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  1. Thanks, Mark. Do I create all the combinations as records?
  2. I want to link a numeric and a text field such that a specific numeric value will trigger the display of a word. Both fields are in the same table. For example, in the table nobility anyone who is a one is a knight. Anyone who is a two is a baronet. Anyone who is a 3 is a baron etc.
  3. Shouldn't the calculated field import the right individuals?
  4. I am making some knuckleheaded mistake, Comment, and can't quite get it to work. I created the new table, defined a computed field and created an additional lay out. I also cleaned up the data according to your suggestions. Nonetheless, I cannot get the annual names to show in the portal. Leviathan__s_Database.fp7.zip
  5. Thanks to your help, I have defined a simple database and entered the data. Now I need to reorganize the data into several timelines. The data tracks violence in the lives of high officers of the English crown who held office between 1603 and 1763. The tables reflect events in the lives of the officers. I would like to reorganize the data into timelines that list certain events annually such as how many individuals are alive in any given year, how many of them suffered a violent event of any kind in any given year, how many knights, barons, earls etc. were alive in any given year, how many knights, baron etc. had to suffer violence in any given year, what kind of violent events occured how many times any given year, and what kind of violent events occurred to knights, barons etc. in any given year. FYI, I am enclosing the database. I gather that calculating field values might be one way, especially if one creates a layout with annual values. Since I would have to define and program some 160 fields per timeline, I am sure that there will be a more elegant solution. Also, I have no idea about the code required to calculate fields and would be grateful for general and specific tips about that as well. Leviathan__s_Database.fp7_2.zip
  6. Thanks, LaRetta. That record must have originated when I tried to figure things out on my own. I think that I am in the clear now.
  7. Follow up question. I fixed the problem according to Comment's instructions. There remains a problem with the portal titled violence. For some reason, record one moves data in the portal violence to the second row. Why does that happen? I will replace the file in the first post.
  8. I defined a lay out for data entry by key board. However, filemaker won't let me enter data. I am in browse mode and created three records. When I click into the fields they do not get activated. Using tab does not help either. There's probably a simple problem but as I am an ignorant beginner I have not been able to figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks a lot for your help. Leviathan__s_Database.fp7.zip
  9. Thanks, I got it to work. Can I define fields in portals the same way?
  10. I would like to track where individuals live throughout their life. I would like to order data according to country, county, and town and track those locations by beginning and end dates. I do have lists of counties in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. As the project expands, I will have to add other countries.
  11. Thanks, Reed. That helps big time. The one thing that I could not figure out is how to format a field as a drop-down menu. I know it's embarrassingly simple but how do you do that, please?
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