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  1. I have a database that has 2 main lauyouts, Main Menu (for users) and Admin Menu (for Admins). I want to limit users to just the Main Menu layout and give rights to Admins to access both layouts. I'm new to the rights and priveleges aspect of FileMaker 8 so any directions would be great, thank you.
  2. I finally got it to work. Thank you for your help. Case( RequestReason = "Safety"; TextColor ( RequestReason ; RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0 )) ; RequestReason = "Productivity"; TextColor ( RequestReason ; RGB ( 0 ; 200 ; 0 )) ; RequestReason = "Other"; TextColor ( RequestReason ; RGB ( 0 ; 0 ; 255 )))
  3. Thank you for the response. When I go to open the database you sent, I get the following error: (see attachment)
  4. I have a layout that displays a drop down pulling values from another table. On the layout, when a paritcular item is chosen, I want it's text to change color. Any ideas?
  5. I did finally get v1 to work but I haven't yet tried v2. Thank you for letting me know that v2 can only be installed as an update. How did you set it up so that v2 would be installed as an update? It has to see if v1 is there first, right?
  6. We have recently purchased a site license for FileMaker Pro 8 for our users. We have users in Mac and Windows environments and I want to push the msi file through Group Policy to those Windows users. The installation went fine but when I try and run FM, I get the following message:
  7. Not exactly... We had created XML from data gathered in an FM database, that we would then try to convert and send to a URL. That was all for not because, like Fenton suggested, you don't need to create XML to do that, just create the URL directly in a calculation field.
  8. The oppposite, we are generating XML to be submitted via URL. Once the XML is gerenated, we convert it to URL to send out.
  9. Exactly!! Maybe I can clarify a little, since you've been there since the beginning. All of the XML generation was apparently fornot because when it came down to transmitting the XML to the customer, they gave us a URL to send it to and their version of the query string. Needless to say we were blindsided when this cane out. Now we are in the process of generating what you said, a calculation field to simply gerenate the URL from the FM database.
  10. Is there a way to convert XML to URL in a FM database? We generate an XML from a custom XSL in FM and then we want to convert that XML into URL. Is that possible? Is there a way to convert directly to URL without going through the XML steps? I'm new to this so any help would be great, thanks.
  11. I GOT IT!! I used your first XSL and changed it so that it would list multiple boxes of a single address. "So a shipment record is for 1 address of 1 order to 1 customer?" YES, and I apologize again for not being clearer on that. I now have something to show the customer and they should be satisfied. I want to give you a big "THANK YOU" for all you're help. I have learned a tremendous amount and your patience was very appreciative.
  12. The more I change your XSL's, I can see how the variable plays it's role. A point of clarification maybe long overdue on my part and that's with the orignal customer's XML that I sent you. The customer's XML did not take into account that a single address could have mulitple boxes in it so that one address could have multuple effectivedatetime's, trackingnumber's and costincurred's. That was something that we discovered in creating the XML and that the customer did not take into account. Hence the addition of some fields to tables and an additional table to parse out addresses to be treated as single records. I may have failed in being clear about that and I apologize. What I'm trying to do now is change your XSL to list the multiple effectivedatetime, trackingnumber and costincurred under one Shipment Number. The Shipment Number represents the number of the address, of which there can be up to ten. I think I'm close, but any help would be great.
  13. I think I know what's going on now. Changing some of the COL's has given me a glimpse into what you're talking about. In your XSL, you're generating Shipment Number by counting the number of tracking numbers for each shipment. I can remove that because we now have that Shipment Number in the database so now that XSL doens't have to calulate it. Can I just remove that from the XSL and replace it with the Shipment Number field?
  14. I did run into the COL's not matching up and was able to fix it so that they did match up. I did run another FMPXMLRESULT and I'm looking at the XML and I can't see any differences between that and a single shipment. Both FMPXMLRESULT's look the same. I guess I'm looking for something that just isn't there.
  15. I found out why the XSL's you posted were not working. We have sinced added a "ShipmentNumber" field to the database so that it pulls that. I am going to see if I can change them around to collect the Shipment Number field and see what that does.
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