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  1. Dave, I have been using Filemaker for many years and have always been amazed at what it can do. Our computer supplier has also been telling me for a number of years that FM could organise our image library. Hence, I am asking the question here. I have also contacted various image library software companies, however the beauty of FM is that we already own it! Cheers, Tom.
  2. Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere but this seemed the most relevant sub forum. We have Filemaker 7 and have been using it nicely for a number of years for project management. Now, our main client has asked us to look into creating and on-line image library of all their images that we hold on our in-house server. So, what I'm wondering is, can Filemaker be used easily to create an in-house image library that can then be published to the web. The web front end only needs to offer thumbnails and 800x600 low res images, the client would contact us direct for high res images - this also protects us and keeps the high res images in our studio. If anyone has experience of making a similar Filemaker database, could you please tell me what is possible and how involving it is to do. Many thanks, Tom.
  3. Update on this topic is the date field still will not print out a date when positioned in the header ( although shown on screen). However when positioned in the footer, it prints fine. This set up is OK for now, but if anyone can give me an insight into why this could be happen it would give my restless brain a holiday!! grizzly
  4. Hi Inky Phil Thanks for the demo, concept of your instruction worked well with the db. Have now applied it. Terrific results. Many thanks Grizzly
  5. Hi I have set up a project management syestem, but would like to transfer projects whose job status is "A" (archived) - not "O' (Open)- to another layout. Thus seperating the active projects from those that are completed. This would make it easier for users to view the current projects which are listed. Information needs to follow the project to the archived layout. Is this a relationship issue or is there a solution to be sought in calculations to transfer the information across. Not sure where to begin and wondered if someome could help put me on the right path? Many thanks
  6. Hi I have a date field in the header section of a report format that is not printing, but can be seen in both Browse and Preview mode. In the header section in Browse mode there are buttons, that are not printed, and a title field that is printed in the finished report. These are set appropriately. When it comes to the print out there is no date just the outline of the field. I have checked the font colour, background colour, sliding/printing settings, but can't seem to find the reasons for the problem. Any help is gratefully received Thanks :)
  7. Hi I have produced a layout formating a report for printing. Users add info to the two columns and they change the size of the column so there is not too much white space (as and if required). Unfortunately the resize option is not working for the user. I have checked the tick box for resizing columns, checked the priviledges of the individual, checked the page margins, but the user still has no access to resizing the column part of the layout. Am I missing something here? The full access user is able to resize columns in Browse mode but other users are unable to. Thanks for any guidance
  8. Hi Finally got my db up and running over the last 2 months, now reviewing a few staff comments. Have had a think around the following areas, but having difficulty working things out. Any ideas on what to do or where to look for further info is greatly appreciated. 1. problems navigating from project list layout (table), to job sheet layout (form), to time billing layout (tabs). I am using job No. as the common factor ( on all 3 layouts- auto fill), and button scripts (Go to Layout) to navigate. There is a tendency for wrong job no. to occur on time sheet layout, but not project list or job sheet layouts. does anyone have any idea why this may be happening? My only thought is that it is associated with a sort associated with status of the job (button). Could this be affecting the navigation in any way? 2. Is there any way of double clicking on the project list table (e.g. field- job No.) and gaining direct access to the associated job sheet? I presently have a button set up for navigation (as described above). 3.The client report layout (table) is not allowing resizable columns to the users, only the administrator, although I have tick boxed the appropriate section in layout set up. I have also allowed modifiable access to this layout for the relevant accounts but this still doesn't allow anyone the ability to resize the columns. Is there anything else I could try ? 4. Finally On the client report I have date field in the header section. This uses the calender available to maintain input format. The date is shown in Browse, but when the report enters preview mode prior to printing there is no date in the field box, and it is not printed. I have outlined the box, and this prints out but not the date. The font for the date is black on a white background (I checked this to make sure I wasn't going mad). I have no idea where to take this as it seems a little bizarre!! Please help. Many Thanks
  9. Thanks for the ideas. I found that on opening filemaker by holding down alt accessed the password window allowing me to input for the full access account. Then I could uncheck the default/opening account ( which had limited privileges). Thanks for the guidance...
  10. Hi this is the first datbase I have developed which is based around project management and billing. I have a query regarding synchronising records. The database will be set up on the server, which will communicate with office based computers as well as laptops. scenerio: If a laptop is used in an outside meeting (no links to the server) and the person has made changes to the records, on return and logging in with the server, is filemaker automatically updated? However does it override anything that may have been added while that person was out of the office, or will/ could it validate changes? or does this sort of set up require scripts, plug ins etc. Please help as I'm in unknown territory. thanks
  11. Hi I have developed a small db, centred around project management, and time billing. Everything ran fine, and I set up the account privileges, with no hiccups. There are only 3 users, with varying degrees of privilege. Myself being the full access holder. I have all the user names and passwords. On closing the db and reopening, I automatically accessed (no account name or password requested) the project listing layout (as expected) but the layout tools and define account & privileges are locked out. I am automatically accessing a layout not designated as full access, and have no means of adapting the problem. This has not been the case throughout development of the db and even when I had trial run of accounts. Previously I sent the db to a user via drop in box and he had to access using the account and password. This time there was no request for a password and it automatically opened , same layout as I also experienced. Please Help!!!
  12. Hi went back to the drawing board again. Something in Forum re: printing labels got me thinking.Did a seperate layout for the report and linked the data collection layout with button to printing layout. It worked!!! For some reason my sliding/printing isn't working but for the mo I have a solution. Now onto the next dilemma.....
  13. Thanks for the reply. Seriously in need of help with problem solving this. I started again with the layout, renaming and preventing any duplicates. Then I selected the fields individually (sliding/printing). I also added new records to try out in the new layout and linked a new button (printing script- see below) to the the new layout. I 've attempted printing the report without the button/ script. Tried running the filemaker file on a different computer as we have had crash problems with F6. What I am trying to do: I have a simple report in browse which allows the viewer to input information and read other fields to help them come to conclusion. The aim is then to go into preview and set up the report page automatically selecting fields(co name,project name, Status, Client Report and Action Required) for the client report, check in preview and click continue for printing (landscape). the script is: Go to Layout["Project Report (polkamaster)] Enter Preview Mode[Pause] Print Set Up [Restore;No dialogue] Print [No dialog] Enter Browse Mode[] Any other ideas to try and get this to work are gratefully received. Thanks
  14. Just signing on and continuing the development of database after summer responsibilities.Thanks for previous insights re client specific numbers. The views allowed me to look at things in a different light and are now settled. However now I am experiencing a big hiccup. I have set up a report accessed in browse mode allowing the user to modify specific fields, once completed the aim is then to switch the client report to preview mode via a button set up and script. I have also selected fields to be non printable in the report. The script works transferring the report to preview mode , page set up for printing pausing and user continuing onto printing. However the fields identified as non printable are seen in preview and are also being printed. Please help!!
  15. Hi, not sure if this is in the correct forum, but please help: We have been using Filemaker 6 to learn FM and are upgrading to FM8 this week. My problem is that I want to assign client specific abbreviations plus job numbers i.e. RFS001, RFS002 etc. and ROT001, ROT002 etc. Am I able to do this with FM6, or is there a much easier way to do this with FM8? I am aware how to set up a field to identify consequtive job numbers but so far I am unable to introduce the client unique job numbering. Any help very gratefully received and I'm sure I'll be asking more!!! Many thanks.
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