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  1. Hi, I try to execute a FM-script through my FMS 8 advanced, php, FM PHP API environment, but it doesn't work. I have the following PHP-code: $fm = new FileMaker('HANDELSWAREN'); $comPerformScript =& $fm->newPerformScriptCommand('ExportProducts', 'ImportProducts', 'hallo'); if(!$psValid = $comPerformScript->validate()){ echo 'Script Validation failed ('.$psValid->numErrors().')'; exit; } $result = $comPerformScript->execute(); This code throws the following error: Notice: Only variable references should be returned by reference in /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/lib/php/FileMaker/Command.php on line 125 I've spent already the whole day to find a solution, but I wasn't successful. Has anyone an idea what the error could be or how I could do it another way? Thanks, jonas
  2. If you have Server Advanced running why not using fm-and-php? That should be much, much faster than using an ODBC-conneciton. Download the FMPro Worksheet (http://www.fmpromigrator.com/downloads/demo_software/FmProWorksheet1.04MacOSX.dmg) and try your connection with this tool. If it works, there is something wrong with your php configuration.
  3. After a search at the entropy-forums I found the following post: http://www.entropy.ch/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=8096&highlight=odbc#8096 I could imagine that this is the problem. PHP uses an old ODBC-library which doesn't work right with FileMaker while all the other applications (iodbctest, FmProWorksheet) are using the newest iODBC-library.
  4. Hah, I almost forgot this topic. I still have this problem and did a lot of research now. I have 3 test-enviroments: 1 with MacOS 10.4 and PHP 5 (entropy.ch) 1 with MacOS 10.3.9 and PHP 5 (entropy.ch) 1 with Windows 2000 and XAMP. With Windows is works perfectly. It's still slow, but thats not the problem. It returns all the data. With MacOS there are only problems. It not only returns not all data in a simple SELECT-statement, it also sometime just stops the script anywhere in between. I also don't think that it has anything to do with the FM-ODBC driver. FMPro Worksheet returns me all the data correctly. I thought something about a limit of the size of the cache or something similar.
  5. Ok, I've a quite big problem for which I couldn't find a solution yet. I've a FM8-DB with ODBC-connection on and with the drivers from http://www.filemaker.com/odbc The connection is working, tested with iODBC and also with FmPro Worksheet 1.04 from .com Solutions. There I can also do queries which are working correctly. Now to the problem. In my DB I have two fields, a number-field and a text-field. I have 42 records in it. When I do the following query with odbc_exec: "SELECT ID FROM dns" it works perfectly and I get all the numbers. When I do: "SELECT text FROM dns" I don't get the first 9 datasets. When I add another dataset I just don't get the first 10 datasets. When I do "SELECT * FROM dns" it returns me for the ID for the first 9 sets just 0. PHP version is 5.1.2 running on MacOSX 10.4.5. Has anyone any idea what my mistake could be? Thanks, jonas
  6. Problem is (at least this says my boss who wrote the tool many years ago) that all the calculations, etc. are based on the format with points. I'll have a look at it. And I've already reported the bug. Anyway, thanks for your patience and your great help. ;)
  7. Custom doesn't work either. When I take German it works, but this cannot be the solution because then the number-formating is completely wrong. So it looks like a grave FMP8 bug. ;)
  8. The following: http://www.merlin.ch/date2.gif I just heard, that some other users with a "Swiss" MacOSX have similar problems. It could also be a bug of FMP 8, which would surely be a shame.
  9. Thanks for you help. It still doesn't work and I also think that there is something wrong. These database is converted and was running under fm 5.5 before. Could this be a problem? See the following screenshot from a new file created on my machine. The first field is just a date-field in which I typed a date. The second field is a formula-field with = Date ( Month ( YourDatefield ) ; Day ( YourDatefield ) ; Year (YourDatefield ) ) and then I have again the slashes. http://www.merlin.ch/date.gif
  10. None of the formulas converts it to the correct format, but when I change the date in the first field manually to the point-format it stays there. But it cannot be the solution to change several 10'000's of dates to the point-format.
  11. Ok, thanks to your help I've come a little bit further. A new file works how I want it. When I save a clone and add there new data it works also. But when I import data from a file (the one I posted the screenshot of) i get the slashes. So it seems like an import problem.
  12. I have quite a similar problem which I wasn't able to solve yet. I have the following data-format set in my system-preferences (Please note that my system-language is German). http://www.merlin.ch/einstellungen.gif I want to have my dates in the following format: dd.mm.yyyy. But now FileMaker doesn't want it to do it this way and ignores my system-settings. I've exported some data from an old FM 5.5-DB and converted it to FM 8. Now when I tell FM to use the file-settings for the date it's correct. http://www.merlin.ch/format_1.gif When I tell FM (or the file) to use the System-format then I have dates in a wrong format (dd/mm/yyyy). I want no slashes but points. http://www.merlin.ch/format_2.gif Does anybody have an idea what here could be wrong? I'm really desperate. :P
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