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  1. I see Zulu 3 was released today. Does anyone know if Free/Busy support was added to CalDAV? The previous version did not support Free/Busy for events.
  2. Hi, when attempting to verify the FileMaker server I’m getting an error message (see attached) about “Demo mode does not work with Docubin”. I do not have Docubin installed on the server. I do have current versions of Zulu, MirrorSync and 360Deploy installed on the server. Please advise how to resolve this issue. Additional information: I’m using the Portfolio license shown in the screenshot for 360Deploy and Zulu2. MirrorSync is installed but not configured on the server. I only installed MirrorSync as a workaround to solve a web forwarding issue with the Zulu install.
  3. Just as an FYI the password listed in the official documentation - http://docs.360works.com/index.php/360Deploy is wrong. The correct password is: 360deploy.
  4. When installing Zulu you may get an error that web server forwarding did not work and Zulu is only available on port 42424 instead of port 80. I spoke with 360Works support and they are aware of the issue. The workaround solution is to install MirrorSync on your server. MirrorSync and Zulu use the same application backend. The MirrorSync installer will correctly setup the port forwarding. You only need to install MirrorSync. You do not need to configure it. Once you have installed MirrorSync, run the Zulu installer again and it will complete and you will be able to access Zulu over port 80.
  5. I have a client that is running Windows 8.1 (fully updated). FileMaker Pro 14.05 (64bit) is also installed. The program will open and show you the Launch Center. However, when you click any solution in the Launch center or use the "Browse" button to open a file, The launch center disappears but the FileMaker file never opens. Only an empty screen is shown. No error message is given. FileMaker is still running in the TaskBar, but the only way to get back to the Launch Center is to quit FileMaker and open it again. We've tried running all software updates for Windows 8.1 and uninstalling / reinstalling FileMaker Pro. Any ideas as to what might be causing the problem or what to try next?
  6. @Buckie OS X 11 is supported but OS X 11 Server is not. Using Alternate ports it is possible to get FM Server and OS X Server to run on the same machine, but it's a more complicated setup and can be more challenging when using web services because of the way OS X Server always runs a web server.
  7. Avoiding having any sort of software (backup or otherwise) accessing the live database files is always best practice. Those files are always in use by FileMaker Server and accessing them with other software could have very bad side effects including data loss and file corruption. FileMaker Server can run it's own backups of the files and then you can backup the backup files offsite or whatever as needed. For Mac Servers I've found this to work well for most of my customers. OS Drive with the live database files. FileMaker Backup Drive* - FileMaker Server backups up files here as often as necessary (typically Hourly or ever Half Hour) OS Drive Manual Clone Drive* - Carbon Copy Cloner clone of OS drive (excluding live database files). Typically run this right before making updates / changes. OS Daily Clone Drive* - Carbon Copy Cloner clone of OS drive (excluding live database files). Daily Clone of OS drive Crashplan Offsite Backup - Backup FileMaker Backup Drive to Crashplan Cloud. As often as size of data files and Internet connection speed will permit. *These are always a separate physical drive from the OS Drive, but often these can be multiple partitions of the single drive.
  8. FileMaker Server is not compatible with El Capitan Server. That could be causing the problem There are a lot of issues with trying to run OS X Server and FileMaker Server on the same box.
  9. I found with newsyslog that it doesn't recognize commenting out spaces as a valid file path. (/Folder\ Name\ With\ Space ). As for solving my problem either an update to the 360works plugins or updating to FileMaker 14 Server resolved the issue. I don't remember which one it was.
  10. I have a 3rd Party SSL cert installed in FMS 14. Zulu2 is installed and I'm able to connect without any issues over SSL. Is there a way to force only SSL connections to the Zulu server. I'd like to be be able to make sure all users are configuring to use SSL. Thanks
  11. yes. It's dedicated machine, i7 2Ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD Drives. When the script engine hangs the computer is not showing any high loads on either memory or CPU. FileMaker Server continues to run normally except for scripting not working. No slow downs or disconnects for users not calling "Perform on Server" scripts.
  12. I have an FM server running on Mac v13.0.5 that we are doing quite a bit of Server side scripting on. These are either scheduled scripts that run every few minutes throughout the day or "perform on server" scripts that are triggered by users. Every week or so the script engine appears to hang and users will see FileMaker hang when they run a script that includes a Perform on Server step. The scheduled scripts will also not complete. The script engine process is still running but it apparently quits responding. I'm able to get things rolling again by running the fmsadmin stop / start fmse command from the Terminal. The fmserver log files don't show any issue until I stop the service. Then it reports the script engine service as stopped and then restarted. Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue or troubleshooting steps to take to narrow down the problem.
  13. You have it set to only run from 1am in the morning till 1pm in the afternoon. Is that what you want? If you want it to run 24/7 you should set it to 12:00am - 11:59pm. Looks good other than that.
  14. I discovered thorough some more testing that the problem is not actually permissions but the Directory Name. newsyslog does not like it when a directory name has space in it. (i.e. /Library/FileMaker Server/Logs/stderr) commenting out the space ( ie. /Library/Filemaker Server/Logs/stderr) doesn't work it gives the same error.
  15. It appears that 360Works plugins like to write a lot of data to the stderr log in FileMaker. As such this log grows considerably when frequently running server side scripts that call 360works plugins. I'm running a Mac 10.9.5 machine (OS X Client) with FIleMaker Server 13 installed. I'm trying to add the stderr log to newsyslog conf file so that the log file will be automatically trimmed. The problem I'm having is that the newsyslog throws a permission error when trying to access log files located inside of the /Library/FileMaker Server/ directory. FileMaker sets these permissions as fmserver:fmsadmin for items in these folders. I've tried adding ACLs for the root user and wheel groups, but that made no difference. I also even tried setting the everyone permission to Read/Write just to see if I could get it to work but I still get a "bad permissions" error. Does anyone have any suggestion or experience with setting the proper permissions to get this to work? Thanks in advance.
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