lyndon
  5. I have a job file that pulls in customer information (name, address etc) from a customer file based on a primary key - 'customer id'. I then have a script to create a new record in another file called 'invoice' which pulls in various info from the job file. But I can't seem to get the name, address etc to come over, i.e. anything that is in the customer file Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! Lyndon
  6. Thaks for all your help guys! OK, I think I sorted that one - I assume you need a unique ref in the global to identify the right record? I'm now using the job number (unique) and it seems to be OK now. However, the next problem is that I can't pull in the customer name and address from the job layout (parent) because they themselves are related refs from another file called customers. Should this be a separate post do you think? Lyndon
  7. OK, I now have info coming into the fields but for some reason it's pulling in data from other records in the parent file, not the one that I came from! Any ideas?
  8. Sorry, just me being a bit thick..! When you say 'set the primary ID' - how do I do that? In the relationship or in a script - I tried the relationship but it says it cant index the global field Lyndon
  9. Thanks for that! But how do I 'pass the parameter'? Ie what is the script command - I'm choosing from the drop down list in scriptmaker. I think everything else is fine Cheers, Lyndon
  10. Hi That sounds like something that will help my problem too but I don't know how to go about actually setting it up. I also need to create a new record in a related file. Can you show me step by step please? Lyndon
  11. ah, but what is the command for my first click because at that point I am still in the other file. Eg I am in a job file, I click 'invoice' and then I need to create the new record in the invoice file thanks
  12. OK, to be more specific, what is the script (or general example of script) that I need to write, so that when i press a button (to invoice) in one file, a new record is created in another file ie the next invoice record? I think I'm OK with the data being pulled through, it's just the actual method of moving to the invoice file and creating the record automatically that I'm struggling with Thanks
  13. I have a job record file that I need to create invoices for. I also have separate file for invoicing. I want to click a button in the job file and create a new record in the invoice file. Do I do this a a script?
  14. I would like to know how to write a script or calculation that will enter the tax amount depending on either of two radio buttons. i.e. I have two radio buttons - 'T0' and 'T1'. If T0 is selected then I want the tax amount to be 0, otherwise I want the result to be the net amount x 1.175. Thanks for the help Lyndon
  15. Still struggling with this - can anybody help? Thanks Lyndon
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