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  1. it does not work for me it looks up the very firs inspection date, not last
  2. When I create a new Inspection I will enter the Inspection date (this is what you showed me) But what I need is to have another field that will store the previous inspection date for the same suite. (of cause if the suite had any inspections before) So for One Inspection Record I will have ”Inspection Date”, “Previous Inspection Date”, “Suite #”, “Tenant” and so on…
  3. thanks But how do I put previouse inspection date into a new inspection
  4. Can somebody point me to the right direction? I am planning a small database with about 5 tables. (Property, Suite, Inspection, Maintenance, Staff). I have the layouts ready, now I plan to start working on the scripts. But, I have no idea how to start or how to plan my scripts. How is it usually done? What goes firs? I need to implement simple navigation, search and data entry. Thanks
  5. I have a table called Inspection. It stores suite inspection information from related tables (Property, Suite, Staff) and user input. One Suite can have many Inspections. Now, if I do next inspection for the same Suite I need to see previouse inspection date on the form. How can I do this? Thanks pm_test.zip
  6. My pop-up is long. Is there a way to have a pop-up presented in more then 1 row?
  7. Is there a file that can control the look of the layout? Something like CSS for the web page. Thanx
  8. Thank you guys for your input I think finaly figured out the TOG.... (i hope) Books do not talk about TOG in great details Can you recomend some reading material on this topic? I did read FM7 Key Concepts / Michael Harris and i got some good edea of what is it. here is my final version, i think the Inspection TOG is right. what do you think? pm_test.zip
  9. I use lookup to keep historical information. Suites info is updated on the regular basis, monthly. (and i have to keep tenant in the suite table) so i need to capture this information at the time of the inspection
  10. Ok, I think I figured out how to do 1 and 2. Now I am puzzeled with a lookup. Here is what I am trying to acomplish: In the Inspection form I select Property (Property details are looked up and stored in Inspection) , then I select Suite related to the property (Suite details are looked up and stored in the Inspection). But what I am getting right now is when I select Property lookup grabs property details along with the first related suite details and puts it into Inspection. How can I controll this process? Thanks pm_test.zip
  11. Hi guys. I need help please. As for my first FileMaker Database I am trying to create a simple database for keeping apartment inspection records in order. I need help with the relationships and value lists. So far I have the following entities: 1. Property (can be one or many) each property will have: 2. Staff (can be assigned to any property) 3. Suites (every suite will have one or many inspections) 4. Inspection ( I HAVE A PROBLEM HERE) I need to be able to add/create new Inspection (for the suite) by: 1. Selecting property from Value List from Property table. (no problem here) 2. Selecting suite that related to the previously selected Property. (by value list) and 3. Some fields of the selected suite must be looked up to Inspection form I need help with step 2 and 3. If I select property A I need to be able to select suites belonging to property A and a lookup must copy the selected suite details to the Inspection form. Please see the attached file for more details. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance pm_test.zip
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