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  1. thank you. since there are more than a hundred degrees to choose from, is there a way to have the check box scrolling than on several lines?
  2. i would like to ask if the ff. is possible in filemaker and how to implement it. i have a database with a field called "degrees" to show degrees earned by the person. it's possible that a person have more than 1 degree. i want that to fill this field, the user will be presented with a window with a list of all possible degrees i define, in some sort of checkbox set, check the degrees applicable and in the end fill the "degrees" field with values separated by commas. thank you
  3. how do i require a character/s in a field? like for example the @ sign on my email field and http:// on my web field. thank you
  4. i used the calculation above: Left ( [FIELD_1] ; Position ( [FIELD_1]; ";" ; 1 ; 1) - 1 ) it works BUT when there is only 1 data from field1, field 2 is empty.
  5. thanks to you both for the reply. i still have to try them out. regarding multiple values in a field. i am forced to do it since for example one person can have more than 2 phone numbers or email. i do not want to create so many fields for each. or do you have some idea regarding this?
  6. two questions: 1) i have FIELD 1 wherein i input data separated by semicolon (. sometimes there can be 2 or more values. what i want is on FIELD 2, to put automatically the first value. so if field 1 contains: group1 ; group2 ; group3 then field2 should contain only group1. 2)somethins like q.1 above but this time the separator is not ; but a space between data. thank you for any help
  7. because there are about 100 options for the textbox. it doesn't look good to see all 100 textbox option on one layout! it's better to list them with commas or even with another charater if it will cause errors if i want to export data via csv. what do you suggest?
  8. that makes so much sense. now back to work. thanks
  9. thanks for the reply. that is pretty much what i want, but this will create 2 fields. one with the check box where i click and the 3rd with the calculated field which displays the clicked item on the first field. is it possible to do this only via 1 field?
  10. hi again. i would like to ask if the following is possible in filemaker and how to do it. i have a field called studies. i also have a value list of about 100 types of studies (eg. MA, PhD, BA, etc) what i want to do is to when i click the "studies" field, i get a drop down or pop up or checkbox of the value list i have, and to be able to check one or two or more values from the list then they are listed on the field, separated by a comma. like: studies: HS, Coll, MA, BA, BA1, PhD Thanks.
  11. hi. i would like to prepare a contact database for a magazine subscription with the possibility on invoicing. i am already stuck with relationships! any available sample?
  12. first of all, happy new year! i have a runtime database that i would like to share on our network. the thing is i would like to grant database access (ADD, DELETE, EDIT) to users based on field content. for example: i have a field called: COUNTRY, with a value list of countries. - i want to grant USER1 (with his own password, of course) VIEW ALL but ADD, EDIT, DELETE only if country is U.S. - i want to grant USER2 (with his own password, of course) VIEW ALL but ADD, EDIT, DELETE only if country is U.K. - i want to grant USER1 (with his own password, of course) VIEW ALL but ADD, EDIT, DELETE only if country is ITALY and so on. is this possible? thanks.
  13. i have a MS Word template using merge from my filemaker pro database. i first export the data from filemaker into a merge file. then, open MS Word. then, do the merge. i wonder if i can do the process automatically via a script in FileMaker. thanks.
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