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  1. Frustrated. In a quicky test database, Insert File works fine from a script with Full Access privileges. I put the exact same line into my application and I get error 102. I've tried about everything. As soon as I give up, I find the solution. The container field has to be on the layout. All is well.
  2. Thanks, I understand and like it. However, I have tried about every possible option and cannot get Insert File to prompt for the file. Is there a trick? I've had no special dialog and the one enclosed. I've tried no source and a bogus source and an existing source. I've tried "go to field" and specified my field as a target. I always get error 102. Googling around, I discovered there is a bug in FMP16A -- even though I have FULL ACCESS, I have to give the script FULL ACCESS. Thanks.
  3. I have searched the forum and internet and not found an answer to my delima. I have a solution with a scripted import of a csv file. I do not want import dialog (e.g. mapping), so I have it set to no. I don't know the name of the file, only that it is a csv file. If I leave the filename out of the import dialogue, the default SHOW filetype in the open file dialog is for a filemaker database. The user needs education to change the SHOW to csv or all. That is undesirable. If I import a correct file once, the next time the script runs in that session, it prompts for a csv file, but if I quit the application and run it again, it goes back to SHOWing filemaker databases. If I provide a bogus file, e.g. YourFile.csv -- I have to capture errors or I get no file dialog for them to find their file. If they cancel, they get a filemaker dialog I don't control that tells them the user aborted the import, continue or cancel. If they cancel, the script exits and I don't get control. That, too, is undesirable. What is the best practice for scripted imports so that whether the user complies or cancels, I maintain control of what happens next?
  4. I want to increase the line weight in a line chart. The standard looks to be about 1 pt and I'd like 3-4 pts. If it's possible, it isn't obvious. Anybody know how to increase the weight?
  5. The problem was not resolved when I upgraded to FMP 10 and then FMP 11 in MY ACCOUNT. When I created a new MacOS account, it worked fine. That's why I was suspecting preferences. Then I systematically removed all extensions until I found the culprit -- Application Enhancer. Problem resolved.
  6. When you define a layout to not autosave data, if the user clicks outside a field they get a dialog box asking them to Save/Cancel/Discard. I want to prevent that dialog and trap it so I can put up a custom dialog or force them to hit my Save/Cancel button. Is that possible?
  7. Is it possible to have a user click on a phone number field and dial the phone?
  8. FileMaker bug? If I try to display the same photo more than once on a layout, often only the first occurrence displays, others say "file cannot be found," in preview mode (all display in browse mode). Database hosted on FM Server 11 advanced, client also FMP 11, photos inserted using Insert Picture with "by reference" box checked, stored on shared volume. Opening database locally, preview works fine.
  9. The "single-user" code above isn't even correct unless you want to assume Mark doesn't need to be set to empty inside the Else clause.
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this. It's bugged me for a long time. When I copy and paste text from another application into FileMaker, the text comes in with the source font instead of the font I've defined for my field. Is there a way around this?
  11. There are many email plugins out there. It's difficult to choose the right one. Using criteria like Server support, IWP support, SSL, Attachments, multipart messages, IMAP, pricing, etc, anybody able to contribute info on SMTPit, SMTPit Pro, MMMail, MondoMail, mail.it, SendMail (digital fusion), 360Works Email, etc.
  12. I have the same problem, similar any way. I have two databases hosted by FMS9A. On the same machine, I'm running FMP8.5A. I can open remote one of the databases, but when I try to open remote the second one, I get a license error. It's as if a client can only open one hosted database, and that doesn't make sense to me. All apps are registered. (I'm new to FMS9A and only have one machine to test on. When I move to production, FMS9A will be stand alone. Also FMP8.5A (appropriately) won't let you open a hosted database locally, so not sure how the corruption scenario referred to can occur - but now I'm nervous.)
  13. THANK YOU. Soren and Comment, your help is very much appreciated. I learned about GetAsBoolean, very useful. The important lesson, which is probably second nature to someone more into relational databases, is to remember that a null value for a key prunes records when used in a relationship. I used two globals because I thought an equal relation was an order of magnitude more efficient than a not equal relation for a large dataset in that an index can be traversed for the former and not the latter. (Right?). The task table grows by 6000 records per month. You won't believe I spent hours and hours trying to figure this out, although I did something similar in another part of the application without actually understanding how it worked. Thanks again for your selfless, willing and generous help.
  14. Thank you for your time. The enclosed file (hopefully enclosed correctly this time) shows exactly what I'm trying to do and what doesn't work. Look at the 'Tasks by Status' layout. UntaggedMOD2.zip
  15. My schema is very similar to Untagged, which you directed me to. I have a calculation similar to cOpenJobID except the task_status is 0 or 1 and the job_status is the sum -- 0 meaning everything is complete. I have the features represented by the template. What the template lacks which I need are two portals that display tasks, independent of client and job, (1) that shows all incomplete tasks (because the person doing the task is not driven by client or job -- this is easy) and (2) which shows all complete tasks for incomplete jobs (because before a job is complete you can edit completed tasks). It's the "incomplete jobs" filter I can't figure out.
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