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  1. Thank you very much for the input Regards Phillip
  2. Is it possible to script multiple finds. When I use "Enter Find Mode[]" in my script it forgets about the previous "Enter Find Mode[]" and only runs the last request. I used variables in my script and so also use "Set Field" after each "Enter Find Mode[]" Thank you.
  3. If you can not get a definitive answer to your question you may want to think about using a global variable. Depending on how that variable is set the script does what it needs to do. So you can set the variable say $$myVar to something once the button is clicked, and just before you exit that script and recall the previous script that can then examine the variable and do whatever you want. If(Exact($$myVar,0) Do something here Else Do something here Endif Exit
  4. Have you asked the SALESFORCE administrators how to get external connections setup. If you have that information then depending on what is involved maybe.
  5. Hi, One way is to create a new DB with 2 table that hold info from your current inventory table and the other (table 2) holds the EXCEL info. Create a relationship between the 2 table using PART NO and then from table 2 (The Excel table) create a LIST layout that has both tables on it in LIST form and you will see what parts are in what BINS from the perspective of the EXCEL file.
  6. How are you assigning the records to the user? Once you know that you can easily create FINDS that OMIT or FIND records that contain an EXACT matching criteria. You can also do what you want via the RELATIONSHIP between tables. Provide more information and you will get more information
  7. Hello, Please see attached file I hope this is what you are asking. Regards Phillip Post_314227.zip
  8. Is it possible to remove the 3 icons that control a window - "Minimise - Maximise - Close" I have users that close windows by clicking the X icon and not the icon I have provided which does validation and other functions. They are making a total mess of the data and is becoming a nightmare to maintain. I have asked them to use only the icons I have given them but this only lasts a short time. I know in other DB's like 4D you can specify the type of window you want to use, but I can't find any for FM Thanks in advance.
  9. [email protected], Are you loading the SUBJECT directly from a field, or are you combining data in a readable subject line. Phillip
  10. As long as both sides of the relationship are TEXT and are EXACT in content I do not know of any issues in setting up the links in that fashion. Regards Phillip
  11. Are you able to get a trial version of FM Pro9 as this may give you the options you are after as you are able to select "File/Folder" during the creation of the script step. I do not have version 7 to check against. Regards Phillip
  12. Hello, Have you carry out a search in the forumn looking for "Filtered Value List". There are many posts about this subject maybe the solution is listed in one of the replies. Regards Phillip
  13. Hello, Try 2 things - Firstly I would change the printer driver you are using to some very simple HPLJ4 and on the layout adjust the width of the field so that the board is nicely inside the page and then test. Regards. Phillip
  14. Hi Steve, Are all fields RELATED? If they are you might not need to use the "lookup" function to get the data. Something like this If ( // Test CurrencyExchangeRate::Abbreviation=CurrencyExchangeRate::Abbreviation ; // Result if true "The "& GetAsText ( CurrencyExchangeRate::Region ) & " currency rate was last updated " & CurrencyExchangeRate::Updated ; // Result if False "Please navigate to the Currency Exchange table and enter the Proper Values for this currency" ) Cheers Phillip
  15. Thank you for the feed back, I will start to look at the XML stuff - Must confess I don't like that type of stuff as I find all the tags hard to follow once you get a lot of information on a page.
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