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  1. Thank you for the reply. I guess I need to be more clear. I am not having trouble with the concept of the global fields. The table that contains the globals is a table that we use to track which reports were run and when they were run. The problem I am having is much simpler (I think). In the script to run a report, I want the value from one global field from the reports table to be inserted into a FIND. The data is a numerical value for a date (20091215). I want to find all members from the members table whose EFFECTIVE_DATE is later than December 15, 2009. I am having trouble figuring out the syntax of the find request to insert the DATA from the global field. It seems that everything I try inserts the name of the global field and not the value. How would I write the line of the script that inserts the value of the field global_eff_date into the MEMBER::eff_date and performs the find. I assume it is something like: MEMBER::eff_date:[>(BROKER_RPT::rpt_st_date)] but this doesnt seem to work. I get "BROKER_RPT::rpt_st_date" placed in the MEMBER::eff_date field. I hope I am being more clear. dp
  2. Hello and thank you in advance! I am trying to use a "form" to perform a search in a script. I have an unrelated table set up that I am using to create a layout and the values from that layout are copied into global fields. I would like to use the values in these global fields in a "perform find" where (for example): MembersTable::member_number>ComparisonTable::GlobalField This find would change every time we filled out the form, but that is the point. I am using the Script Manager, but i don't know the syntax to bring the values from the global field into the find. Again, thank you for your help. dp
  3. Hi and thank you in advance... How would I make this work if I needed to insert an CRLF at the end of each line? I am using FMP 9.0 on a Mac (which typically doesnt like LFs). dp
  4. Hello and thank you in advance, I am using FM 9.0 on a Mac. I have been wrestling with a problem for a number of weeks and cannot figure out how to resolve what I think is a simple problem. I am using a XSL file to format a FMPro report to output a fixed-width .txt file with a CR LF at the end of each record (one record per line). It seems as if it is working for the "Body" of the report, but not with the HEADER record. I know I am missing something simple as my experience with XML/XSL is EXTREMELY limited. I have uploaded the XSL file (as text) and the calculation I am using for my report. I am sure there is a simple solution (I think it is something like I am not using the correct character in the XSL file to identify where the CRLF should go). Any help is greatly appreciated! Best, dp CALC.txt XSL.txt
  5. Hello and thank you in advance.... I cant figure this out: I have one table called "members" some members have dependents (a second table called "dependent"). I would like to make the dependent_id dependent on the member_id. So, if a member has an id (auto-enter, serial) of 0001 then the first dependent would have an id of 000101, the second would be 000102, and the third would be, 000103. I am NOT at all concerned about the format of the dependent_id's format, it could be a,b,c or use a hyphen or whatever. I am concerend that it be automatically generated, and that it be unique for each memeber (so there would NOT be a 000101, 000101. Any help would be appricated! Thank you, dp
  6. Thank you! I just got a call from the HR people and the specs of this project have changed so I will now be getting the group number with all the other information! Thank you for your help. dp
  7. SO now my newbie comes out...Can you please point me to where I can learn more about Custom Dialogs? Thank you! dp
  8. Hello all and thank you in advance... I am using FM 9.0 on Mac OSX. I have a database that contains a table "members." Each member on this table belongs to a group with a group name and group number. When I create a new member, and select the group number, everything works fine. When I import from XL, sicne there is no group number (or name) field on the spreadsheet, it doesnt import (makes sense). How do I get FM to assign a group number to that batch of contacts--there will be only one group number for each batch of contacts imported via an XL spreadsheet? I hope I have made myself clear. Thank you again!
  9. Thank you for the example...I understand it for the most part, but I have a couple questions... "...fmp:COL[1],$trail),1,10)" 1. Where it references Col[1]...would that be the name of the Column, or does it just refeence the columns in order of the export? 2. In the example above I assume that "10" references the fixed length, but what does the "1" reference? Thank you for your conitinued resposes! dp
  10. Is there a way to change a date format from MM/DD/CCYY to CCYYMMDD? I assume there is a way to do this with XML. I dont know XML very well at all, is there a primer somewhere on using XML stylesheets? Thank you!
  11. Also, from the research I have done, it seems that the stylesheets will only allow me to use ONE fixed width for all the columns, I need each column to have its own width.
  12. Thank you, GREAT suggestion...now here is the problem, I have no clue how to make a stylesheet do that.
  13. OOps, I am sorry. I filled out the form below my post and I guess I didnt click the "Show" Checkbox...I am using FMPro 9 and WinXP.
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