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  1. They actually do choose the client first. Let's say they have a new case, the Client record is completed by the front desk. The counselor then creates a new Initial Assessment record, selects the client ID from the drop down list, their Counselor ID, the date, and then they fill in the data. The problem lies in the next counselor using the same (completed) record and rather than getting a new record, selects their client's Client ID and then we have a mess. The Client ID on the Assessment record is a foreign key to the Client table which I have set as a value list from the Client table. Hope that makes it a little clearer. Thanks for the help,I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. I am having a continuing problem with users overwriting existing records. Almost all of them are very inexperienced with computers and databases (medical professionals). They think they are performing a Find when actually they are still in Browse and then they change the Client ID (foreign key drop down list) and now we have Mr. Smiths Client ID and Name with Mrs. Jones data... They still need to be able to edit the records. I tried using a locked flag that controls permissions, but then they all have to get someone with full access to open the record back. Is there any way to lock the record but allow the user to toggle the flag back to open (basically lock every field but the flag)?
  3. Thank you, it was a very simple (and elegant) solution.
  4. I want to be able to assign a value to each check box and then calculate the sum total. For instance, there are a series of check boxes for the question "Have you ever had any of the following?" Coughed Up Blood (assigned value of 20) Chest Pain (assigned value of 10) Tuberculosis (assigned value of 20) So that if a patient checked the Chest Pain and Tuberculosis boxes it would calculate 30 as the answer. I have done this with a Case statement with a radio button, but the Case statement will stop if it reaches a "True". Do I use a series of If statements?
  5. I am building a database for a local EAP (employee assistance program) group that has 23 tables (client, counselor, employer, initial assessment, clinical notes, etc.). I would like to have a main nav page that the counselor can type in the client ID and have a portal display any form that uses that particular client ID in a list with the date and the form title. Although I have been using FileMaker since 1988, this is far and away the largest database I have built. I am probably way in over my head, but that's how you learn (or develop a drinking problem). How do I set this up (if it is possible)? Should I create multiple table occurances and make sure that all have a relationship? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would be glad to upload the database file if that would help (it is about 1MB).
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