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  1. you could remove a couple of layers of complexity and just do it with Nutch and SOLR
  2. Sales Orders Scripts: Sales Orders Payments: PP - Goto Payments Layout New Window [ Style: Document; Name: "Paypal Payments IPN"; Top: 0; Left: 300; Close: Yes; Minimize: Yes; Maximize: Yes; Zoom Control Area: Yes; Resize: Yes ] set variable $e1 = get last error Go to Layout [ “Paypal Payments” (paypal_ipn_orders) ] set variable $e2 = get last error Exit Script Step thru this one line at a time. What are the contents of $e1 and $e2?
  3. Perhaps you should/could consider shipping transaction records that will never be required for a report off to a storage table?
  4. http://www.myfmbutler.com/en/products/clip-manager-for-mac/6
  5. Filemaker documentation shows that Base64 Encode/Decode originated in Fm 13 https://www.filemaker.com/help/15/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/base64decode.html
  6. Taking over the management of an existing solution deployed on FM the first criteria for me would be FMP certification. Any competent / experienced developer should b able to take over the task. Check your PM's
  7. you need a join table between monsters and encounters because the relationship between the two entities is many to many. Solving many to many relationships requires an associative entity ( join table) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Associative_entity
  8. You might be able to check screen size http://www.iosres.com/index-legacy.html
  9. I dont think that the internal Id of a script is exposed anywhere. The only place i can think of is the DDR. The important thing is... what problem are you experiencing that would be solved by knowing a script ID?
  10. you should investigate proper sync solutions as doing any work on a file while its in dropbox is a known cause of file corruption
  11. i've developed a solution for iphone and get unpredictable, unreproducable corruption warnings from FMGO/Mobile file. It's deployed on iPhones and uses FMGO 14. The solution uses GoZync to move data from the phone to the server. The solution does not delete any records on the phone so compaction on file close by iOS is not an issue. i have run recover on the mobile file and their is no evidence of corruption in the recover log. I have hosted the mobile file from server 13 and the file passes verification. I have saved the file as clone and still get the warnings. I am making sure i have a valid connection to the DB before even calling GoZync. Anyone got any ideas on how to stop the corruption/warnings? i'm not even 100% sure the mobile file is corrupt.
  12. Check out some of the free/demo FM calendar solutions out there for ways to implement this.
  13. Alot depends on how your data is structured. For the sake of argument lets pretend the finds all need to be done on 4 different fields in the same table. Create a global storage text field. Find pseudocode.... Show a custom dialog that asks the user for the find criteria and stores it in the global field. set variable to the contents of the global field Add any find operators that wil make the search criteria fit the case. make sure your on the right layout for the table. enter find mode Set field 1 to the variable new record/request Set field 2 to the variable New record/request Set field 3 to the variable New Record/request Set field 4 to the variable Perform find
  14. ExecuteSQL("SELECT TaskAssignedTo FROM workflow WHERE" & Quote("_IDDocLog") & "=workflow::" & Quote("_IDDocLog") & "AND workflow::TaskNumber=9"; "" ; "" ); This is a non functional SELECT statement. I cant even begin to guess what you are trying to accomplish. You should look into using ? as variable value placeholders in SQL...i.e ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT field FROM table WHERE field=? and WHERE field=?" ; "" ; "" ; value_for_first? ; value_for_second? )
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