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  1. I don´t know if I understand your question, but what I have done is, I setup a variable for the output file and it work's quite well.
  2. Thank's, it was very usefull. It's possible to export with other file extensions like "psd" or "dwg"?
  3. Alo I would like to create a txt file from filemaker but what I itend is to apply the ID of a X record to be the name of the file.
  4. Thanks again Søren for wasting your time with me. I will check you example and I hope it will resolve my problem.
  5. I forgot to took the startup scripts and the passwords. Already made a few changes to English. Contracts.zip
  6. Thanks a lot Søren Dyhr for trying to help me. This was my first database so fill free to say what you think is wrong : Hope you understand my database because its in Portuguese. Contracts.zip
  7. A few months ago I asked help for duplicating a contrat and the equipments that belong to the contract and I resolved the situation with the help of Vaughan, Søren Dyhr and Zero Tolerence. Now the problem is, they want to duplicate the contract and the equiments when expired but also the interventions and the dates of the interventions. I cant figure out how, if there is anyone who could help me I appreciate a lot.
  8. First of all thank for all for helping me solving my problem. In my case the contrat must have another ID and also the equipments because they have multiple types of Interventions wich are related to multiple dates.
  9. My point is: -I have a database to record contrats and they have equipments (the equipments are added in a portal). When a contract expire I will need to make a new one and my objective is to duplicate the contrat with the equipments.
  10. Alô, I'm trying to duplicate a record in a layout that has a portal. When I duplicate the record the rows in the portal aren´t duplicated. I can´t figure out how is it possible to copy all the rows in the portal.
  11. Alo, I intend to lock a record but I cant figure out how to do it. I have a table with contracts that after a while they prescribe, and I pretend to lock them. Can someone help me please Thank you
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