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  1. Calsun Resolved the issue using a small file called server.pem which was not installing on windows 8. simply find it on a windows 7 installation and copy it to the same location on your win 8 machine. Hope that helps.
  2. For the benefit of other users, I noticed that the file "server.pem" was not installed in the FM11 client program folders. So I copied it from another computer which was able to connect and the server files were visible.
  3. CalSun, Have you ever resolved the issue below?
  4. Hello Steven, It is a "disaster" on Windows XP sp3 on 2 different machines. Using FM12 Trial version, I converted my main 2 gig database. Scrolling through a list of names using the scroll bar is jumpy and takes forever. I have also a layout with 16 portals, it builds up in about 3 to 5 seconds in FM11, FM10 server, it took a good 23 seconds on the local FM12 trial on XP. I also have another file with 70 records only and a graph, building the graph (takes 1 sec in FM11) hangs up for a minute, also windows xp. Agree fully with Ms. Charbon
  5. This would be to plot a child's growth and see if it is within norms. Modified calculations to make the chart do what is needed and used line chart; but as you said, it is not visible with the background. and I do agree, third party charting is probably the way to go.... so, will let go for now! Thanks a lot for your feedback. GrowthChart example 2.zip
  6. My initial problem was to record a growth chart as part of an EMR. I am attaching a solution to the above. It has 2 tables: 1. Vitals where ID of person, age in months and weight in Kg are entered 2. GraphTable: This table has a fixed number of records where each one corresponds to a tick mark on a fixed growth chart curve (added as jpeg to a layout). When a global ID is set, it pulls out the weight of that person and places it in the record that corresponds to that person's age (using lookupnext). 3 Layouts 1. Vitals to enter data 2. GraphTable: nothing is entered all info is calculated 3. GrowthChart: Has a background of a CDC chart with a FM Graph superimposed. The Graph is derived from GraphTable with Y axis fixed with an upper and lower value, X axis pulls out the age info from Graph table. Problem now is we have only the option of Bar chart, so bars are shown. Ideally, would need only points charted on X,Y axis. I guess we need to wait until FM adds: 1. Option of a graph made of points only to be charted (scattergram) 2. X axis of continuous numerical variable like the Y axis GrowthChart example.zip
  7. Thank you for the confirmation. Are there any other solutions (plug in, custom function or calculation) that could help?
  8. Line chart with an X axis of continuous numbers. X=1 Y = 120 X=2 Y = 125 X=3 Y = 135 draw a line graph, then if we add X=4 Y=140. Would like the 4 to fall on the X axis at a fixed location, X=5 Y=148, the 5 would fall next to the 4 without axis auto adjusting its size. In a sense, it is having an X axis with the same properties like the existing Y axis: continuous variables with no autosizing and a min and max numbers for the axis.
  9. Is there a way to set the X-axis to be fixed like the Set Y-Axis option in "format chart" in FM11? For example: Charting Age and Height on a background of a growth chart. If X axis spans 10 cm representing 10 years, if x= 9 years, it should fall at the 9 cm location on the graph. A formula can transfrom age in years to cm on the graph but not force location on the axis. Currently, x=9 can fall at the beginning of the x axis if is the only record and moves along the axis depending on the number of records. basically, treated as a category. Thank you all for the feedback and help
  10. Old Advance Man, Kindly update me if the issue of FM10 clients with FM 8 server not being able to change their password, has ever been resolved. Thank you
  11. Tried local layout.. worked fine. That seemed so obvious!! Thanks
  12. Forgive my ignorance.... Is there a way to move a global variable defined in a script as $$Var1 from File1-Table1 to another File (say File2-Tablex). e.g. In file1, script sets $$Var1 as recordID, then goes to a separate file2-Tablex to create a new record and save SSVar1 in a field in that record. This works if table1 and tablex are in the same file. But the moment, the script goes to the new file, the SSVar1 is lost. I am using a physical global field to move the information from one file to another. I was wondering if it could be done using defined variables. Thanks for the help....
  13. Thanks a lot.. I will upgrade server...
  14. I have a solution running on windows + FMS8 Advanced. Installed clients with FM 10. Now users cannot change their access passwords. Opening the file with FM10 locally without server, allows changing password. Any similar reports, solutions?
  15. I have the same problem due to power shut down. We have a power outage twice daily. Some of our computers have no UPS protection. Whenever one of those, is working on a record during the outage, that record is permanently locked and anyone who tries to access that record later on, receives a locked record message. When that same user logs in again, he is added as an additional user in FMS. Since we have volume license, the number of users keeps increasing until they reach maximum and then we get an error message. To fix it, we close the files on FMS to disconnect the phantom users then reopen. We will be installing UPS on all systems soon.
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