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  1. ;) Thanks, guys. Sounds like the user wasn't closing out the database, just minimizing it all the time - the tech guy here thinks the file got corrupted. Live and learn - my client will be backing up all his files now! I'll, uh...be sure to mention the other possibilities, too. :
  2. :confused: I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I didn't know where to post. A client of mine just phoned me - he has been using a database I created to help run his non-profit organization. This morning he tried to open the file and found that the file itself had disappeared. Literally. No file. No nothing. It wasn't even in the trash. It's a totally bizarre thing. We believe it was a computer glitch, or who knows what, but I told him I'd ask around, just in case, to see if anyone else had had this happen to their FileMaker files ever. My client has already had a computer tech guy try to recover the file, but it's nowhere to be found. I have an earlier backup file, so it's not a complete loss, just a lot of work to input all his lost information. I just want to make sure it's not something weird that FileMaker has been known to do sometimes. (I myself have never had any trouble.)
  3. It's been forever since I've had a chance to sit down and work with my database again. Unfortunately I feel like an idiot. I followed your directions (I think) and I'm starting to understand a little bit more how it should work, though I'm not quite there yet. Seems I ran into trouble when I established the relationship. I already have a relationship between the Donors and the Donations by way of an ID number. On the Donors screen, I have a portal, showing that donor's most recent gifts, to make browsing easy. When I established an additional relationship between those two tables (Donors and Donations), my portal information disappeared. Hmm.... I'm afraid I'm not understanding something I should.
  4. Woo - okay, I'll give it a shot. I feel like a novice at best here, so I'll see if I can figure it out...I might be back! Thanks a million - we'll see how far I can get.
  5. Maybe I need to restate... Is there a way that I can have a field show a summary of donation totals for only the current year? (I've tried creating several date fields, and then basing a calculation field on those [showing a number only if the gift date matched the current date] but I couldn't get it to work.) Basically, I need to always be able to see the current year's total for each patron, not needing to run a search. Is that possible?
  6. comment - thanks. I thought I'd tried out every scenario, but I guess not. Now I know how to fix it though. Glad for the help from both parties. ;)
  7. Ah! I'd forgotten about the Trim function - it works just as well, and is a shorter calculation. Thank you!
  8. Okay - 'bout three seconds after I posted, I tried it again, and it came out. Don't ask how...I must have just typed something in wrong the first time. I ended up with: Title & If(Title>0; " ") & First Name & If(First Name > 0 ; " ") & Last Name It seems to do the trick. Thanks for your help!
  9. Well...I tried that, but then if there is no Title or no First Name, then I get extra blank spaces because of the " "'s in the calculation. I tried formulating "If's" to take care of that, but I'm running into problems there too.
  10. I have three fields that I need combined into one. The fieds are 'Title', 'First Name' and 'Last Name'. I want them to be presented in the new field in that order with spaces in between, but if one or more of those fields are blank, I don't want blank spaces to show up. Make sense? I tried making the calculation with several variables, but I keep getting stuck. I know the answer must be a simple one, but I keep getting two 'Last Names', etc because I can't use "or" in the calculation only "&" - otherwise I get a big ol' "0" in the field instead of text. Any examples of a calculation?
  11. Thanks for responding. So...let's say my client wants to send receipt letters to people who have given in February only, but also wants just that year's total... How would you go about setting up a script to run after a search for a date range has already been done? (I hope I'm making sense.) Does the script need to run before their month search? Or....?
  12. Okay... I have a question, and I don't even know how to ask it. A client of mine runs a non-profit organization and sends his donors receipt letters. He would like those letters to include a year-to-date total, so they can see how much they've given for the current year. I developed a couple summary fields that seemed to do the trick. But...those fields summarize ALL the donor's giving, not just the current year's. So, for now, it would work, but come January, the total wouldn't go back down to $0. Any ideas? I'm really lost on this one. I'm afraid that I may have gone through the back door to get things done one to many times, and I'll have to redo a bunch of stuff, but if that's the case, I'll have to deal with it. Do I need to run a script instead of having a straight up summary field? Does it need to be some kind of calculation? Help!
  13. Thanks for the tips. You're always so quick to be helpful! I'll search around for the documenation and tutorial - if I don't seem to have it, I'll go to the FM site. As far as the fields in the portal goes, they are set to be entered in Browse and Find modes, so I still don't know what happened. Could it be a problem with my relationship table? That's the only thing I can come up with, though I thought I had that part right. It's not big deal at the moment - I'm not in a hurry, and I'm functioning with reports quite well despite using multiple value fields instead. Though I do want to understand the process more fully. Thanks.
  14. Okay, so I've been fooling with a database for over an hour now, and am feeling pretty dumb. I know there's a simple solution. One of my problems is that everything I know has been self-taught, so I'm sure there's some things that I've done wrong. Originally, I was using a databse someone else had made - when my job outgrew it, I decided to create my own. But all I had to go on was FM's "help" and looking at the old databse, which wouldn't let me "define" anything because of access restrictions. Anyway - I took a look at the one sample database in one of the topics you listed. I started getting the idea. But when I tried to create my own, I couldn't get it to work. I created new table, relationships and all... but I can't add records into the portal. I made a portal with fields from the other table, but it won't even let me click in them when in Browse mode. What on earth did I do? Is there FM help somewhere that would lay it all out for me? A book? Anything? lol
  15. Man, I knew there was a ton of stuff I didn't know about FM yet! This one is gonna take a bit of brain work for me to grasp the idea - I'm getting there though. Thanks for the thread references - a sample file is going to help I think. The issue isn't urgent, so I'll take my time sorting it out. I'm sure there's something simpler than what I'm doing!
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