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  1. Filemaker Pro 9 is unable to run on Terminal service at Windows 2003 server. It will popup an error and stop running. The error as following: A general activation error has occurred (-103)
  2. OK, I figure it out by myself today. On the print out layout, The text font are all in Verdana. Once change them to Arial, the print out will be fine then.
  3. As Subject. The screen View is OK, but print out was scrambled on the PC only. If I run the fm7 file on other PC, the print out will be OK. Any idea of the problem? Please help. Thank you.
  4. As subject. Is there a way to create a new record on a table? I have a file called the PC Asset Management.fm7 which has two tables: Asset and Inventory. There is layout called Inventory View that is based on Tabe: Inventory. OK, here is the trciky part, another file called Peripheral Management.fm7 and I am trying to write a script to copy field(s) from Peripheral Management.fm7 to PC Asset Management.fm7 that is(are) in Inventory. Problem: ======== It seems that I am unable to write a script on Peripheral Management.fm7 as ****************************************** Go to Layout ["Inventory View"(Inventory)] New Record/Request ****************************************** So I checked the discussion about "copy & paste" on http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/179607/ And tried the following script: Copy Peripheral.field(s) to gField(s) ?:)?:)?:????????????? Go to Layout ["Inventory View"(Inventory)] on PC Asset Management.fm7 New Record/Request ??????????????????? Paste gField(s) into Inventory.field(s) Commit Records/Requests Copy Inventory Number to gInvNo Go to Layout ["Peripheral View"(Peripheral Management)] Paste gInvNo into Peripheral.field Commit Records/Requests As you can see the two lines between ?? Any suggestion to go to the Layout and add a new record in order to get the Max(Inventory Number)?
  5. Here is a Script called the Query by Date Range. ================================================ Show All Records Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Search between two Dates"; Message: "Use the format yyyy/mm/dd i.e. 2006/07/31"; Buttons: "OK", "Cancel"; Input #1: Asset Management::Date From; Input #2: Asset Management::Date To ] Enter Find Mode [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records ] [ Restore ] Set Field [ Asset Management::Date Check Out; Asset Management::Date From & "..." & Asset Management::Date To ] Set Field [ Peripheral Management::Date Check Out; Asset Management::Date From & "..." & Asset Management::Date To ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Asset Management::Date Check Out: "7/1/2006...7/31/2006" ] [ Restore ] ================================================== Question: There are two Set Field for Date, how to change the "AND" into "OR" for the FIND mode?
  6. Hello ALL: I have a fm7 called [color:blue]IT asset inventory.fm7 There is layer called Inventory transfered report. On the layer, I like to have a Query to input as From Date1: [ ] to Date2: [ ] The period of date will check and match the field called Check out Date from the two fm7 files called [color:blue]PC.fm7 and [color:blue]Peripheral.fm7. (Note: The Check out Date is meaning that either PC or Peripheral was checked by employee) Question: Is it possible to display the result within Protal on the same layer: Inventory transfered report?
  7. Hello Veteran: The website was closed. Can you post the script on how to generate the IP range into an IP table. Thank you. The link to the picture: http://www.picturekeg.com/uploads/666fd79533.jpg As you can see on diagram, How to write a script to add IP range from to, once click on [Make IP List]?
  8. Hello Satish: Can you show me the script. I am trying to have such script to dupicate one record from one fileName1.fm7 to the other fileName2.fm7 Thank you.
  9. I have an idea to have the POR# searching the newest POR# for today. And then increase it by 1. Do you think the idea is good for a not single user input envirnment?
  10. As Subject: How to do it? The unique number generate by current date. For example, I like to have an index number field called POR# (Purchase Order Request number). The number has the 7 digit format: ymmdd## eg. Today is 2006/4/18, the first POR# will be 6041801. The second POR# will be 6041802 The third POR# will be 6041803 ... etc. BTW, I have the following function working for the ymmdd, but I don't know how to get the last 2 digit to work. Also, the mm seems to has only 1 digit, since it April, so the mm became 4 instead of 04. POR# = Right(Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ); 1) & Month (Get ( CurrentDate ) )&Day ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )
  11. As Subject: How to set Layout view in Landscape mode? The orientation is in Portrait mode while I view it on body layout. Is there a way to change the layout view in Landscape?
  12. Question on how to auto generate IP address into IP table? For example, When I fill the field called LAN range as, then I want it to generate the range of IP from to into the IP table. The IP table has field called IP. How to write the script?
  13. Can I using the [color:black]Calculation value as following? TheField = TextFont ( TheField ; "Greek" ) I have the same problem to display the Chinese charactor. The Field is always diaplay as square box that it was supposed to display in Chinese. I tried and it won't work as following TheField = TextFont ( TheField ; "細明體" ) Any solution for the field to display in Chinese?
  14. Hello there: Yes, I am using the import function. but the script seems has problem. The script is logging all the record(s). Well, all I need to do is logging the current openning record. OK, here is the content of the script. Go to Layout ["Form View - Log" (DoorAccess Management)] Import Records [No dialog; "DoorAccess Management.fp7"; Add; Windows ANSI] So, where can I assign it to import the current reord? (The only one record to import.)
  15. Q1: How to validate the MAC Address in the format: ####:##:##:##:## Q2: How to convert the wrong format to the right format. For example, convert from ##-##-##-##-##-## to ##:##:##:##:##:## I have search the web, and there is function look like : (^([0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F]){5}([0-9a-fA-F][0-9a-fA-F])). Can FM Pro7 do such function?
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