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  1. Does Filemaker 8 work on Windows Vista?
  2. Thanks, guys. I guess sometimes the most obvious solution eludes us. Sometimes the brain gets locked in a train of thought that over-complicates things. You are correct with the summary report suggestion. I don't know what I was thinking! Much Appreciated!
  3. Is there a way to make a portal "auto adjust" to the number of records contained in it? I've got a report that is viewed as a list and is in one table, but displaying records, via a portal, from another table. There's an obvious problem in that when I print, if the portal only has 3 rows and there are 4 records, one record does not print. I've discovered no obvious solution. Making the portal 20 rows deep would be a waste of paper, considering each portal generally only has 1-5 records (but occationally, there are 20!). Does anyone have a creative way of dealing with this? Thanks much!
  4. To begin with, I have a database that is stored on a server. There is a folder in that server which is storing PDF's. I have a container field that is populated via a script with an "Insert Object" statement in it. When the user wants to populate the field, they press a button and it opens up the "Insert Object" window and the user then browses for the PDF they wish to insert, select the "Link" checkbox and that should do it. When I tested this on my desktop machine and took the server out of the picture and worked with dummy records, everything works fine. Once the link to the PDF is made, I can view the PDF in my container field. But, (And here's my problem...)When I try to do the same thing on the actual server database, as soon as I select my file, press "Link" and hit "OK" in the Insert Object window, it freezes up the whole Program and kicks me out. Then, when I re-log back in, I can repeat that step and it works fine, but only for the one time. If I go to do another one, I have to repeat that whole process again (getting kicked out, re-logging in, etc.) Because I can make it work on a file not held on the server, I would assume that my script is ok. That leads me to believe there is something relating to my server that is making this occur. Has anyone seen this before or have any solutions? Much love...
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Lee. I'll check them out!
  6. I've got a field "Client Type" that, if changed, I would like to know what user changed it last. I think what I need to do is create a calculation field to return that User's name, but I don't know the verbage to write it. Please Help!
  7. I am looking for a Developer in the Inland Empire, preferably the Temecula valley/Murrieta area. Qualified Developers should have 4+ yrs full time (by full time, I simply mean you've been developing for 4 yrs...not just having fun and tweaking your own solutions) experience who is savy on a Window XP Platform. Your resume should reflect this requirement as well as provide current/past client references. I've got an FM 8 database on a client server which is accessed via network domain & remote. At this time, this is NOT a full time position, though when the right person is found, it is likely the job would be full time (or close to it) for a few weeks. After that, you act as the Database Admin and facilitate any changes, updates, debugging, training and tech support for the client users. This is a very out of the box, progressive client who applauds & encourages creativity. It is a very casual environment with friendly, fun people. Please send resumes/inquiries to wonderlovefro@hotmail.com with the subject "FM Developer (insert Name)" Thank you!
  8. How do I write a calculation to be used in the script step "Go to Portal Row (By calculation)" that would take me to the portal row with the highest ID number? My portal is sorted by a text field (Company), so when I add a new portal row, depending on the name of the new company, the new portal row may be row #2 or #5 or...you get the idea (meaning I can't have the script go to the first, last or next row. It must be a calculation). Since the ID#'s are generated automatically and are unique, I need to find a way, via calculation, of going to the portal row with the highest ID#, which would be the new one just added. Thanks for any help!
  9. Thanks, I think with a little tweaking, that should be what I need. In my description of my problem, I referred to this imaginary field as "global", when in fact, it hadn't occurred to me to actually set up the field that way. Sometimes the easiest answers are right in front of you, eh? Thanks for the tip, Cheers!
  10. I'm trying to come up with a way to create a generic field that isn't necessarily tied to any of my other table's records. The purpose is so that a user could enter text into that field and the text would then be inserted (via script) globally for all the records in the found set. For example: I've got 20 different records, each need one specific date. Rather than going to each record and adding the date, I'd like to be able to enter the date into this "Global" field and when I hit a button, a script would run that would insert that "Global" field's text into the 20 records. Writing the script isn't the problem. I can't seem to come up with a way to display this "Global" field in my related tables. I don't want to add it to my related tables because they all have many records in them. The way I imagine it to work is that there would be a table with only one, empty record in it. I would be able to populate that record from one of my related tables and then clear it after I've run my script. I hope this makes sense, I've now exhausted my humble bag of tricks. Got any ideas???
  11. Quick question about your script (forgive my ignorance)... 1. Does Get(NomeFile) mean the Table, The actual Database file name or the script name? 2. What is supposed to be typed in place of "?" (field name? Script Name? etc.) Thanks.
  12. That should do the trick! Writing the script wasn't the problem. What you cleared up for me was the calculation issue...which was that I need to get that plugin. After getting the plugin, I probably would have come right back to find out what to do with it, but you answered that too. You've been a huge help. Thanks again!
  13. That's what I was afraid of. I've never used any Plugins before, but I guess I'll have to learn, eh? I'll look in to that and hold on to the calculation you wrote. Thank you VERY much for your help!
  14. Let me start by saying that the field name is "REASON". This field is a Drop Down with a Value list with many values. This is the logic behind how I want the script to work (it isn't written yet) If REASON = "Refinance", go to layout "Loan", otherwise do nothing. I don't want the script to run if another value is selected from the drop down. It should only work if "Refinance" is selected. I know that didn't answer your question directly, but it was difficult to do that, since I don't know exactly how to solve the problem. Did that clarify the delima? I guess what I'm looking for is a way to imbed running a script based on a calculated value. (however, you're the master & I'm the grasshopper. I'm open to anything that will solve the problem I stated.)
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